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  • Summary: A young man searching for his daughter - struggling to exist in a place between reality and hell - a town hiding gruesome, dark secrets. Follow a trail of blood and mutilation to snatch a loved one from the clutches of a demonic power. Enter an alternative dimension where death is no escape. Welcome to the madness that is Silent Hill... Expand
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  1. It's a horrifying action/adventure that will set the pulse racing and put the mind on constant alert.
  2. 90
    One of SH's coolest features is its excellent Dual Shock support: The controller beats like a heart, thumping harder when you're close to death, and its responsiveness keeps you in command.
  3. 90
    From the inexplicable sobbing of an unseen child in a blood-stained school hall to the loud rattling of an invisible "something" underneath the floorboards that you're standing on, the game never sinks into predictability. Imagine all of this while never quite being able to see past arm's length into the darkness.
  4. Enough creepiness to make Christopher Walken uncomfortable. [Jan 2004, p.189]
  5. Flawed, yes, ambitious definitely - Silent Hill is a whole new experience adding to the challenge of "Resident Evil 2," while maintaining what it set out to do... drain you psychologically and scare you shitless!
  6. One of the most successfully unnerving elements is the game's lighting... It was that effect, much more than any fearsome creature, which made me leave a hall light on one night after playing it.
  7. Those looking for the intense action of RE may be disappointed. If disturbing atmosphere is your thing, with an emphasis on 3D exploration and puzzle solving, then SH will be worth a whirl.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Jun 9, 2011
    Without a doubt, the best horror game in existence. To this day I've never played anything this frightening or uneasy feeling, and I'm a horror game fanatic. Nothing I've played on the Xbox 360 or PS3 or ANYTHING made today has had the same effect on me that this has. Before I played this game I thought things like Dead Space and/or Resident Evil games were freaky, then I figured it was about time I played Silent Hill games. I started with Homecoming, which wasn't really all that great, and then I figured I should start from the beginning and work my way forward - so I found it online, bought it, and found myself successfully freaked out. The visuals alone are groundbreaking. It's like a well-shot movie and a nightmare at the same time, and, though the mysteries are explained in later games, I was never completely sure what the hell was going on in the town in the first place prior to my playing of other sequels. The game resembles a psychological, nightmarish experience as perfectly as a game can - and the crappy graphics of the late 90s helps with this effect. Also, though many may complain about the difficult controls, I think they helped add to the experience and desperation of certain situations. Even now the effects of this groundbreaking game can leave you on the edge of your seat, and though it isn't an easy game to find (unless, of course, you're able to buy it on PSN, which I haven't checked to see if it's available), you should definitely consider it. Expand
  2. Feb 8, 2014
    This game is down right amazing. The graphics music story voice acting writing weapons puzzels and bosses are all better then the original resident evil. So yeah i dont know what else to say Expand
  3. Aug 31, 2013
    9.2 is way to low. 9.7 is the least we can rate. This game didn't give fear as resident evil 1 and 2, but mess with your minds like no other. Unique game of horror. Expand
  4. Mar 14, 2012
    This horror classic sets the stage for future psychological video games as well as breathing new life into a literally dead genre. It's unique visuals and storyline create an atmosphere that even years later hold up against current video games and is stil just as scary. Set in a fog ridden town of Silent Hill, Harry Mason, a writer on vacation, searches desperately for his daughter after loosing her in a car crash. As he explores the ghostly town, he meets an intriguing cast of characters who slowly help to piece together the town's mythos as well as the mysterious disappearance of his daughter. The story is complex and fascinating, always sure to keep you 100% fascinated. As you explore through the town, Harry encounters several monsters (who honestly do look more than a little dorky) that he'll have to use all his resources and wits on to kill before he himself is killed. This is the major fault of the game: the controls. Harry is near impossible to control and walking in the way you want him to can be even more terrifying than the monsters creeping around town. The combat feels slow and clunky, which actually works well and encourages players to run rather than fight. As much as I like this mechanic, when you are forced to fight bosses and such, it becomes frustrating instead of engaging. Ignoring the few problems with the controls and combat, Silent Hill is ultimately a rewarding and interesting experience you won't soon be forgetting. Expand
  5. Jul 19, 2013
    Great story, amazing atmosphere, amazing soundtrack.. Amazing game overall.

    The graphics for its time are pretty darn good, the characters
    are good too and won't be easily forgotten.

    The feel of the game makes you think twice of playing this game, not because its bad.. Because it's so intense and scary that you'll love it and also fear it.

    There's no better word than masterpiece to describe this game.
  6. Jun 17, 2013
    This is for sure one of the best horror games ever and the game that started a big series. The controls may be a little hard to deal and the fights are just annoying so the best it to run from everything you see, because that's being realistic, in reality you would really face a freaking jumping monster with a pipe? The fog is what made the series and this one has a incredible fog that really hides your enemies making it harder to you to spot them. Overall the game is great, epic music, disturbing spot (one of the most disturbing ever). Expand
  7. Apr 11, 2012
    This game is still fun in 2012. I have issues with the levels of secrecy of some of the things you do to get certain endings and the boss fights are a little weak but It's still a really entertaining game with the right expectations and mind set. Expand

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