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  • Summary: Zoids Assault is a gritty militaristic strategy RPG featuring enormous beasts of steel, exclusively for the Xbox 360. Manage a team of elite war machines through a campaign of intense military conflicts. Advanced upgrade and customization options combine with challenging objective-based gameplay to offer a fresh new strategy RPG and a daring new vision of the long-running Zoids universe. Commanders, start your engines (of war)! [Atlus] Expand
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  1. What can gamers take away from their experience with Zoids Assault? Well, first off, the strategy role-playing genre is still in need of a worthy candidate to make the genre look extraordinary again. Secondly, the developers need to hire better writers to create a campaign truly worthy of our time.
  2. Zoids Assault is a title that won’t win over too many new fans. It has low production values, the storyline is weak, the gameplay is standard and the audio isn’t anything special; all the makings of a below-average video game.
  3. In its battle system, Zoids Assault has the germ of a great game. The idea is executed so half-heartedly, however, that it's hard to imagine what the developers were thinking. So, many minor tweaks could have made this so much better. Factor in a price that's at least quadruple what it should be, and it's not just a bad game, it's an insult.
  4. 48
    Steer clear of Zoids unless you’re a rabid strategy fan who has played through Atlus’ other lackluster titles or if you’re an ardent supporter of the franchise. Everyone else needn’t apply.
  5. After playing Zoids Assault, I really had to wonder why it was made or why Atlus decided to bring it over to these shores.
  6. The only thing more unbelievable than the fact that Zoids Assault is a full-priced title is that they advertise downloadable content on the back of the box.
  7. Zoids Assault, while not a complete disaster, is something altogether worse. It's completely unnecessary.

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  1. Jan 22, 2014
    I love this game... the only thing I don't like is that in the 4th cutscene my game freezes... but of course that is probably due to a scratch on my disc. It doesn't make the game unfinishable... but it is annoying seeing as no one has bothered to post the cutscenes online. Expand
  2. MackZ.
    Sep 9, 2008
    This is a really solid strategy game on the 360. The cutscenes aren't very entertaining, but, the gameplay is, and honestly, that's all I'm concerned about. Well worth my time and money. Expand