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  • Summary: SpyHunter 2 is the ultimate thrill ride, combining high-speed combat, global espionage, and mission-based gameplay. Take the helm of the world's most powerful counterintelligence combat vehicle, the completely redesigned G-8155 Interceptor complete with new vehicle transformations, including the sleek snowmobile and four-wheel drive off-road vehicle. Within a compelling story of global intrigue and international espionage, your mission is to uncover Nostra's sinister plans for world domination and discover the secrets of a mysterious female agent. [Midway] Expand
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  1. The new Interceptor transformations and customizable weapons system makes playing Spy Hunter 2 varied and entertaining; even more, the challenge offered by the game’s enemies and bosses ensures proper use of these new toys.
  2. 75
    While the improved handling and graphics are a treat, Spy Hunter 2 feels like it's moving away from the original's inspiration, instead of towards it.
  3. Is SpyHunter a fun, playable game? Definitely. Is it an improvement over the last one? Sure, but it's still too "samey" overall, and it's certainly a better success on the single-player front.
  4. 60
    It's a gifted, but often-troubled arcade game that forsakes depth for good old-fashioned death and debauchery.
  5. Basically a run-of-the-mill action title in a heavily armored car that transforms. [Feb 2004, p.47]
  6. Without the ability to transform when you want, Spy Hunter 2's confining missions are just too monotonous. [Feb 2004, p.106]
  7. If quality control was an issue, we doubt SpyHunter 2 would have passed the planning stage. This will be back in the box before you know it. [Mar 2004, p.117]

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