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  • Summary: Both die-hard pool fans and the casual pool players can practice with World Championship Pool 2004, a pool simulator that features single-player, multiplayer, and online play. In both real and fictitious venues, you'll play to unlock fun tables, unique ball sets, and world-class pool cues. Become a professional in six gameplay modes; including 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Career, Snooker, Trick Shots; and bonus games like Countdown, Target Table, and Minefield. Realistic ball physics and a dynamic camera system give World Championship Pool 2004 TV-style coverage complete with famous commentators. Expand
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  1. Even though the computer is cheap, the actual gameplay and physics are outstanding, and there are a ton of ways to play the game. And pool?
  2. Turn off the sound and you'll enjoy yourself a lot more. Whether you rent this game or add it to your collection, you're guaranteed to have a ball with it. Pun intended.
  3. One of the better billiards outings released for consoles in quite a long time.
  4. Sure, it has framerate issues and stiff animation, but it also has real-life players, solid physics, multiple game types, and a pretty easy learning curve. [Feb 2004, p.109]
  5. Hardcore pool players should be pleased with this simulation and ability to compete with online opponents, but for the casual player, World Championship Pool 2004 seems to lack the excitement that attracts today’s gamers.
  6. Even the most polished, glitzy pool game would just be another pool game if it didn't bring some new challenge, so the fact that online play is included here counts as a large counterbalance to its presentation failings.
  7. The game fails simply due to a lack of polish and attention. You can play 9-ball and 8-ball in "World Championship Snooker 2004," so I would recommend picking that one up instead to satiate your need for cuestick action.

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  1. KeithY.
    Dec 12, 2003
    At $40MSRP, I expected a lot out of this game. I give a 9 because it delivered more than I expected, but couldn't give a 10 because NO pool game deserves a perfect score simply because there's no comparing it to Halo, PGR2, Madden, etc. The cool features of this game include playing your own music in the background, it's like having your own pool hall. Also, there's a tutorial on how to pull of trick shots - in case you want to impress your friends in real life. Also, having never played snooker here in U.S.A., didn't realize how large of a table is used. Makes for some ultra-long shots. Finally, though I haven't tried it yet, playing pool online on my Xbox is going to beat the daylights out of playing generic pool on Yahoo. Expand