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  • Summary: Burnout Paradise proves that crashing is awesome! Next generation technology has enabled an unprecedented level of crash deformation allowing you to experience the most explosive pile-ups in the series’ history. Now the development team can realize their original vision for the Burnout franchise: an open world environment where you can do anything, anywhere, anytime. Feel the adrenaline course through your veins as you take to the road for the first time in Paradise City, where the action is all around you. Explore the city, discover events, and look for the best opportunities to crash, jump and pull signature takedowns. In Burnout Paradise you're given the keys to the city, but it's up to you to earn the keys to the meanest and most dangerous cars on the street, and earn your Burnout license. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. Both of these racers are flawless examples of perfect game design, creativity, fun, and enduring gameplay that will keep you glued to your 360 until the next installment arrives.
  2. Other than the lack of waypoints and some AI-balancing complaints, there's not much to find fault with when it comes to Burnout Paradise.
  3. Burnout Paradise delivers as a fantastic racing game any racing fan should own, and that even non-racing fans will likely get some enjoyment out of it.
  4. Paradise loops its action into an endless rush, the possibilities, for arcade racing and battle enthusiasts alike, increasing with every hour. It’s hard not to see it as the birth of a new era, but in truth it might be the last Burnout you ever need. [Feb 2008, p.86]
  5. The free world seems great but quickly gets annoying, but it's not long after that players will start to get why EA and Criterion did it this way.
  6. Just like that, Criterion has really changed the way you’ll look at the structure of racing games. While other racers have tried open worlds (Test Drive Unlimited, for instance), there have been none that have offered the same sense of freedom, ease of use, and level of polish. Criterion has finally taken off your training wheels, and after playing Burnout Paradise, there's little doubt that you'll never want them back on.
  7. 80
    Although the open world has caused some negative changes, the overall effect is a great one. The game looks and sounds fantastic, but plays even better. There’s so much to do in Paradise City that you’ll spend hours exploring every nook.

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  1. Jul 17, 2011
    It reminds me a bit of GTA except you don't have to bother feeding yourself or hopping from vehicle to vehicle on foot. Now you can just do the rooftop shuffle from the safety of your car! With dozens of fun little stunt spots, plenty of raced out toys to drive, hundreds of shortcuts & jumps, a time trial on every road, and a healthy variety of events (race & other)..there is enough to keep even the shortest of attention spans occupied. Plus, with an open map and no defined circuits, you're left planning your own race routes and improvising the path along the way...pure genius! Expand
  2. Oct 29, 2012
    Criterion Games are back with another installment of the Burnout series, and it is certainly the best title yet. With gorgeous graphics and many new features, Burnout Paradise offers an incredible amount of replay value and will keep you entertained for many an hour. Whether you aim to complete all 350 online challenges, free-roam with your friends, enter ranked and player matches via Xbox Live, or just try and conquer hundreds of single player events and gain your coveted Burnout licence is up to you; but whatever you decide, I am sure you will have fun doing it. The game Expand
  3. May 9, 2011
    As a Burnout game, I WAS mildly disappointed with the lack of an explicit crash mode with the chained explosion effect of the previous games, overall, it's a gorgeous, well-designed, and fun game. Just taking a drive through the miles of the city's open roads is a nice experience, and the cars perform (and deform) as they should. Showtime can't completely fill Crash's shoes, but it does a damn good job trying, and online is a completely engrossing experience that can hook you for days. Overall, a spectacular game that Criterion should be proud of and maintain. Oh, hey, look, I'm not getting paid off by the company! I actually just like this game! Expand
  4. Feb 22, 2012
    If I have to listen to Paradise City by Guns N' Roses one more time......Burnout Paradise should be a great game. It has a lot of things going for it: addictive gameplay, an open world, different game modes. Unfortunately these aspects don't get to shine because of the clunky way the game was designed. Findings the kind of race you want is difficult and the map isn't much help. Making your own route to the objective is a good idea but is implemented poorly. The sign telling you which way to turn is hard to notice in an adrenaline fueled car-off with more crashes than the annual Crash Bandicoot convention that I just made up. With no running narrative, the only encouragement to keep playing is to upgrade your license. Somehow this does not set my shins alight with excitement. And that DJ is annoying. Expand
  5. May 27, 2013
    The modern-day equivalent of Paradise is a mix between NFS Most Wanted (2012) and DiRT Showdown. With unrealistic cars, variety in car classes, emphasis on free-roam and exploration, Burnout Paradise is possibly one of the best racing games to just hop on and hop off. You can play it for hours and hours, or just for a few minutes. It's very straightforward, and you feel you know the game right from the start. There are a lot of vehicles in the game, all of which do have distinct traits. For a game with such simplistic driving mechanics, it's remarkable how different each vehicle feels. And with a free update, there's even more content. The events include races, time trials, stunt runs and a takedown mode. The number of billboards and gates to smash through also give reason for free-roaming. The game is very fast-paced and intense, especially as the events don't have a set route with checkpoints just start & finish. The game is possibly the easiest pick-up-and play racing game available, and yet it's still exciting and satisfying. Indeed, the city has been well-designed to accommodate for all sorts of crazy stuff. There is very little wrong with this game to be honest. The graphics could have been much worse given that it's running on RenderWare, which was developed in the late 1990s. If you're looking for a hardcore driving experience this is the polar opposite. Paradise is a game for everyone, regardless of their experience or tastes. In a way, it's the more arcadey sister of NFS Undercover. The problem with this game isn't the lack of content there's plenty to see and do with good variety. It's just that despite all this, Paradise is still quite boring to play not engaging and not something you look forward to playing just a game to pass the time. Expand
  6. Nov 28, 2012
    This game isnt even burnout its just some stupid sh1t that tries to be a game but isn't there arent many things good about this game and its too different then the other burnouts Expand
  7. Dec 20, 2011
    This used to be a good game, i liked all of the previous series but after paradise i said goodbye to the series. Probably everyone did, considered the fact they're now doing Need for speed.. If you like burnout, you might not like paradise. Expand

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