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  • Summary: The world is your battlefield. While every World of Tanks player dreams of becoming an ace tanker that single-handedly saves the day, it's only through teamwork that you and your allies will prevail. Up to 30 tanks at a time, split into two teams, will be vying for supremacy on over 10 highly-detailed maps. Hold up your end of the bargain and your allies will work with you to coordinate an unstoppable assault against your enemies. Expand
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  1. Mar 5, 2014
    Ultimately, it's the combination of accessible gameplay with riveting depth that makes World of Tanks so engrossing.
  2. Mar 5, 2014
    Wargaming took a chance with World of Tanks for Xbox 360 and at this point, they should consider the venture a success. The game is fun and fast-paced, perfect for when you only have a few free minutes for gaming. It's intuitive to learn, offers a wide range of good-looking tanks, multiple maps, and a free-to-play setup that skillfully levels the playing field whether players have more time or more money. Best of all, (and despite a few interface issues) with World of Tanks 360, Wargaming's created the kind of all-inclusive game that appeals to competitive gamers regardless of platform.
  3. Feb 24, 2014
    The maps are bare and play is inherently repetitive... but this is gripping and impeccably crafted entertainment. If you’ve recently bought a new console, don’t let the basic visuals put you off. You’ll be generously rewarded if you stick with it.
  4. Mar 25, 2014
    World of Tanks is a rare combination of hardcore attitude and pick-up-and-play accessibility that’s as effective on the Xbox as it has been on the PC.
  5. Feb 19, 2014
    World of Tanks: 360 Edition is a good conversion from PC game, with an arcade and fun gameplay in addictive 15vs15 battles. Limited in options, but rich in potential.
  6. Apr 2, 2014
    Console version of World of Tanks is a limited, less impressive but still very solid relative of the PC giant. [04/2014, p.66]
  7. Mar 30, 2014
    A solid multiplayer free-to-play shooter that, despite suffering from a lack of variety, is distinct enough to warrant giving it a try. [Issue#109, p.70]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 25
  2. Negative: 7 out of 25
  1. Feb 17, 2014
    I laughed when I read the review starting "Well I'm going to be completely honest" then a rating of 1 out of 10.
    One word. .PC fanboy, or a
    Sony fanboy pretending to be a PC fanboy in order to down-rate an Xboxe 360 game.
    Is this game the best looking game on the 360?. . .No!

    Does it look pretty good? for a large area battlefield. . yes it actually does look pretty good for a machine with 512megs of ram. Lets see what the PC snobs machine can do with 512 megs of ram.
    The game looks fine, and has a pretty impressive draw distance for a console game. The texture actually look ok, when all things are considered.
    The game handling can take a minute or two to get into but it is intuitive, and about as easy, as it could be to have tank steering, without using up all the triggers and shoulder buttons for something that can be accomplished on the left analogue. There is the oddl moment of frustration as you spin about helplessly while trying to beat a hasty retreat (i use the word "hasty" in context here, as it's more of a leisurely walking pace if your reversing, but these moments are rare, and don't ruin the game at all, even if someone else does occasionally get an easy kill, as you pirouette helplessly in front of them doing your best to try and get a luck shot off at them.
    I found the game to be addictive, and fun. Team-play was surprisingly good, and i only game across a couple of players who were not really playing as part of a team. though I did switch off my mic & headset a couple of times, so as not to have to listen to an overly vocal child or someones background music, but you get these "People" in any game.
    I'd highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you like shooters, but like me, are just to slow for COD and the other fast paced FPS games out there. If your playing with some buddies it's fantastic.
    This game also has the potential to be added to in a big way, new maps, new tanks, new weapons and perks. I see a rosie future for it improving all the time, in the same way mine-craft has been transformed.

    I'd give this an genuine 8 or 9 just because it is so much fun, up to 10 to counter the trolls who rated it 1.
  2. Mar 16, 2014
    Os jogos devem ser feitos para divertir,e claro ser bem feito,este jogo conseguiu ser muito divertido e com ótimo gráfico,é mais uma prova que se pode fazer um grande jogo sem gastar milhões,parabéns. Expand
  3. Feb 18, 2014
    I was waiting for this game on console for two years since I don't use computers. And now my and many other xbox 360 players are eager to test the product. Many thanks to developers that pay attention to console's owners. Expand
  4. Apr 21, 2014
    I think a lot of people expected the wrong things from WoT on 360. People complaining about paying for an Xbox Live subscription to play it online? What game online on Xbox 360 doesn't require a Gold sub whether the game itself is F2P or not? Anyway, ignoring the ignorant.

    The game itself is a good bit of fun. It's no deep number cruncher and the way you unlock tanks and parts has been streamlined to allow newer players more easy of access. Personally I don't think this as necessary but it works well regardless. You still end up with what I will call, for the sake of this review, 'loadouts' that are based on popular fits from the PC version.

    It's a good looking game overall. Not the best but by no means the worst. The maps are well populated with debris, bushes, tress, buildings and other bits and bobs meaning they never feel too empty. The tanks are well detailed and look good, as do explosions and other particle effects.

    The gameplay is the real meat of the game though and while some might not find much merit in a game that revolves solely around 15 v 15 multiplayer they've obviously not noticed that this sort of game is popular. It's what works. There's no real depth to the game modes on offer in their own right, the depth comes from the tactics and strategy used. It's arguably better to go into a match with a friend or two so you can perform some co-ordinated attacks but there's a contextual radial menu which allows you to communicate with your team on a basic level. As far as the gameplay goes it seems to fit really well with my idea of a good online game. I can sit and play it for hours and enjoy every minute but at the same time I can sit down with a spare 10 or 15 minutes, have a quick go then leave and not feel like I'm being hard done on by life.

    My one and possibly only real complaint is the (current) lack of tanks. Once they've released the Russian, Chinese, Japanese and French tanks, not to mention filled out the existing trees with their missing tanks (every single British SPG is missing for example) then I'm sure it'll be much better. It just seems a bit sparse in comparison to the PC version as the selection stands currently but they're working on that. In the meantime there's a good number of tanks to get into and duke it out in.
  5. Feb 12, 2014
    Well I'm going to be honest, this review does not start off in a positive light! World of Tanks does not make a good first impression, I get and I fully understand that this is a free-to-play game but damn, do you really need to attack me with marketing emails before the game has even begun? That's cold! Quickly getting rid of the email screen you are shown the news feed which is a little confusing at first until you have the slow realisation that what you are looking at is a clever distraction from the fact that the game is downloading in the background. It seemed too good to be true that the game was only 70MB when it was downloaded from the marketplace (after a quick peruse of their Twitter feed it turns out the whole game is 2.7 GB, sigh...) On a personal night let me tell you that this is a terrible and disgustingly frustrating way to start a review, I think I'll just wander away from the keyboard until it's finished. I don’t know, just enjoy the advert below or something in the meantime...

    You still with me? Good! 35 minutes later and we're ready to get our review on! Let's kick things off with some training. There is a big ol' list of training videos you can watch that run through the different parts of the game and tell you everything you would ever need to know but quite frankly I am **** out of patience at this point and just want to blow things up, I was always better at on-the-job training anyway! The tutorial covers everything you would expect it to; how to move the turret and how to manoeuvre the tank etc. The little beauty starts shining through when you are confronted with your first obstacle and the very helpful guide says “Tanks don't drive around obstacles, they drive through them”. Environmental destruction is always appreciated and welcomed with open arms. From here you move on to the combat side of things and you are introduced to the general shooting procedures as well as given some tips on flanking your rivals. Finally you are shown how to snipe with your Tank. Yep, you read that right, even in a game that is designed solely around big metal things blowing up other big metal things you are still not safe from the campers of the world. To be fair though it wouldn't really be online gaming without them, we've really only got ourselves to blame. Fully trained and feeling ready for action I figured there was no time like the present to roll out into battle! It's amazing what training can do for your morale, you leave it feeling like the big dog ready to take on the world but as soon as you head blindly in to battle you realise you know absolutely nothing, certainly not enough to keep you alive. I learnt this lesson the hard way, repeatedly! On the bright side I at least managed to take a few Tanks down with me.

    The shining example that Wargaming know what their games want is the fact that there is technically no wait times between battles. Once you have been blown up you are not forced to sit there all useless and defeated; you are given 2 options. You can either stick around and watch your remaining team members carry on the battle or you can declare a polite 'screw this crap' to that match and head back to the garage to select a new Tank to charge in to battle with. The only downside of the second option is that you have to wait for the original match to finish before you can select that particular Tank again. This is a very very small price to pay for the ability to jump straight back in to the action whenever you're ready.

    When you're not out to war blowing up strangers from across the globe you will be spending the majority of your time in your garage; this is your central hub for everything warfare. Here you can spend all of your hard earned cash and XP on brand new Tanks, new types of ammo & new equipment as well as having the ability to customise any Tanks you currently own. This brings me neatly onto my single biggest problem with, not just this game, but these types of games in general; the microtransactions, I **** hate microtransactions!! There are a few particular upgrades and pieces of equipment that give you the power to dominate everyone else and, as you would expect, they are super expensive! The hardcore gamer in me loves **** like this because it gives you good incentive to play more so you can save up and buy them and have a smug satisfaction whenever you rise victorious. What pisses me off is the fact that someone can come along, use real money to buy virtual money and then use that virtual money to buy their way to victory! I think I just need to accept that microtransactions are now a widely used thing and move on with my life (as much as I may not want to!)

    See the full review here:
  6. Apr 19, 2014
    You have to take into account that the Xbox 360 edition was developed by Microsoft Game Studios, not The way they shamelessly false advertise by saying this is a 'free to play' game is an atrocity. (Coming from an Xbox Live Gold Member of three years.) You have to pay for a Gold Membership before you can even get your hands on the game. Many of my friends are Silver Members and really want to play with me but just can't afford Gold right now. I don't even want to talk about how unbalanced the game is... If you're playing a tier III scout tank, you'll be thrown into a battle with tier Vs. and VIs. Same for artillery... My shells don't do jack against tier VIII armor when I'm in a tier VI.

    The physics are extremely unrealistic and it seems as if you crew is completely invisible. Where's my loader when a new shell is being loaded? Where's the commander? Shouldn't he be peeking out the hatch, looking through his binoculars for enemy targets? Your tank can become completely unresponsive sometimes, rendering you a several ton hulk of cannon fodder, easily picked off by tank destroyers. This occurred many times, mostly when driving over a hill or something. It seems as if my tank gets stuck in the terrain, another case of lousy programming. Don't even get me started on how many 'gung-ho' Call of Duty kids play this game. They rush out into battle thinking they're invincible, only to be picked off by a goddamn scout tank or something. Then they yell and scream at you through their five dollar microphones, trying to blame their own misfortunes on someone else. Well, mostly just insulting you and saying how you're 'gay' or something... I just sit there and wonder to myself, "where are the parents?" But I digress...

    The tank detection system is a complete joke... Many times I have gotten killed by it. I'll get detected, take cover, become undetected, and leave the cover only to be blasted to smithereens because the enemy can still see me, even though it said I was not detected. Don't sit there and tell me that this is because you can still be hit when your undetected, because I already know this... It's called trace-firing. But I'm talking about when I haven't fired any shots whatsoever so it can only be the shoddy detection system.

    By the way, if you want any chance of getting to the higher tiers in a reasonable time period, you're going to have to buy premium time. Getting premium time is achieved by buying gold, the premium currency, and then buying premium time with the gold. Doesn't anyone else smell greediness or is it just me? Premium time greatly increases your experience and silver accumulation after every battle. Without premium, you'll be grinding like crazy. That's all this game is, a grind. Don't let others fool you into thinking this is a good way to spend your money. You might as well be wiping your ass with those dollar bills if you plan on spending them on this game.

    In conclusion, this is one of the worst shameless cash grabs I have ever seen. Don't let mindless Microsoft drones con you into playing this. Avoid it like the plague.
  7. Apr 8, 2014
    A good lawyer needs to look into this one! This game is advertised as 'free to play'. It is not free to play on Xbox 360. One needs an Xbox Gold membership which costs the player $5.00 per month to play this game online and it is a game one can only play online. This I believe is called false advertising and fraud and is punishable by either jail time and/or a hefty fine. Absolutely shameless. I thought I would never give a game a zero review, but I cannot give a game that is so tweaked into taking money from the player anything else. And Microsoft is culpable here. Penance here should be for all parties involved to be put in jail and the only way out is for them to have to play this game without money sources of any kind and 'grind' their way out by leveling all their mechanizations to the highest tier. That should equate to around 5 years. Free to play? I spent approx. $3.00 just finding out about it. Who got the money? Microsoft? The game makers themselves? It is really pay to play! It is pay to win! Make no mistake about it. The advertisements are a lie about this game as they are about all others of this ilk and type. Expand

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