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  • Summary: AirMech puts you directly in command of a powerful transforming robot to dominate the battlefield. From the air, build and position your units anywhere you want. Then instantly transform into robot mode and fight alongside them.Level up to unlock new AirMechs and Units, customizing your army to suit your unique play style. Expand
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  1. Sep 10, 2014
    If AirMech Arena is not exactly bright and shiny at first, you need to admit that it works wonderfully well once you get the pad. The newcomers will appreciate the way you can learn MOBA basics, while the others will enjoy all the strategic part of the game. It's a shame that AI and too recurrent disconnections come to spoil this positive scene.
  2. Jul 30, 2014
    Fans of either genre will enjoy themselves in AirMech Arena, and it may even convert a few naysayers – it has certainly made me a lot more interested in real-time strategy.
  3. 80
    A smart, bloodthirsty blend of ideas from MOBAs, action games and the RTS, with intense yet rewarding multiplayer. Beware the microtransactions, though.
  4. Aug 21, 2014
    Terrible servers make it difficult to want to go back to play more AirMech Arena.
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  1. Jul 30, 2014
    AirMech is a free2play game available for Xbox 360, PC, and Steam. It's an RTS (Real Time Strategy) with a fast pace and fair, competitive action. You can choose between PvP, Coop/PvE/Solo (vs AI), Survival, or CTF (Capture the Flag) game modes. AirMech was inspired by a classic Sega Genesis game called Herzog Zwei.

    There is no pay2win involved in AirMech. You can't buy any advantage for gameplay. Everything they sell is cosmetics and collectables. This keeps the game fair and balanced for everyone. Once you've learned the game, you have just as good of a chance at winning as every other player.

    AirMech is developed by CarbonGames, an indie developer with a team of about 10. With no major publisher, they're free to do what they want with the game. They're very active with the community and communicate often for users' questions, suggestions, and other feedback.

    If you like Action-RTS, come check it out for free. If you enjoy AirMech, consider supporting them with a Starter Pack (cosmetics/diamonds) or AirMech Prime (all core units/AirMechs) purchase. Development of AirMech is ongoing and more features still being added.
  2. Jul 30, 2014
    This game is INCREDIBLY well-made. It's not a pay-to-win, thankfully, but it's totally Free-to-Play (which is always nice if you're afraid to spend some money on a game you're not even sure is going to suit you well) so you don't NEED to buy stuff to continue in the game. Plus, it has a LOT (and i do mean A LOT) of potential with the game being in beta, with more possible Mechs, skins, maps, campagn mode, map editor...
    I personnally didn't need a lot of time to get addicted to the game itself, Plus, the majority of the community is nice - like any other game, there are exceptions - and it's fairly simple to understand the basics of the game, though once you get into it, you'll see it isn't as easy as you may think especially against other players ; which makes the game more awesome because of the customizations that you can do...
    Trust me, this is an easy 10/10 - [ NOT IGN ]
    Forgive any errors i might have made, my first language is french
  3. Jul 30, 2014
    I'm sorry Airmechblah did i hear you right?
    Apparently children are mean hmm
    you are basing that one person to compare with the rest of the
    thousands of great and kind players in Airmech
    this game is beautiful for a beta access f2p.
    the community is great!
    You need help? There are many active mods and devs to help you out!
    gain your units easily when you play
    partner up with friends to battle in matchmaking
    tired of waiting on cue for matchmaking? or are you in need of practice?
    there is a coop and single player mode to battle with AI
    not wanting the arena experience? there is SURVIVAL!
    have any problems with the game? you can recommend things on the official site:
    i really see no problems in this perfectly made game except for the few haters like Airmechblah
  4. Jul 30, 2014
    The game is Great! You can get all the units ans stuff needed for game play as you progress through the game. It is a true Free to play (not pay to win) game. It's got lots of different game modes from Solo, Coop, PVE, and Pvp. So you can just chill in a relaxed game after work or Go crush other players... depending on your mood.

    The different Mechs are great because you can switch up which ones you use based of your style of play. The pilots, parts, and items help you to customize the Airmech you are playing. You can change out units for a fast rush game or a slower artillery domination. The combo of choices are pretty endless and keep the game "fresh".

    I like that I can play with friends or complete strangers. It's great for a casual player or someone that wants to become a dedicated pro. I love Airmech!!!
  5. Jul 30, 2014
    Airmech is an real Action RTS game with a few moba and dual joystick shooter elements with a 3d isometric camera view. Compared current Action RTS games it has a very deep RTS gameplay mechanic to it that was actually designed for console play. This is done by limiting your cursor control to a flying Airmech that can move and command units. Easily the the best working RTS game made for consoles since it's inspiration Herzog Zwei over a decade ago.

    Players can choose from one of 9 and counting customizable Airmechs with unique stats and abilities and then pick up to 8 different units from a pool of well over 50 to bring into battle. This is where Airmech really shines as the Airmechs really separate themselves and allows for players to truly create their own play style. Support, Attack and Defend with light fast attack units, or heavy hitters, or defense until you can build giant super units if you can hold them off. Artillery wars, mine counters and bombing enemy units foolish enough to be clustered to close together all can come into play.

    The game features solo game play with adaptive enemy ai that is great for learning, up to 3 person coop and a "horde" like survival game play with up to 4 other players. There is also currently a small set of challenges that helps players understand the mechanics of the game. Currently the campaign is not available.

    However, the meat of the game is the pvp multiplayer. The goal is the destroy the opposing teams fortress by capturing outposts and controlling the board and sending units to attack using a myriad of strategies. It only caters to 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 games but this also includes fights involving hundreds of units. At no point do the boards feel empty or is there a lack of action. Airmech starts faster than most moba or RTS games. You will find yourself quickly overwhelmed with the scale of the battle going. Trying to command units and using your Airmech to fight is a joyful act to attempt.

    The game certainly has an indie feel but in the best kind of way. An absolutely great art style and sharp models and outstanding animation really separate it and helps it move into the small house indie project of love rather than the faux 8bit cash grab style that seems so prevalent and lazy in many games.

    It is a true free to play game in the vein that everything used in the game can be permanently earned without paying any real money. The primary pay focus is on cosmetics and current and future single player content. You can also pay around $20 dollars for the base game that includes all the non cosmetic units if you do not enjoy the grind reward system found in modern games. That is a very nice throw back.
  6. Jul 30, 2014
    Great game, lots of fun if you can find the right 3v3 PVP games. Zero P2W, but there are absolutely tons of cosmetics you can get if you pay. The devs are really close to the community, you will see them in the global chat and the forums very often.

    The feel of the game is amazing, you can tell they spent a lot of time perfecting it. Once you get it down, the mechs handle perfectly.

    The engine they made for this game is very efficient. Good graphics even on lower end computers.

    My critique would be that there could be more focus on balancing and gameplay features, instead of markets and other side stuff.
  7. Jul 31, 2014
    There is always going to be some who don't like the game and its fair to say that we who don't like the game, need to be heard. Just because there are so many good reviews it don't mean that the bad reviews won't be heard.

    Its simple the game is for younger people not for real adult gamers. Either way it's my review and I've played many games before and this game isn't worth it. Also reading some of the good reviews some have stated things that is degrading just because some choose not to like the game.

    Everyone has an opinion and this is mine. Just because I say its not good, it don't mean people won't buy it. As a serious gamer I won't recommend this game as the view is like a top down view and in this modern day and age graphics are so awesome, as this game don't have those awesome graphics.

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