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  • Summary: Monster Trux Arenas puts you in the driving seat of awesome, huge wheeled, monstrous machines. Choose from a selection of seriously hardcore Monster Trucks and burn your way around gravel slopes, mud soaked arenas and in a variety of weather conditions. Master these machines and unlock hidden extras, including even bigger trucks, upgrades, extra courses and much more. Bump, smash and crash into other drivers to send them off the road, bursting into a flaming hunk of twisted metal. The Wii control system creates a heartpounding, bone shaking and extreme four wheeled excitement. Outstanding single player game modes, including numerous championships and single race challenges. Break the lap record in the Time Trial mode or build up your machine, ready for the International Arena Challenge. Challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode, allowing you to compete head-to-head in these awesome machines. [Conspiracy Entertainment] Expand
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  1. It retains a base level of playability that is so often lacking from similar titles, but that's only because its myriad parts range from poor to horrifying in nature. Need we really say more?
  2. 10
    Monster Trux Arenas is the same game as Offroad Extreme! Special Edition, with a quick vehicle swap and different levels. Everything else is literally the same, and it’s painfully obvious that Conspiracy had Data Design Interactive make a full game, and the split it in two right before release.