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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Discs of Tron, a follow-up 1983 arcade game, enables players to fight Sark, the defender of Master Control Program, in one-on-one battles taking place in three-dimensional futuristic arenas. Players must move between platforms while throwing energy-charged discs at Sark and deflecting oncoming discs to avoid being "derezzed." The game includes the original version as well as an enhanced version with new graphics and audio features. Through Xbox LIVE Arcade, players can also compete in both games against another player in four online modes. [Disney Interactive Studios] Expand
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  1. Old arcade pros will miss the coin-op's grippy spinner knob, but the right analog stick approximates it well; finesse players can still win games with superior targeting skill. [July 2007, p.79]
  2. Discs of Tron does hold quite a bit of enjoyment, especially of the latter stages. [Issue#31, p.117]
  3. Fun to pick up and play Easy to learn.
  4. Thoroughly unambitious. [June 2008, p.96]
  5. An interesting blast from the past, but much like the visuals of the original film, it really doesn’t hold up over time.
  6. A minor distraction perhaps but classic is reserved for titles that carry fond memories and are still as satisfying to play as they ever were, and Discs of Tron just doesn’t fit that description at all.
  7. Without even a two-player mode, this won't last you ten minutes. [Aug 2007, p.103]

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