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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] There's this evil emperor, see, and... well, he's evil. Now someone has decided to put a stop to the whole evilness thing, and that someone is you. It's the right thing to do! Besides, in Mutant Storm Empire, it'll be fun. Battle through line after line of the emperor's minion horde, destroying absolutely everything you can. Blast through bunches of robots, crush colonies of aquatic monsters, smash swarms of UFOs, and demolish devastating bosses. It's a continuous adventure through four immense, strikingly vibrant worlds, and you can fight alone or join forces with a friend in two-player cooperative mode. Enjoy the frenzy! Practice the way of "Blastikkidoo" or the art of blasting, as you plow through the different worlds in Mutant Storm Empire. This all-new sequel to Mutant Storm Reloaded ratchets up the competitive challenge. The four different worlds feature sixteen challenging levels, all in gorgeous high-def 3-D graphics. Play co-op offline with a friend, or head into Xbox LIVE territory and go multiplayer for up to 2 people. Twelve new achievements to master ranging from easy, such as getting a single combo of beasties, to difficult, such as completing the game on the Black Belt level. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. Positive: 14 out of 20
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  1. It’s hard to go wrong with Mutant Storm Empire for 800 Microsoft Points, eve if you have never played Reloaded. With stunning 3D graphics and the perfect blend of mindless and strategic twitch blasting, Mutant Storm Empire is a near perfect Halloween treat.
  2. 85
    Its only real drawback might be its rather short length, as experienced gamers will probably smash through the single player levels in no time, even at the highest difficulty level but for small, bite-sized chunks of action, Empire definitely satisfies.
  3. Few other titles’ enemies have the power to flood you with real horror as they scramble and skitter towards you. [Christmas 2007, p.98]
  4. 77
    A bit pricey considering its short play time.
  5. 75
    If you can't get enough of dual analog shooters and high scores, Mutant Storm Empire is a game for you.
  6. The only things that stop it reaching higher are that the combo system seems to be pitched a little bit above the average gamer's skill level, and could have been more inclusive, and that despite getting the basics very right it doesn't build on that as excitingly or inventively as some of the genre's best.
  7. Lacks the replayability of its predecessor. [Issue 28, p.118]

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  1. Andyman
    Oct 31, 2007
    I was beginning to think this game would never be released, when suddenly, out of nowhere, there it was, available on Live Marketplace for 800 points. Mutant Storm Empire is a terrific game start-to-finish, like its predecessor Reloaded, but instead takes a Smash TV-like approach where you blast your way through interconnected arenas. The enemies are as wonderfully unique as the strategies needed to defeat them. Just when you think you've got a solid grasp on the game, it tosses something completely different at you. The only flaw I found was the fact that several of the Achievements just aren't possible for most players... but this really is a very minor thing and has little to no bearing on how much you'll enjoy the game. Mutant Storm Empire is as good as Live Arcade games get, and is well worth your $10. Expand
  2. NateB.
    Jan 9, 2008
    A very good and diverse action/shooter that is incredibly fun when played solo or with a friend on xbox live. The graphics are nice and colorful and the gameplay brings a nice variety of challenges. Additionally, this game is very challenging with five difficulty levels to keep you busy. The only negative is that this game is a bit on the short side. There are 16 levels, with most of those having a few rooms per level. I thought there should've been at least 8 or 12 more levels than what is offered. Overall, play the demo and if it seems up you're alley then go ahead and purchase the game. Expand
  3. RIchardE.
    Dec 9, 2007
    This is a brilliant game. I never brought reloaded because I thought it was a little cynical to make me buy the game again just for some minor updates. This game has restored my faith in PomPom, but I felt compelled to write a quick review because saying this is a perfect 10 is just ridiculous. The energy system is a commendable attempt to respond to critism of the first game, where people said they would prefer the action free flowing an continuous. However now there are no lives, there's really nothing to save up as you progress through the game, as long as you survive a particular section you get all your energy back, if you don't it is game over. There are also none of the powerups that made reloaded so cool, and no bombs. I know some of you are going to prefer no powerups or bombs for the retro feel, but I felt they where just right in the orginal game. While this game looks excellent, and has some unique gameplay (which is pretty impressive concidering this is a shooting game), It just dosn't have that same addictive nature as the first mutant storm in my opinion. Don't let me stop you downloading the demo though, this is still a superb game and well worth the 800 MS points . Expand