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  • Summary: Known as Shinki Gensou: SSII Unlimited Side in Japan, Spectral Souls immerses you in a great battle between good and evil. During this role-playing game, you can switch between characters from three opposing kingdoms.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 27
  2. Negative: 11 out of 27
  1. Spectral Souls is food for the TSRPG fan's spectral soul, but more mainstream-style fans may feel left out in the cold by the game's mad-depth, complexity and difficulty level. On the upside, those words are music to hardcore fans' ears.
  2. It’s like the song says, “Load times killed the video star.” In this case a well-planned, well-executed RPG caught in a cluster of technical idiosyncrasies.
  3. I'd like to recommend Spectral Souls for such an occasion, but unless you're a hardcore SRPG junkie, it might be more frustration than relaxation. [Oct. 2006, p.65]
  4. Spectral Souls is going to appeal to the fan who likes to take their time with an RPG and learn the intrictacies of the game. Spectral Souls expects you to invest a lot of time and if that's something you don't have you can safely put this one aside.
  5. 43
    One of the worst RPG experiences on the PSP, and one of the worst RPGs of the past few years. The terrible story, bland battle system, and the atrocious load times and slow down makes this Strategy RPG unbearable. And because of this, Spectral Souls is like eating your grandmother's fruitcake. It looks appetizing on the outside, but as you put it into your mouth, it's stale and hard to swallow.
  6. You will develop a new hatred for the words “disc access” five minutes into this game. Stay far away if you value your time or your sanity.
  7. Spectral Souls had an awesome idea to allow the player to directly control the outcome of the game. Unfortunately, the execution of this title is done so poorly, it takes literally all of the fun out of the game.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 8
  2. Negative: 1 out of 8
  1. Nov 25, 2011
    No loading times at all with an old PSP2001 model here. This game is faster for me than Final Fantasy Tactics and most other tactical RPGs, possibly because my cpu speed is set to 333Mhz. Not sure what to say about all the raging reviews about loading times. I guess the majority of the populace shudders at the very idea of having to fiddle just a tiny bit with their hardware configurations to better their play experience. Too bad for those people as this is a magnificent tactical RPG with an entertaining battle system and engrossing features they will never get to experience. I'm enjoying it more than any other tactical RPG i have played up to this day. It deserves a ten just to rub it in the faces of those people who enjoy beating cripples, but i doubt they will understand the metaphor anyway. Expand
  2. [Anonymous]
    Oct 12, 2006
    I don't understand what up for the low ratings for this game and whats up with the load times? I have no problems with the load times and the story is great so is the char art. I have to give this game a 10. Expand
  3. JasonP.
    Nov 21, 2006
    This is probably the best tactics games Ive cpme across next to the shining force series. The loading times makes it a great game to play at work, traveling, or if you are trying to sleep. Character developement and selection for missions adds a huge strategic value to it. And unlike other tactics games (i.e. orge tactics, fft), you are limited to the number of units you can have on the field to a small amount which creates more problem solving on a military level. The choice between the different armies gives you a look from all sides of an outcome. Expand
  4. PaulC.
    Oct 7, 2006
    This game does not deserve the bad reviews it is getting. Does it have bad load times? Yes. Does it ruin the game? Absolutely not. Why do reviewers give a game a horrible review because of ONE flaw? I gave the game an 8 because of the load times. I would have given it a 10. The gameplay is very,very good. It is one of the better strategy RPGs I have played in a while and I have played them all (well mosy anyway). If you can tolerate the loading, you will be rewarded with a good game. If you are looking for Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP, well this is really as close as it gets. In the case of this game, good things come to those that wait. If you're unwilling to tolerate 3 seconds of loading between moves, oh well...I'll be patient and having load of fun! Expand
  5. Martin
    Oct 1, 2006
    Ok......let me start this off by saying i LOVE rpgs alot. I saw the reviews about the horrid loading times.........and I still gave this game a try. rating this game was kindof hard, since it has SOOOOO many positives, and then the loading times............so I think it deserves a 7. The dialouge has to load, so it pauses to load what each character says sometimes. (these are never more than half a second to 2) and then it has to load before menus( from 10 to 15) and it has to load before each attack ( 3-5 seconds) All that aside, this game is a very good rpg. During battle the load times are tolerable, but navigating menus can be somewhat annoying. So if you could get past the load times, I would give this around a 9 or 10, but since the load times can be annoying, it deserves either a 6 or 7 Expand
  6. NickB.
    Mar 12, 2007
    Hidden behind what is arguably some of the worst load-time problems I've seen yet on a PSP is a detailed strategy game. Unfortunately, it lacks a decent tutorial (the tutorial it provides doesn't really touch on the ture depth you will deal with) and the load times....loading between every single sentence of conversation, every move, every action, absolutely everything....kills the game for me. Expand
  7. AnonymousMC
    Apr 30, 2007
    This game is not worth it, the load time sucks... PSP is a powerful device but they made it look like a sucky machine due to the slow loading time, no justice at all. And walking around the town that slow? Come on, Nintendo (R) 1st generation games are much faster than that. I ended up giving away my UMD game and the person that got it is happy to have the game, but not with the game. Expand

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