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  • Summary: Taking inspiration from the presentation style and structure of a number of acclaimed and globally popular TV action dramas, Alone in the Dark is split into a number of distinct episodes in a season-style format. With approximately 30-40 minutes of gameplay comprising each episode, the structure of Alone in the Dark is adapted for an audience familiar with the hard-hitting bite-size delivery of contemporary TV dramas, offering easy accessibility whether the player has hours to devote or only wants a quick TV-style fix. Each time the player launches a saved game, the episode begins with a video summary of the previous episode to quickly re-immerse the player in the story, removing the need to remember where they were or what they were doing. Every episode closes with a nail-biting cliff-hanger ending to rattle players' nerves, and if the player is leaving the game a video teaser of the next episode plays to leave them wanting more. Alone in the Dark returns with a heart-stopping survival experience realized through the use of state-of-the-art real-time physics and unprecedented environmental interaction. Delivering an action-orientated experience within a highly detailed, open environment, Alone in the Dark once again strives innovation and excellence within the genre. [Atari] Expand
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  1. It should have been so good, but it's been rushed to the shelves too early. What a pity. [Aug 2008, p.86]
  2. A pale imitation of a far more ambitious game, Alone in the Dark on Wii is too higgledy-piggledy to satisfy. A handful of terrific highs can't make up for hours of lows. [Sept 2008, p.58]
  3. This version has serious technical and design flaws that make it not much fun to play and are indication of a rushed conversion.
  4. Unfortunately, if the Wii version of AITD is any indication as to where this series is headed, then nostalgia may be all that is left for its many fans.
  5. 31
    Nearly every gamplay mechanic fails in one way or another. While the game is functional, Alone in the Dark is a clear case of something that needed to be baked in the oven longer. The overall concept is solid, but the testing phase seems to have been glossed over.
  6. For everything else in its amazing catalogue of flaws, errors and catastrophes, though, the biggest problem is that the game just stops whenever you can't work out what to do.
  7. Alone in the Dark is a game that had such great potential, but never followed through with making a solid product. Ultimately, the downfall of Alone in the Dark is that it is a chore to play.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 21
  2. Negative: 16 out of 21
  1. MatthewR.
    Jun 20, 2008
    Good game-don't listen to everyone who is saying it is utter rubbish. The controls work well and the graphics aren't that bad. The game play is great. All in all a brilliant game. Expand
  2. IvoB
    Jun 19, 2008
    Despite the high production values and gripping atmosphere the game suffers from severe control issues and numerous bugs. Waggle controls are far too loose and the character responds to certain actions somewhat random. While driving the car feels almost out of control. The unforgiving difficulty doesn't help either. I had pretty high expectations for this game and really wanted to like it and play it despite the poor controls. However at some points it just stops being fun and the whole experience is ruined. Expand
  3. KirkS.
    Aug 29, 2009
    First off, I would like to disagree with many of the posters regarding game play. The controls, while it takes getting used to, worked fine for me. My suggestion for others is to go into options and review the control motions. This helped me with inventory. Graphics were pretty good on the Wii and I thought the story line was interesting. The problem I have is that the game seems too easy and short, and ends all of a sudden. I reached a stage of the game where I could do one of two actions and then the credits started rolling. It seems like there should have been way more to the game like harder monsters (bosses, etc.). Am I missing something? I am not even a hard core gamer and I spent maybe 10 hours total to get to the end (it seems like there is no winning). The game is a disappointment in that regards where otherwise it could have been promising. Expand
  4. ChristianC.
    Jun 28, 2008
    Bad controls, bad story. Don't loose or you gonna fell PAIN!!.
  5. M.O.
    Jan 10, 2009
    Great Idea, horribly carried out. Throughout the game I was very disgusted with the camera angles. Sometimes the controls didn't work correctly. The ending (both that I've found so far) sucked terribly. The levels were alright, graphics were OK except on the characters. They were terrible. Overall, a waste of time. I am glad I rented this instead of buying it. Even my $2.50 for the rental was a waste. Expand
  6. MrNintendo
    Jul 5, 2008
    What the hec is this garbage? What a disappointment. This game is a disgrace and the people that made it should be ashamed. It's just so poor. Gameplay, controls....nothing works. The graphics are horrid. What is with these developers! Come on! Look at RE4. It's a Gamecube game but it looks 100 times better than almost every Wii game out. Graphics aren't meant to be the strong point of the Wii but that doesn't justify making games look worse than they should. If every game on Wii had the same graphical standards as RE4, noone would complain! But no, developers for Wii games are just downright lazy and don't want to make an effort. I hope they lose a tonne of money cause they don't deserve anything for this lackluster effort. Avoid this game! *screams* Expand
  7. NeilW.
    Jun 24, 2008
    Terrible gameplay, poor graphics, lame script, not scary, glitchy, no sense of achievement.

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