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  • Summary: Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller, a unique new take in the world of gaming. The game is set in an idyllic all-American small town and its surroundings in the state of Washington. Alan Wake, the game's protagonist, is a bestselling horror writer, who writes a novel about his darkest nightmares. In the game, those nightmares come true. As with Remedy's previous games, story and atmosphere are fundamental elements. The game features a massive, open world for the players to explore. The game design is mission based with the player as the driving force behing the action, and as with their previous games, Remedy again focuses completely on delivering the best possible single player experience. The use of light is a significant gameplay element. Remedy has developed proprietary new technology to support the gameplay of the title and to push the high definition visuals to the next level. [Remedy] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 87 out of 100
  2. Negative: 0 out of 100
  1. A brilliantly told story, excellent voice acting, and an atmosphere so unnerving you'll sleep with the lights on for a month. If only it came with a bottle of instant amnesia so that you could play it for the first time more than once.
  2. 90
    With the gripping story, the chaotic gameplay and brilliant graphics, it is a game that stands out among the best games on the system.
  3. The presentation creates a genuine survival/horror ambience that's hard to shake (without the need for excessive gore) and the gameplay shines (no pun intended).
  4. It may have taken over five years, but the delays and development reboot was well worth it as Alan Wake is one of the top exclusives for the 360, and a welcomed new IP several years into the lifecycle of the 360.
  5. Alan Wake is all about the story. It is told very well and constructed in such an intelligent way, that you want to complete the game in one blow. Even though the gameplay itself good, it’s not nearly on the same level.
  6. More light than shadow: Alan Wake is a fairly good game with an excellent mystery story. Unfortunately the gameplay could be a bit more diversified and more shock moments would be great.
  7. For a game five years in the making this is a disappointingly trivial and repetitive actioner.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 10 out of 120
  1. May 1, 2012
    This game sucked me in for three days... and I don't regret even one second spend in this masterpiece. It was like reading one of early King's works. Unique story, combat mechanics are enjoyable to (till) the end. Overall - 10 out of 10. There were some flaws, but that wasn't enough to spoil the fun. Expand
  2. Jan 27, 2012
    Alan Wake is a brilliant game, all in all. It does everything right, from it's story and characters to its gameplay and graphics. The game messes with your head (it is a very winding and twisting story) and leaves you not knowing what to expect! The lighting techniques are superb, and the graphics are very impressive! This game is worth the cash, so buy it next time you see it! Expand
  3. Mar 14, 2011
    This is one of my all time favourite games, it is so atmospheric and although this was originally meant to be an open world game I'm glad they didn't in the end as it is really well done as a linear story and it really is just amazing to go through. My only complaint is that it is a little bit long, if they cut out some parts I think it would have helped with the pacing a little. But it has amazing graphics, characters and locations. The music is also 1st class. Expand
  4. May 27, 2012
    One of the best unique gaming experiences on the 360. This game was a great experience and one of my favorites this generation! I would have given the game a 10, but the ending was kinda abrupt. But definitely great psychological thriller! I loved the atmosphere and humor! Expand
  5. Dec 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Alan Wake does a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. It gets so caught up in this supposedly epic storyline it ends up giving an ending that just confuses more than resolves. Questions are left unanswered, and overall it feels as though you just wasted spending 15 hours becoming connected to Alan, only to have an abrupt and unlikeable ending forced upon you. Not to mention the meh graphics due to a long development period.
    But it is still a solid thriller, with some actual thrills and scares. They don't come often, and they're not scream inducing, but Alan Wake does something many games nowadays don't, and that is to try and revive the dead horror franchise of gaming, since such classics as the original Resident Evils and Silent Hill.
    It's a good combination of horror and action, and it manages to pull of this mix well.
  6. Jul 1, 2012
    Alan Wake encapsulates imagination. And with such comes great originality. The story has a tendency to go a bit all over the place, though overall it comes across as something few developers dare to explore these days - a brand new vision. The characters have strong personalities, and the atmosphere draws you into the world with a presentation that holds up well even by today's standards. The gameplay succeeds in being quite different from the norm, and although it doesn't vary as much as I would have liked it to throughout the game, it manages to remain challenging and enjoyable. Personally I would have liked a Focus button that did not require me to hold it down for minutes on end, and a more alarming notification of enemies approaching from behind - though this is nitpicking really. I'm not yet certain where Remedy is going with the narrative, but consider me intrigued. All in all Alan Wake is a rarity, and its approach to episodic content reminiscent of television shows should be encouraged throughout the video gaming industry where fit. Much props to Remedy for taking their time to fulfill their vision, and perhaps it will help encourage the rest of the industry to take some notes on how originality is achieved - instead of having the only remaining ambition in this sequel-filled industry being the constantly reappearing selling point "bigger and better". Expand
  7. Jan 2, 2011
    I'm honestly aghast at all the people who think this game represents the pinnacle of good storytelling in a video game. If this is all writers have to do to impress the gaming world, then future game stories are doomed, and blowhards like Ebert will be right in saying that video games cannot be art. Just because you make a game play out like a movie or some hyper-dramatic television series, does not make it a good story; cinematic drama is not synonymous with a good story. Additionally, Alan Wake is grotesquely overwritten, failing to understand the power of subtlety, while beating the player over the head with cliched ideas of "light versus darkness". Was everyone too dumbfounded by the beautiful trees to notice that the human animation and lip-syncing is amateur for this allegedly high standard production? Environments, while pretty, lack the variety and meaning as they did in true masterpieces like Silent Hill 2 and Shadow of the Colossus. The game's plot-line is a contrived piece of crap. It has a pointless metaphysical idea driving it nowhere (i.e. I'm a writer writing myself out of my own story). It relies too heavily on other writers to build its shoddy sense of depth, which, despite its attempts, fails. If anything, I can call this game comedy for all the times the ridiculous commentary of the enemies made me laugh. I have to quote off a few: "Farmers are the opposite of hunter-gatherers"
    "Omega 3 Fatty Acids are good for your heart"
    "Fishing is both a sport and a hobby"

    Seriously, did anyone else pay attention to how ridiculous the enemies are? No, seriously, did you? You can't go five minutes into the game without troupes of enemies barraging you with corny dialogue. Add to this that Alan Wake himself can never shut up, and continually has to state the obvious (i.e. I had to turn on the generator, he said in a narrative voice), and you have a script that, if used for any other medium (such as a book or film) would be laughed at and regarding as juvenile. Ultimately the game lacks focus. It does not know what it wants or what it takes to get there.

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