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  • Summary: [Playstation Network] PixelJunk Shooter places you in the cockpit of a subterranean exploration vehicle to investigate the interior of diverse cave-like complexes where you must affect the surrounding and dynamic terrain to progress. Safely navigate through each vivid stage and rescue survivors scattered about the cavernous environment, attempting to control various types of liquid, such as water and magma, and solid matter (including rock and earth) by destroying, manipulating or moving it. Strategy is paramount - a variety of enemies are out to get you while you attempt your rescue missions, and your craft is susceptible to overheating if you let it get to close to the hot liquids of the environment. Experience addictive gameplay blended with hypnotic, stylised High Definition visuals and original music. Change the terrain and environment around you to shape your levels. Share your scores and game footage with the world with online rankings. [SCEE] Expand
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  1. A fantastic piece of downloadable software, PixelJunk Shooter becomes another reason that the PSN stands on its own two legs against Microsoft's XBLA.
  2. Fun and constant self-challenging are key to PixelJunk, to take apparently simple ideas and take them to practice with amazing mastery. Shooter is the best example of that, you won't be able to leave the gamepad until exploring the last gap of this changing world.
  3. The fourth instalment in the PixelJunk series is perhaps their best, but wherever you stand, this shooter with adventure elements is original and full of style.
  4. When it comes down to it, there's no denying that Shooter is over too soon. Far too soon. Even for completionists, there's likely less than five hours' worth of play in the singleplayer, with the only real replayability in the local co-op. If there was online multiplayer this wouldn't be an issue, but it is. Not a huge issue, not a deal breaking issue, not something worth complaining about too much, but an issue.
  5. The concept is original, the aesthetics are striking, and the game behind it all is a simple, condensed package of fun.
  6. PixelJunk Shooter is a taut, well-made and original game that's been lavished with good design and slick coding. It won't detain you long - and without giving too much away, the post-credits kill-screen suggests a DLC expansion is highly likely, as does PixelJunk's past history. But for every minute of those few hours, it's an unpredictable, fluidly entertaining blast.
  7. A small campaign and little replay value are stones in the shoe, but if you like the genre, then PixelJunk Shooter turns out to be a good bet for the moment. It has its moments.

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Score distribution:
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  1. mobius
    Dec 20, 2009
    a very addictive shooter well worth the £6.29 price tag. you should get many hours fun out of this
  2. PhilM
    Dec 11, 2009
    Excellent fun game. The physics are brilliantly done Q-Games have produced probably their best game to date by far!
  3. Oct 13, 2010
    What can I say about Pixel Junk Shooter? First and foremost it!s a game that I've been dreaming for years! It's a game that has been made by game enthusiasts to game enthusiasts. I enjoyed every minutes, every seconds of this game. It made me feel the excite mend that I was feeling when I first played legendary game Another World years ago. Pure fun. Pure addictive. Plus state of art genius levels and bosses designs. You can't get one which is better than this! Simple mechanics yet, truly, truly a beautiful game. Expand
  4. MT
    Dec 28, 2009
    One of the best PSN games I've ever played, if not THE best.
  5. Oct 2, 2012
    PixelJunk Shooter is the first PixelJunk game I've ever really played. I've played the demos of Eden, Monsters, and Shooter all previously, and I've even bought all of them since then (plus Racers 2nd Lap and Eden on PC), but with backlogs what they are these days Shooter is the first one I've actually gotten around to playing. I say that to really say while I'm interested in the PixelJunk series, I didn't go into this as a pre-existing fan.

    The strongest points of Shooter are its clean, almost vector-like graphics, its bass-heavy soundtrack, and its unique fluid mechanics. Any one of these aspects could warrant a purchase to the right person, but the three in unison produce quite the artistic tour de force. Practically in trade-off for this however is a short gameplay length (Braid, Limbo), a fairly easy difficulty (Fez), and when you get down to it, generally unimaginative gameplay mechanics (Fez, again).

    Is it fun? Yeeesss... for a time. But few surprises are thrown your way and it's over right when it's gotten warmed up. The core gameplay is, if you look past the unique fluid mechanics, fairly simple. Fly around, collect survivors, kill a few token baddies. It's hardly taxing and fairly evident where the majority of planning and development went to. Two players can help to liven things up a bit, but is generally quite unnecessary.

    At a little over 4 hours in length its perfectly reasonable for a game of its type, though not a strong point. I'll mention that there's a "collect all the hidden gems mechanic" to extend the gameplay by a little bit, but not being much of a completionist, it really did nothing for me and honestly seemed rather tedious. But all in all Shooter is one of those games where the art, the sound, and the mechanics come together well for an experience greater than the sum of its parts.
  6. Jan 16, 2012
    This game is really fun. Sort of like the "Kirby" games, it is easy - if you want to beat it, you surely will. I found it was very short too - cleared it in under a couple days. So why the high score? The core mechanics feel really good to interact with. The visuals are crisp, distinct and lively. The music by High Frequency Bandwidth is awesome. Also, even after you blast through it, there's the challenge of finding all the hidden diamonds and climbing the leaderboards. It's a good balance - most people can see the whole game, but those who want more challenge can push themselves to do better.
    The sequel pretty much threw that out the window and went for the hardest thing they could possibly make, so beware of that - but here I'm reviewing the first game, and it's a must have for PSN shooter, or PixelJunk/Q Games fans.
  7. Aug 23, 2011
    Highly overrated game. They have some nice ideas with the manipulation of elements, but the execution is mediocre at best...the so called "puzzles" are extremely rudimentary and easy. No challege. The solution to each "scene" is so obvious it's not even enjoyable. Just mindlessly blasting through areas to get to the miners...not that good. If I don't even need to think to get through your game, you did not try hard enough. Expand

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