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  • Summary: Based on the 70's television show, Starsky & Hutch lets you race through Bay City in Starsky's bright red Ford Torino, while Hutch takes aim at criminals with his .357 Magnum--but don't go thinking this will be a joy ride. If your driving and shooting skills can't keep the TV audience on the edge of their sofas, your ratings will plummet, the show will be cancelled, and it's "game over." Don't think you can handle all the high-speed thrills by yourself? Find a partner and let them shoot while you drive. Expand
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  1. My primary criticism is the game's lack of multiplayer options. In story mode, the game does allow cooperative play, with one player driving while a partner uses either a light gun or another controller to shoot. But, while it's a unique innovation and it does produce a more true to life experience -- making perps and power-ups more of a challenge to hit as your partner swerves all over the road -- it struck me as more frustrating than fun.
  2. Compatible with a driving wheel and a light gun, which means that the game's missions can be operated cooperatively with one person driving and one shooting. [17 Oct 2003, p.L2T 20]
  3. 75
    It the best drinking game we've played this year. [Aug 2003, p.32]
  4. 60
    It isn't a great game, and it quickly becomes redundant, but it's a guilty pleasure you can get for cheap.
  5. There are loading times that I wouldn’t have thought exist in this day and age, and the graphics are nothing exceptional. Dialogue is bad, the sound is bad 70’s pastiche but the guy who did the cut-scenes deserves a big fat raise.
  6. 54
    An average driving-shooting game at best. It's got a little hook, the TV ratings concept, which works well and gives the game some lift. But after two or three missions, you'll find the range of missions is incredibly small, the gameplay is overly simplistic, and the style of graphics and dialog to be more of an annoyance than a cult bonus.
  7. Who would want to admit to buying this? We’d certainly be too embarressed to show this to any of our friends, enemies, neighbours, random strangers off the street, pet cat...

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  1. Jugdishplateface
    Mar 25, 2004
    Awesome game i wish the little 10yr old would relize that games are meant to be fun period and thats exactly what this is fun.
  2. JeffK.
    Sep 23, 2003
    Just plain bad.
  3. Bacon
    Mar 18, 2005
    First off the game dosnt deserve the score it got from the critics...IT NEEDS TO BE MUCH LOWER. I bought the game because I like starsky and hutch and it was cheap but it wasnt worth the couple of bucks I paid for it. I dont recomend picking up this game, unless of course your a straight up die hard starsky and hutch fanatic. The games not even worth discussing in detail, just avoid it!! Expand