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  • Summary: Cocoto Magic Circus is an arcade-style shooter featuring 40 unique and exciting mini-games. The game's four progressive modes -- Arcade, Training, Duel and Tournament -- can accommodate up to four players. Children and parents alike will enjoy this collection of mini-games featuring humorous animated characters on a mission to save a magical fairy. [Conspiracy] Expand
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  1. I enjoyed the hour or so it took me to beat this game, but I don’t feel compelled to replay it.
  2. 58
    It's just a bunch of point and click using the Wii Remote, but after surfing through a ton of Conspiracy Entertainment stinkers in the past few months, this one was a surprisingly fresh breath of air.
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  1. RichardC
    Mar 22, 2008
    This is a series of cartoonish shooting games. Its a bit liek poor mans Point Blank. Its quite fun in multiplayer but has two major problems... firstly repetition, there really aren't that many different shooting scenarios, so you'll soon end up repeating very similar games over and over again. ...yawn. Secondly, in many games you're supposed to shoot the bad guys and leave the good guys , but both good and bad guys tend to look an awful lot alike ,making it frustrating at times. All up, its a flawed but fun diversion, especially if you like parlor style shooting games. Hopefully Namco will release the full Point Blank series on Wii and we wont have to put up with poor copies. Expand
  2. BenD.
    Mar 16, 2008
    This game sucks. The gameplay is literally only one step above the shooting gallery in Wii Play. The graphics and sound will make you tear your hair out. The only thing that saves this game from a 0 is the fact that Cocoto will always have a special place in my heart. Expand