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  • Summary: While investigating the enigmatic deaths of American scientists in the Antarctic, a military rescue team encounters a strange shape-shifting alien life-form that assumes the appearance of the people it kills. As the team leader, you must forget everything you ever learned about obliterating aliens simply with a barrage of violent ammunition--this monster is difficult to see, hard to kill, and seemingly impossible to evade. In the midst of this lurking terror, you must convince your squad to cooperate and complete tasks essential to both the success of the mission and your own survival. Expand
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  1. Incredibly atmospheric (it makes great use of flickering lights, icy landscapes, and foreboding corridors) without skimping on the screams, The Thing is a terrifying battle to the finish.
  2. A good game that isn’t ground-breaking; however, it does add some interesting considerations with the Trust and Fear of your squad-mates and it creates a terrific atmosphere.
  3. By far the most unique and interesting portion of The Thing is the controls and gameplay.
  4. 80
    Like a truly interactive horror movie, The Thing unfolds at a suspenseful pace...One of the most unique and compelling story-driven games to hit console systems in some time.
  5. Given the importance of the flamethrower, the fire effects are splendid and are consistent with excellent lighting throughout.
  6. The right mixture of intrigue, fright, and gore make for the best survival/horror game currently out for the Xbox.
  7. Its focus is clunky, and the disparate connection to your teammates sabotages the elements that game does get right. [Aug 2002, p.71]

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