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  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 20, 2010
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
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  • Starring: Daniel Dae Kim, Chi McBride, Jorge Garcia
  • Summary: The re-imagining of the 1968-80s classic has Alex O'Loughlin as detective Steve McGarrett, who returns to Hawaii after his father's death and heads up the new task force to clean up the islands of crime.
  • Genre(s): Drama, Action & Adventure, Suspense
  • Creator: Leonard Freeman
  • Show Type: In Season
  • Season 1 premiere date: Sep 20, 2010
  • Episode Length: 60
  • Air Time: 09:00 PM
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. So far, O'Loughlin has come most alive when he's engaged in the premiere's close-quarters, elbow-chopping fight scenes. But it's clear that, like other CBS shows from NCIS to CSI, the team byplay is going to be the heart of Hawaii Five-0. Thank goodness Caan is here to provide gruff humor, and Kim and Park play off each other nicely.
  2. The remake of "Hawaii Five-0" is the best kind of throwback--to the buddy cop films of the 1980s. Think "Lethal Weapon" with a tropical twist.
  3. O'Loughlin's by-the-book performance is buoyed by a fast-paced script and a splendid supporting cast, including and especially Scott Caan as Danno, that radiates enough hit-making energy to render even Oahu's azure waters and perfect sunsets superfluous.
  4. While some criminals may escape, it's all happening in sunny Hawaii; and every time bad guys kick up a fuss, we know the good guys will kick back harder. The closing line, 'Book 'em, Danno,' may be a cultural joke, but it also sounds good as a promise.
  5. Yet despite the dude-tastic charisma that Caan brings to Danno, I can't quite see a reason to watch Hawaii Five-0 again, given that each week, the stories will probably feel like something we've already seen on 'NCIS,' 'NCIS Los Angeles' or any number of the 'CSIs.' Bad guys will be caught, the team shall be triumphant. Rinse and repeat.
  6. This is a treatise on personalities rather than systems, its bantering sensibility recalling something more along the lines of "Ocean's Eleven" than "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."
  7. Reviewed by: Scott Timberg
    Some things are better than they were in the '60s--including the top tier of television shows. This just isn't one of them.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 30
  2. Negative: 4 out of 30
  1. Sep 21, 2010
    Great show visually, fun music, and a funny cast that works together well. Although not the most complex or mind-bending show, definitely a fun mix of action and comedy and something exciting for everybody this fall season. Hope it stays as good as the pilot and makes it longer than half a season Expand
  2. Jul 23, 2011
    I have just watched the last episode of season 1 and can't wait for the next season to start. It is a thoroughly refreshing cops and robbers story and you know that right will out in the end. Very frustrated by the last episode and can't wait for the next season to start this autumn. Shoes. Expand
  3. Oct 18, 2012
    Hawaii Five-0 is one of the most interesting shows out there. It does not take itself too seriously, thanks to the witty, back-and-forth banter between the characters. It also has a decent amount of action for a crime show keeping it fast-paced and exciting. Not to mention an awesome backstory. Expand
  4. Oct 5, 2010
    Great Show....I don't like action-shows actually, but this one rocks.
    It has a quite thin storyline, but great actors, action that can be
    compared with the action found in movies, nice comedy between the two "whitebreads" :D Expand
  5. Sep 21, 2010
    I was looking forward to Lone Star and Hawaii Five-O as "fun" shows to counterbalance the weight of Mad Men, Rubicon, and Boardwalk Empire. LoneStar didn't quite deliver (though I'm giving it more rope), but Hawaii Five-O truly did. It's fun, and the primary cast of 4 seems like an entertaining combo. They are absolutely watchable. Reminds me a bit of the old Dan Tanna "Vegas" episodes. Just got back from Oahu, and I'm told that Jack Lord is revered over there, as he gave a ton of his not-unsubstantial personal wealth to local causes. I'm glad that they didn't tarnish the legacy of the show with something cheesy or irreverent. It's not close to the best show on TV, but it's not supposed to be. I'll keep watching. Expand
  6. Aug 10, 2011
    its ok, nothing special. Pretty standard 'villian of the week' affair with a little (and i mean a little) sub plot in the background.
    the show
    is clearly designed for people who just happen to flick onto a channel when this is on, mega simple plots, investigation scenes that always happen to stumble on things pretty quickly or just in the nick of time.
    all the cast feel heavily underused - grace park an amazing actress has effectively be turned into something to look at whilst the 3 guys run around hawaii, flexing there pecks or complaining at each other in a somewhat tongue in cheek fashion.
  7. Sep 27, 2010
    You can't fault a show for trying to "update" and "modernize" an old hit, but you can when it just plain sucks. I lost track of how many moronic he-man face offs the pilot contained, and the number of "good-guy breaks-the-rules" cliches was mind-boggling. The networks need to learn a lesson from HBO and Showtime: original strong writing beats stupid formulas every time. This show wasted an hour of my life.

    Another serious problem is the show's tone. The iconic theme song suggests an upbeat, almost whimsical take on Hawaii law enforcement. But this show contradicts that theme, big-time. It tries to be more serious than 24! What the hell? Either write a new theme song or, better, try injecting some humanity in the show instead of neanderthal men yelling about what they want and need. What they need is better writing and some acting lessons.

    I give the show a 1 only because it's set in Hawaii ...

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