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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] In one of the most well-known arcade games of all time, players must defend the coast from mysterious enemy invasions in Missile Command. Try your hand at this classic arcade game in its original old-school form, then experience the completely re-stylized version featuring evolved graphics and the newly introduced Throttle Monkey mode. Cutting-edge next-gen graphic and sound support: Support for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, including HDTV, with Dolby Digital surround sound and full-screen anti-aliasing. Full Xbox LIVE support: Player profiles, leaderboards, and twelve all-new achievements are available for missile commanders. Accessibility: The game features a rich and immersive environment. Defend the coast against all comers. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. If you are jaded by more exciting modern games, this will definitely bore you. Otherwise, it's a great makeover of one of the classically addictive games.
  2. Not a game you'll play for hours on end, but good fun for short amounts of time.
  3. The only possible "don’t-buy" concern in Missile Command is that, like fellow old-school, arcade quarter munchers "Robotron" and "Defender", it’s relentlessly, almost brutally difficult...You will find some nice multiplayer action though, and at five bucks, this is a no-brainer.
  4. This Missile Command is off target.
  5. Cheap, cheerful, timeless fun, and ultimately short-lived - but isn't that the whole point?
  6. There's not actually that much to do here. [Sept 2007, p.108]
  7. It's the original version with an awful new one tacked on. This is the very definition of cash-in.

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