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  • Summary: A first in franchise history, Ridge Racer 7 offers 375,000 ways to make your machine unique, with up to 7,150 combinations to tailor the performance of each machine. The game's new customization features include: Create the Ultimate Exterior: Players can choose from a variety of body kits, colors and decals to change the look of their machines, as well as a large selection of wheels. Improved Performance: Perform engine tune-ups and performance upgrades to improve your chances in the extensive GP series. Customizable Handling: Improve cornering performance by adjusting tires and suspension to customize drift characteristics. Variable Nitrous: Various nitrous options are now available. Strengthen your normal or ultimate charge, increase the number of nitrous tanks, select auto-charge or reverse charge, or even use flex nitrous, which can be turned on or off at any time. Three, all-new powerful, head-turning RIDGE RACER 7 machines: Centellee: The latest super sports vehicle from Terrazi boasts a 4000cc V8 engine, a top speed of 210mph and a handcrafted body, making this machine no match for its competitors. Magnifico: With an extremely practical and luxurious interior, this powerful and sporty car possesses a drastically lightened body, an inline 2000cc 4-cylinder engine, and a top speed of 178mph. Jujak: This high-tech sports coupe features multi-torque control for variable road and weather conditions, an inline 2700cc 4-cylinder engine and a top speed of 156mph. Jujak is the cutting-edge sports car. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. There is real depth in this series, though most won't see it, and while the game isn't a massive step up over the 360 version, it is different enough -- and finally online with a Sony system -- that it bears at least a look.
  2. Give Ridge Racer 7 a test drive and find out why it's one of the most underrated PS3 games at launch. [Jan. 2007, p.76]
  3. The only problem for Ridge Racer is the audio which is less than stellar, but in the end Ridge Racer 7 makes an impressive debut on the PlayStation 3 and is worth a look even if it is just to drool over.
  4. Easily is the best installment yet for the main series, bringing its style of arcade racing to PlayStation 3. While the suck is lackluster and there aren’t many new vehicles or tracks, it does offer intuitive new motion-sensitive controls and great online gameplay. Ridge Racer 7 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it definitely gives it a good spin.
  5. If you're short of games to play on your shiny new PS3, RR7 is a solid choice. But be warned RR fans - you'll have seen almost all of this before on PSP and 360.
  6. It’s challenging and polished, but it can also take a bit of getting used to.
  7. The most heinous of crimes: a real lack of any feeling of speed. No matter whether you are going at a crawl or full tilt with nitrous screaming, the only difference you'll see is a bit of blur on roadside street lights. [Mar 2007, p.56]

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  1. Dec 29, 2013
    After more than 7 years, this game still holds up. I owned a launch PS3 but never bothered getting this until 2013, and I was frankly shocked by how good it is. If I'd gotten this game at launch, I don't think I'd have played anything else for months. I frankly don't think there's a better arcade racing game for PS3 even today.

    First of all, this is real Ridge Racer and the last game in the series you can say that about. (At least until a proper Ridge Racer 8 is released.) It's drift racing through Drift City, and all the Ridge Racer staples are here, from Reiko Nagase to the goofy in-race commentary to the arcade physics. No, this is not Gran Turismo and it isn't trying to be. The game is all about DRIFT. And speed. It's also very Japanese in style, if that's your thing (it is mine).

    But there's a huge amount of stuff to do. It's the biggest Ridge Racer game I've ever played, with tons of multi-race, single and manufacturer events. I've been playing for about 10 hours so far and I'm only 4.8% done according to the in-game stats. That's for an *arcade* racer, mind you. The in-game vehicles are all very different and they can all be upgraded in a huge number of ways both mechanically and visually.

    The racing AI is surprisingly smart for an arcade racer and there is no "rubber banding" as there even is in Gran Turismo. Get ahead and you'll stay ahead unless you mess up. Get behind and you have to work to catch up. The races start off easy but get challenging quick, and you'd better have your drifting technique down or you'll be left in the dust.

    Graphically the game is still very clean. It's not as detailed as modern racing games, but it's super-fluid at 60fps and the car models are smooth and well done. It's almost like it's just a different approach to graphics, rather than an obsolete one. The goal seems to be fluidity, smoothness and speed rather than ultra-high detail. I haven't found myself wishing the graphics were better as I've played it; if anything, I've wondered why newer games can't run this fluidly.

    There are even still people playing online, although beware that they're mostly masters of the game by now. Don't even try it until you get a good, later-game car and upgrade it. Otherwise you're going to get laughed at, literally.

    Until there's a Ridge Racer 8, I would highly recommend picking up this game to satisfy your arcade racing needs.
  2. Jun 26, 2011
    Ignore the reviews. You'll either "get" Ridge Racer and love it, or you won't. It's dirt cheap now, and if you're a fan of racing games, grab it and see what you think. Expand
  3. Jul 1, 2013
    Great racing game, nice graphics (also in 3D), challenging and fun as Ridge Racer always was. If you are looking for realistic driving and simulation you're probably wrong here, but if you want a fun speed racer like Wipeout I would definitely recommend this game! Expand
  4. Jan 19, 2011
    Ridge Racer 7 is a perfect definition of a pure arcade style racing game with fast and furious races to dig into. The graphics (despite being a launch title for the PlayStation 3) are great. The car models are attractive and look futuristic if a bit blocky; the environments are quite nice and provide some lovely views to race around. The game play is different to any arcade style game I've played like the Burnout series. You race around tracks (in race modes) with a selected car and try to get first place while an annoying chick cheers you on and tells you what position you're in and if you're slipstreaming (damn I just want to chuck her out of my car). In terms of the selection of modes, there is a nice selection to take part in like races, championships, duels and time trials. There are events in the single player mode like races or time trials to compete in which are enjoyable. Some events earn you cars and these cars can be customised with performance parts, paint jobs, decals and body kits. This is no Need for Speed in terms of the depth of customisation but it's a very good addition to the Ridge Racer series and allows you to personalise your car (or machine as they are called in this game) and make it different to other competitor's cars. The game play is enjoyable with intense, fast races and with the inclusion of a nitrous system which can be earned by drifting around corners makes the game ridiculously fast and you need to pay attention to the road. When you lift off the accelerator and turn into a corner, your car starts to drift and gets sort of gets dragged around the corner and drifting doesn't make your car lose speed (it's hard to explain in words). People at first may find that the cornering mechanic of this game may look and feel weird but you'll get used to it. There's no need to use the brakes! Cars do handle heavy while turning without drifting. Despite the cars that you drive look like, well, cars, they don't have any realistic characteristics that a real car has other than the ability to turn, accelerate and brake but this is an arcade game so it's acceptable. The tracks that you race around are nicely designed and some have some huge jumps to jump over. Even at high speed and 13 other cars on the track, the game runs smoothly with hardly any slowdown. The nitrous system is great and a great welcome addition to the Ridge Racer franchise in its introduction in the Ridge Racer PSP instalment. The A.I opponents that you face are challenging enough to make races interesting. At least Namco didn't program the A.I using the rubber band formula that most arcade racers use (like Burnout) so regardless of how fast you go, the A.I will still keep up with you. Using nitrous while in 1st place gives you a bit of breathing space. I do like the presentation of the menu screens; presented in front of a white/blue futuristic background. They are smartly designed and easy to navigate through. RR7 does have some niggles though but not huge ones. Sound design is pretty average: The cars sound like angry Bees and I can't really distinguish one car engine sound from the other as they seem to sound the same most of the time and as I mentioned earlier, the annoying chick that cheers you on and comments on how you're doing every 20 seconds can be really annoying (at least you can turn her off.) The music is heart pumping with suitable techno/dance tunes but they can get quite repetitive hearing them. However, at least all of these problems can be solved with a touch of a mute button. Ridge Racer 7 is a fantastic arcade racer and essential for any arcade racer enthusiast. Expand
  5. Nov 22, 2011
    Namco Bandai games definitely don't have enough time to make the better polished Ridge Racer game for PS3.
    It features car customization but
    that really ruin what make Ridge Racer so special this means it no longer makes any car have a special feeling to it.
    Graphics is sub par it not even looked like a PS3 game.
    And the new drifting is so effortless that it's boring it no longer need a skill to pilot the cars like in Ridge Racer type 4 and the cars handles like it about to floating off the road.
    Soundtrack is very disappointing Namco no longer producing in house music and now uses the
    songs from around the world it not even fits the mood.
    Motorstorm is the choice for you this time not Ridge Racer 7.
  6. May 30, 2012
    I'm new to metacritic and one of the first things I did was to check out some of my old games to see what they got. When I checked out Ridge Racer 7 I could not believe some of the ratings this was given because the physics and controls in this game are completely BROKEN! And that's not even all that's wrong with it.

    There are many cars all with varying degrees of crapness either being way to stiff and unresponsive or being so tail heavy that they wobble uncontrollably down the straights after you drift round a corner or just suddenly spin round in the middle of it, there is even some that are an inexplicable mixture of both! The game does allow you to customise the dynamic features of the car, what little difference they make these usually make it worse.

    I hated the soundtrack, but to be fair that that's down to personal taste. It does give the option of turning it off, I did so only to discover that the sound effects are even worse. Every car produces the same boring monotone hum and then there's the announce lady who in a really annoying high pitched voice obnoxiously tells you things that you just don't need to hear! "Your in the slipstream!" as if couldn't tell since I'm going a little faster and I'm right behind another car, idiot!

    It features the worst tack design I have seen before or since. There is no organic feel at all as if it was designed quite literally by a machine, with the same width and surface all the way through. It goes something like this, flat straight, right 90 degrees, straight elevated 10 degrees, left 180 degrees, straight dive 20 degrees, even the jumps were static and boring. At a time when the burnout series had you racing through a mixture of tight dirt roads wide open lanes this level of lazy design is completely unacceptable.

    To give credit where it is due the game was visually impressive and it feature's (for the aesthetic part at least) a excellent customisation feature which allows you to change the look, pallet and even your driver number. But these are nowhere near enough to make up the the game's massive dynamic shortfalls. The only fun I had was customising the appearance of my car, for that at least my final verdict is a 1/10.
  7. Dec 26, 2011
    The controls are ridiculous. When your car is "DRIFTING", it feels like it is following a spline and you can rotate your car. I sold this game as fast as i could.. WORST RACING GAME EVEEER Expand

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