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  • Summary: It's WipEout time again, with the fourth instalment of the critically acclaimed series exploding onto PlayStation 2. Once again you must push your reactions and abilities to the limit in order to leave your rivals in the dust. With 45 futuristic race circuits to negotiate, WipEout Fusion will have you corkscrewing, jumping, barrel-rolling and looping like never before. Other enhancements include the addition of the Endurance and Zone modes, superior AI and the option to customise craft handling to match each course. [Sony Europe] Expand
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  1. A much deeper and more immersive racer. WipEout fusion less an exercise in memorization and precision than 3...A triumph, as expected. [June 2002, p.52]
  2. The most accessible, fastest, most potent version of the series. It’s arguably the best of the four games that make up the series, but nobody can deny that’s easily the prettiest.
  3. 90
    There is so much to do and so many different ways to play that you will get at months of playing out of this game.
  4. 85
    It is in many ways the best of the bunch, but somewhere along the line it has lost that cool edge that made the series so legendary.
  5. Taking hairpin turns and navigating loop-the-loops at 500 mph is Wipeout’s equivalent of a boring straightaway.
  6. A serviceable futuristic racing game that is perhaps a bit too similar to previous installments in the series.
  7. While Wipeout Fusion does not stray too far from the formula created by the original, the small pieces it does alter often detract from what made the previous titles so great.

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