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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Risk it all on the expeditions of a lifetime in the award-winning card game Lost Cities as it comes to life on Xbox Live Arcade. Draw from a pool of cards to amass the most points, play your cards wisely, take chances with your money, and create the best strategy to outwit your opponent on the road to victory. True to the original: All of the fun and strategy of the original card game has been faithfully translated for the console audience. Easy to learn: Jump into a game and start devising strategies within minutes. Exotic locales: Manage prosperous expeditions through the lost cities of the frozen Himalayas to the sandy deserts of Egypt, and even the Brazilian rain forest. Online play: Play with up to three of your friends over Xbox Live. [Sierra Online] Expand
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  1. Simple gameplay, great presentation and a finely tuned balance of luck and skill are the elements that made Lost Cities a hit with card- and board-game fans, and this version just makes all of that even better.
  2. Card games don't get any more addictive than Lost Cities.
  3. A sober-minded card game that forces players to continually unearth new strategies.
  4. You’re left with a light filler card game that has nowhere near the staying power of the other board game ports that are on XBL.
  5. As bland as it looks, Lost Cities is a well-designed card game with more depth than most, but this version does little to justify the leap from deck to joypad.
  6. It may offer a richer gameplay experience than Uno, but Lost Cities just doesn’t have the fast, fun and addictive quality of that particular social card game.
  7. Put simply, there are deeper tactical outings, more sociable games of skill, and many Live Arcade titles more enjoyable than this. Go and buy one of htose instead. [Issue#34, p.116]

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