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  • Summary: The console version of Trivial Pursuit brings the party to the living room TV allowing players to customize the experience with several ways to play. Players can connect with friends in classic Trivial Pursuit mode, hone their knowledge with the single player mode, and gather their buddies and bet on their brains with the high stakes mode where every answer counts. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. While Scene It? & Buzz! have delivered the first taste of serious trivia games on consoles, Trivial Pursuit pushes the whole concept further by offering the most complete and challenging videogame based of a board game on the market as of now. Yes, even if the game doesn’t support online play, it remains a great game.
  2. With thousands of questions across six categories, and the option to purchase downloadable packs on the cheap, this version of Trivial Pursuit won't get old anytime soon. You'll love the game's format, thanks to a multiple-choice set-up, jumping player pieces and single and multiplayer modes.
  3. A game that is able to entertain folks, which have never played a videogame before. Sadly, there is no online-multiplayer option implemented.
  4. Trivial Pursuit is a great take on the classic board game. A couple new modes and good trivia questions makes easy and fun classic gameplay.
  5. On consoles it's only really for addicts. [May 2009, p.84]
  6. The classic board game is converted to a digital format, literally. Even though there are three modes in total, of which one is faithful to the board game original and another offering online play, the concept hasn't been adapted enough to the console format. What we're offered here is an expensive and somewhat cumbersome digital version of the board game original.
  7. It's a nauseating barrage of flattery, hand-wringing commiseration, and toothlessly apologetic joshing. [June 2009, p.103]

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  1. Sep 28, 2010
    definitely not the "Genus Edition" from years ago, this version is a little easier to play, but does occasionally throw out a more recent but obscure question here and there. does have some downloadable content, and is pretty solid all around. Expand
  2. Z9000
    Mar 14, 2009
    I love Trivial Pursuit. I was really looking forward to this. Sadly there are some serious issues with this iteration that hold it back from being great. Primarily the game is freezing up every other game. The game itself does not store any "game data" and uses only saves, so deleting that and reinstalling is not an option. I am sure this can be patched out at some point, but right now it's a big issue. The second thing I would complain about is the fact that no matter what catagory you choose, it will often involve a large element of geography. You can be asked a sports question, the game may ask where was this sports person born? Then it will show a map with some dots for you to pick (usually 4 dots). If you don't know where on the map the place is, even though you know the answer, you will most likely answer wrong. This is in probably about 25-33 percent of the questions. It makes for a great educational tool, but a poorly designed trivia game who has based itself on questions of catagories. TP offers 3 game modes. Classic, a fast paced cut throat game, and a single player game. Despite the geography issues, it is still fairly fun and has hooks for more DLC later. After about 10 games, still no repeat questions (3 freezes in those games requiring a reboot of the PS3). There are some annoyances like not being able to turn off the incessant giggling your player icons make. Or the ability to turn off question timers when you just want to hang out and play casually with friends. Bottom line this is a rocky start for what could eventually be a good game, providing stability issues are fixed and options are tuned up. Since it's a good game outside of these issues, it earned a generous 6. Stability, deviation from expected format, and annoyances dropped it from being a 10. Expand