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  • Summary: Get fuelled up and prepare to race and explore the world's largest ever racing environment - over 5,000 square miles of spectacular wilderness. Set to revolutionise multi-terrain, multi-vehicle racing, FUEL is a fiercely competitive game without boundaries. On and off-road, two and four-wheeled vehicles race a massively diverse environment, from scaling the highest snow-capped mountain to racing the deepest arid canyon. In a fictional present, vast swathes of the United States have been ravaged by the extreme effects of accelerated global warming: tornados, brush fires, hurricanes and tsunamis have driven people from their homes leaving huge areas of America abandoned. Now these dangerous areas have created the perfect playground for a new breed of adrenaline junkies who set out to conquer each other, and Mother Nature, in closely fought races. There are over 70 different vehicles with which to take on any challenge that FUEL’s stunning environment throws at you. On-road and off-road bikes, cars, quads, trucks, buggies and dragsters take dangerous short-cuts, perform death-defying jumps and tear through spectacular cross-over points. FUEL's landscape is powered by cutting-edge technology and, using satellite data, features some of the most exciting and inspiring areas of America - including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Mount Rainier and much more. In FUEL, if you can see it, you can drive to it, taking any route - on or off-road - that you want. With a draw distance of 40KM, 100,000 miles of roads, tracks and trails and hundreds of race events FUEL’s epic world demands to be explored. [Codmasters] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 44
  2. Negative: 2 out of 44
  1. You want Bikes, ATVs, Muscle Cars, SUVs, Buggies, Trucks…they’re all in here, along with every conceivable type of race set across thousands of miles of populated ultra-realistic topography, complete with dynamic weather. And it all looks and plays spectacularly. Unless you’re looking for an authentic hard core sim, there’s no reason you shouldn’t leave right now, and even if you are, a little FUEL might just change your mind.
  2. So you can keep your super serious racers with their parts, bins, gear ratios and manicured race tracks; I'll be playing Fuel with its tornadoes, hovercraft and XXL off-roading. [June 2009, p.92]
  3. This Asobo Studios game is a good entry in the racing genre, although some aspects, specially the audiovisual part, could have been better.
  4. At the end of the day, it seems that the developers were a little too ambitious with this game, although I must admit that we did enjoy the first half of this game, unfortunately after that it does become a little too repetitive.
  5. While the racing experience in Fuel is far from perfect, the sheer size and beauty of the game world still makes it an off road racing game worth checking out.
  6. Fuel may set records and feature tons of things to do, but very little of it is actually worth doing. While the scale of its world may be impressive on paper, this is one case where bigger isn't necessarily better.
  7. A mess in need of a thorough overhaul. [July 2009, p.81]

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 4 out of 13
  1. SébastienM.
    Jun 4, 2009
    Great game, nice graphics, not much eye candy like Motorstorm. but good nonetheless. Sound effects are quite average. Controls are a little bit floaty, but the vehicles behave nicely on the different surfaces (gravel, asphalt, mud,etc). The game is very focused on exploration and unlocking things (liveries, challenges vehicles and so on). The game map is splitted in 19 areas, and there are tons of stuff to find and races to win in every one of them. You can free roam where you want and when you want. You have to unlock areas to race there by completing races and earning stars. The map is absolutely huge, never seen before in video gaming history:it took me 45 minutes of real time to drive from one area to two areas further.; I suppose it can take 5-6 hours to drive around the map. Don't worry, you can "teleport" with the helicopter to places you've already been. Multiplayer seems good to with lots of stuff to do and free roaming with other pilots. Good game, not for everyone, but if you like to free roam and like "sandbox" like racing games like Burnout Paradise and Test Drive Unlimited give this one a try. Expand
  2. Nov 8, 2010
    let me tell u how i found this game. its nov. 2010 and i need a new racer. i still have blur but modnation split second, burnout and nfs undercover failed to impress. psn store is a great start. so i read about the tornado in game got me interested i download and race but i hate rally and nascar racing. it was entertaining but the computer let me win. it didnt have a car only a motorcycle i also noted that the psn reviews was about 3.5. which is average to below. still i wanted to know more. online metacritic of course i read the reviews. open world racer, a lotta driving, weather conditions like rain and snow 75 cars, day night cycle, handling decent. ok. im still here. 48 trophies. 5000 miles of digital road, scenery, rivers, trees (guiness book of records) 70 races, 190 challenges. so this game is its own world and it lasts awhile. and i get to see stuff cost.. 14.99 used. HUH? I AM DOWN. if u go into this game thinking i just want to race this isnt it. it rates low because they did not check out what THIS GAMES SCOPE IS only what they thought it was. if ur curious u wanna drive, find stuff, race in different environments, sightsee, relax, take in some scenery THIS IS IT. look they did not make 5000 miles of nature to be ignored. they want u to see it. but they wont make u...if u are a completionist much meat on these bones. i love the graphics maybe its me but they look like everything else in every other game. except modcar which was graphically challenged. ok the guitar rifts will get on ur nerves but outside of that the game is NICE. just be aware that its more than racing. Expand
  3. Jun 3, 2014
    Fuel is a fantastic racing game, unique at it's core and fun for hours on end. It boats a huge map area, many different collectibles and side activities, along with several areas that you will unlock piece by piece as you progress through your racing career. Sometimes, it's fun to just travel around and take a look at the world around you, and other times you may head to a race for a bit of a challenge. There's not much to say, so I'll sum it up as clearly as possible;

    Unique, interesting, large, fun, varied and beautiful.
  4. PhilF.
    Jun 5, 2009
    This game is really cool, comparison with Motorstorm is inevitable but this game stands on his own. Graphic are great, the play zone is gigantic and the sounds is cool. Minus to the control which is a bit clunky at times. It's a great game that doesn't deserve a 5 or less. My opinion. Expand
  5. Jan 25, 2011
    a intresting concept that just doesnt feel like it delivers what it could have . it is a nice idea having a huge open world style racing game thats over 5000 sqaure miles but it wears off pretty fast when you relise all there is to do in this open world is look for oil drums , vista points , new skins for your car , or occasionaly find a new car. there is a nice varity of vehicles ranging from qauds to monster trucks . the game reminds me alot of motor storm . i do like the idea of in races you can pretty much take any kinda short cut you can find but it gets very limeted in 90% of the races since thoose 90% of the races you ride in are ruled by tightly orginised check points that you have to pass through . so most of your races you will be pretty much stuck on the track . the game has 70+ cars in it which for some may be fine but for me after playing gran turismo 70 cars feels like nothing . the game also has abit of a freesing isue that will happen from time to time but you can save pretty much any where outside of in the middle of a race . the 5000 miles you get to race in also feels pretty empty and lifeless all you will see is rocks , trees and a few old building now and then and a occasion truck passing by . would have been nice to see some old citys in this waste land . the game does have some cool things going for it . like racing in a massive storm with things blowing all over the place and stuff being ripped up and thrown around . its just an shame that there arnt many races in the game like it . the challange mode is ok there are a few fun things you can do in it like get to point A to point B in the time aloud where you can take any path you like . the chopper race is rediculas for one you have no idea where the finish line is . you just have to follow the chopper and hope to hell you find it before the chopper crosses it . all in all its a ok racing game but with gran turismo 5 now out there . i dont think any racing fan is gona look at this now when you can get the king of racing games . Expand
  6. CesarP
    Jul 21, 2009
    This game is boring but as I played it more it got kind of fun. Vehicle designs are horrible, liveries ugly. Racing is boring and so are the challenges. The chopper chase is stupid.The AI is cheap, sometimes they try to go over a hill they can't climb and you end on winning the race without a problem. The more interesting races are the ones with tornadoes.The day/night cycle is too damn fast. I wish some DLC could fix that like MC:LA cycles. I saw some jets flying why can't we use them it would be cool. I wish L1 & R1 were used for nitrous or punching. When your damage meter reaches its capacity it doesn't show an awesome crash like Motorstorm it goes to a screen that says FUEL thats it and you respawn. The music is another letdown hope some DLC you can put your own playlist. The map is huge and I can see why it's in the records for biggest map in a game.If you do get this game try this From Tsunami Reef Camp go all the way to RedRock Bluffs Camp w/out using the helipad you can get a lot of fuel on the way and a trophy c'mon why is this trophy bronze it should have been at least silver. I wish there was some story and characters and taking over camps for glory. When on top of a mountain I wish the skylines looked more like GTA4's. Why isn't there any deformable plants, I was driving a fast monster truck and I destroyed a trailer but then I hit a small tree and it stopped me C'mon this is 2009 we shouldn't be seeing that right now.I'm disappointed in Codemasters and Asobo Studios. What a letdown. Expand
  7. KenC
    Jun 6, 2009
    Fuel was a huge letdown. Not what it was hyped up to be. I pre-paid for my copy at gamestop 3 weeks in advance and traded it back in for $20 the day after it was released. I was told there was already a scheduled price drop and that was the reason for the $20 trade in value(Go figure). Go back to the drawing board Codemasters. Seriously, Motorstorm came out almost 3 years ago and nobody can even come close to it??? Whats up?? Expand

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