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  • Summary: Need for Speed returns with all the exotic supercars, tracks, and race modes you've come to expect--but reengineered for higher performance, stunning realism, and fierce competition. With Hot Pursuit mode, you can race on both sides of the law: as a cop using radar, dispatchers, and roadblocks to track down speeders; or as a racer, trying to outrun the law. Real-world environments feature details such as blowing leaves, rain, lightning, mud splashes, and smoke from burning rubber and they will put your driving skills to the ultimate test. Expand
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  1. As unbelievable as it may sound, NFS III is every bit as good as "Gran Turismo"! The racing is just as good, even without the excellent "Gran Turismo" mode. I would even give NFS III the edge on graphics
  2. While it isn't an equal to GT in terms of depth, it still provides enough diversity and play modes to keep just about every person with a yen for high-speed auto racing satisfied.
  3. Best if all, its just fun to play! Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit is certainly among the best racing games to hit the market yet.
  4. The two things that really impressed me about NFSIII are the sheer size of the tracks. They are HUGE. You won’t have time to get bored with the scenery in this game. It changes FAST. The other detail I was impressed with was the feeling of Speed.
  5. The most noticable change from the previous two titles are the graphics. Vastly improved with tons of roadside details including shadows, light sources, numerous and detailed texture maps.
  6. One thing that really impressed me is that when racing against the computer the cars will actually change places.
  7. 80
    Features a slightly disappointing number of tracks (eight, plus one bonus track), [but it's] a brilliant game, and is a clear winner in the racing department.

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  1. JosieP.
    Mar 6, 2003
    Incredibly cool game. EA are the best!