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  • Summary: Grab your stick and get ready to shoot pool with some Honeys! Shoot 13 different types of pool with some of the hottest honeys in the bar. Pocket Pool features a dynamic 3D engine that simulates realistic pool play from almost every angle. Start off in a honky-tonk and work your way up to the mansion or yacht – and when you win, boy will you be rewarded. Wins unlock sexy videos and pictures of the glamorous Dream models – plus more surprises! What are you waiting for? Rack 'em up! [from Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. A better-than-expected billiards and snooker sim can be found under the somewhat sleezy, “Skinemax” softcore wrapping.
  2. Ignoring all else in favor of the pool games themselves, Pocket Pool is a fun, pick-up-and-play pool title with more features and better controls than you'd expect, accessible to both pool fans and casual gamers alike.
  3. Pocket Pool has many problematic areas. If you are fan of pool games, there are simply much better options available.
  4. Not only does Pocket Pool miserably fail to deliver an enjoyable game of billiards, but its attempts at titillation are more depressing than anything else.
  5. Pocket Pool is just another miserable attempt at using sex to sell a terrible game. While there aren’t many billiard options for the PSP, pool fans should look elsewhere and avoid the embarrassment of their girlfriend catching them playing with it.
  6. Dodgy ball-physics misery. [July 2007, p.114]
  7. 15
    If Pocket Pool developer Hyper-Devbox were really smart, it would stop beating around the bush and come up with an Official PSP Porn Viewer, with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from iPhoto. Masquerading this nonsense around as a game that people are expected to pay money for when pool halls are cheap, photos of women are free, and good PSP games are plentiful -- well, it's embarrassing for everyone involved.

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