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  • Summary: Totaled! takes you for a ride in a destructive racing experience. In one of 12 cars, including hot rods, muscle, and performance cars, you must inflict as much damage on other cars as possible. Both the outer shell of each car (windows, hood, fenders, doors) and the chassis underneath can sustain damage that affects the car's performance. You can compete in 18 customizable game types and challenges, including Free for All, Stuntman, Multi-Tag, and Bus Jumping. Expand
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  1. While it isn't the lengthiest or most addictive product on the block, this offering still boasts a wealth of replay value.
  2. Aside from the inexcusable loading times that totally drag down the Totaled gameplay experience and a short single-player mode, the game’s multiplayer action, decent control scheme and level design make Totaled a better than average title for destruction derby fans not seen in a video games since, well, "Demolition Derby."
  3. The worst sin, however, is the appallingly long load times, not only before each event, but even when restarting the same event or just exiting to back to the selection screen. [August 2002, p.78]
  4. 61
    The lack of difficulty settings, a short career mode, and a somewhat poor display haunts this title.
  5. If you know you have the patience for long load times and like destruction derby, then the game is very rewarding.
  6. 42
    The problem with the single-player experience is that the AI is horrible in two major ways.
  7. The frustratingly bad physics in Totaled! make the game a thoroughly unentertaining experience.

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