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  • Summary: Dual Destinies brings us the return of courtroom hero Phoenix Wright. Set 8 years after his last appearance in the courts, the first case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies sees the action start in a destroyed court room. It's up to Phoenix Wright and his team at the WrightDual Destinies brings us the return of courtroom hero Phoenix Wright. Set 8 years after his last appearance in the courts, the first case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies sees the action start in a destroyed court room. It's up to Phoenix Wright and his team at the Wright Anything Agency to discover the cause of the destruction. Players have to battle it out in court against Gaspen Payne, the younger brother of Winston Payne from previous Ace Attorney titles, as they defend the accused. Expand


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  1. Nov 11, 2013
    A masterpiece that raises the bar for the series, employing all of its strengths and eliminating the vast majority of its weaknesses. This fifth mainline entry pays homage to its heritage while paving the way for the franchise going forward. Here’s hoping that the next turnabout doesn’t come with another six-year wait.
  2. Oct 25, 2013
    Wonderfully witty as ever, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is another excellent entry into the Ace Attorney series.
  3. Oct 24, 2013
    Any fan of the series should be considering buying this game, as long as they don't mind the lack of physical version or not being translated into any other language but English. There's little innovation here, but it's addictive, fun and satisfying.
  4. Oct 24, 2013
    Phoenix Wright’s triumphant return to the courtroom has been matched by a game worth of such an event. Sure, it is more of the same, but with more variety, a new set of great characters and it looks really nice to boot.
  5. Nov 12, 2013
    The narrative that runs through that world isn’t always focused as it could be, but Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is a largely excellent visual novel adventure.
  6. Oct 28, 2013
    Fans will be happy that Phoenix Wright was able to localize it – it really would have been a massive injustice if this game never saw the light of day outside of Japan, as Dual Destinies is up there with the best entries in the franchise.
  7. Oct 24, 2013
    Dual Destinies is disappointing. In general it's more of the same Phoenix Wright we've come to know and love, but the stories and characters are horribly weak.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 46
  2. Negative: 3 out of 46
  1. Oct 24, 2013
    I have always loved the Phoenix Wright games, witty humor with dialogue that makes you think so you can unravel and defend your client. II have always loved the Phoenix Wright games, witty humor with dialogue that makes you think so you can unravel and defend your client. I even enjoyed Apollo Justice, and Miles Edgeworth that were included in this wonderful series. I must say though, this game takes Phoenix Wright and moves the game in a superb direction. Yes, I know you have to download the game and that their is no physical copies but trust me, if you like Phoenix Wright then your going to want to download this game. I have only played thirty minutes into the game(plus the demo before the game was released on the eshop), and I can honestly say I love this game, for its graphics and the story line that I'm so intrigued to learn more about to figure out what this story and its five cases(plus an extra one you can download) are all about!!!!!! Expand
  2. Jan 5, 2014
    The game is superb. The writing is amazing as always, the 3D graphics are amazing and the overall's game plot is awesome. I see a lot ofThe game is superb. The writing is amazing as always, the 3D graphics are amazing and the overall's game plot is awesome. I see a lot of criticsm saying that the game recycled the plot style from the first game, but it isn't. It is just fan dumb. The game is very long, which is something also very nice, the previous game could be beat in 5 hours, but I beat this one under two days. Capcom knows how to create great games and this is a proof of it. Can't wait to see more of the spiky haired lawyer again! Expand
  3. Oct 10, 2017
    What can I say? I love this game. I have made sure to play all the games in order (AA, JFA, T&T, Investigations, Apollo Justice,What can I say? I love this game. I have made sure to play all the games in order (AA, JFA, T&T, Investigations, Apollo Justice, Investigations 2, and now this one.) Next I will be playing PW meets Layton which I'm sure will be good. I was hesitant about Apollo when he was introduced in his game, but by the end of the game, I loved him. Same story here with Athena. Ace Attorney series is one game that can introduce new characters without ruining everything. Simon Blackquill is chill af and Athena's powers are very cool. They even added a little checklist thing so you don't have to rely on a walkthrough if you get stuck (I try not to use it too much so it's not like handholding). Overall, great game, great story in this game, and I really enjoyed every episode (unlike some of the other games). I actually didn't expect the ending to this game (in the other games the end is kind of predictable). One of the best games in the series and I'm sure there's more to come. I only have PW meets PL and Spirit of Justice left to play, so hopefully they can come out with another game before I finish those! (a Switch Ace Attorney would be lit) Expand
  4. Dec 23, 2016
    After reviewing the first 4 Ace Attorney game I see no reason to wait any longer for DD

    STORY: The story of DD begins 1 year after the
    After reviewing the first 4 Ace Attorney game I see no reason to wait any longer for DD

    STORY: The story of DD begins 1 year after the events of Apollo Justice. Phoenix gets his attorney's badge back, along with Apollo and new character Athena Cykes. Because of this the Wright Anything Agency finally goes back to lawyering and with this you'll have resolve 5 cases in order to stop what the game calls "The Dark Age Of The Law". Basicly a series of events that happend years ago made people distrust both Attorney's and Prosecutors and it's up to us to put an end to this.

    The characters introduced in this game are not the best, but also not the worst either. Athena is a likable character that in my opinion rivals the likes of Maya for best companion I've had, her interactions and colorful personality make her a welcome edition. The game definitely focuses on Athena the majority of the time, which can bother some players, but I really wanted to learn Athena's, very dark, backstory, so focusing on her wasn't really an issue for me. Apollo this time around is more experienced and more bad*** than ever and we got to see more of his childhood, but that's about it for him. New rival prosecutor, Simon Blackquill, does a great job of being the guy who constantly interrupts you and throws your theories to the ground, heck he literally attacks you in court with a freaking Katana and yells "SILENCE!" when he wants you to shut up. His backstory may not be all that interesting, but he's still a great character. There's also a new detective, Bobby Fulbright, who is just amazing every time you see him, he's a champion of JUSTICE! And never fails to put a smile on my face with his wacky interactions...however he does have a problem in the end of the game that ruined the character for me. Other than that the secondary, characters like Trucy or pretty much anyone else have little purpose, but to keep the story going and their wacky personalities make the investigation segments more entertaining. Really my only big problem with the characters is Phoenix himself, since now he doesn't act like the mature Phoenix from last time, but rather he now he seems to have forgot everything that he has learned and acts like the Phoenix from the first game...WHAT?! This completely annihilates his character arc from the previus 4 games and while I'm still glad he's back, I feel that giving Phoenix his old characterisation was a mistake.

    PRESENTATION: Do you remember the sprites from the previus games? Well throw those out of the window because now we have 3D my friend! Yes every character and background are now in the 3D realm...and it looks pretty good. Do you remember how in my PW vs PL review that I prefer the model of Phoenix in that game to the one over here? While I still have that same opinion, this Phoenix and every other character has something that PW vs PL lacked...EXPRESSIONS! Every character is expressive and well animates which is one of the things I enjoyed the most in the other games and DD does a great job. The old animations have been converted flawlessly and new ones look just as good. And you won't guess this part, but the soundtrack is AMAZING! and this time they used real instruments for the songs and it sounds goooooooood. Now there's even some really well made artwork that looks very smooth. My only complaint here would be the voice acting for the anime style cutscenes. While the animation is self is fine, the voice acting can be sometimes at the levels of Symphony of the night and I'm really not exaggerating, but since these scenes are few and far between they aren't a big issue.

    GAMEPLAY: You want me to explain the mechanics? Go see my other Ace Attorney reviews, because I don't like repeating did? Good, now let's see the new stuff. First of all the investigation segments have seen a pretty good improvement, now you can go to any place at any time, making navigation more streamlined than before. When you examine scenes the game will let you know what you have examined making the process a lot faster, plus since most of the background are now 3D you can rotate and look the crime scenes from different angles...and yes I said CRIME SCENES, because unfortunately DD doesn't let you examine anything that that it doesn't have relevance to the plot, which is big mistake in my opinion, because examining other places led to more wacky and funny interactions that are now completely missing. The new gameplay element is Athena's Widget, which lets her hear people's emotions when they're testifying, if you see a contradictory emotion you point it out. It works well, but I feel like it was used way too much in places were presenting evidence would've done the job perfectly fine.

    In the end DD is a great game, however I believe only fans of the franchise should try it out...But if you're a newcomer then you should start with square one.

    With that said i'll give Dual Destinies an 8/10
  5. Oct 25, 2013
    Five years. Five long years that Phoenix Wright hadn’t be in court for the hilarious trials of the Ace Attorney series. True, his best friendFive years. Five long years that Phoenix Wright hadn’t be in court for the hilarious trials of the Ace Attorney series. True, his best friend and rival Miles Edgeworth did come to our DS, but only once out of two, the second game sadly having never been localized. In this particular context, Ace Attorney 5 coming at us is rather crucial and we shouldn’t leave this gesture by Capcom unanswered.

    First of all, this game is BEAUTIFUL. It looks as good as no game on 3DS ever and puts Nintendo’s games for its own system to shame. The characters are so well detailed and animated that it reminded me of Fire Emblem cut-scenes. All this including the legendary talent of the devs to offer us eccentric characters with extreme personalities, weird but extremely fun behavior. In short, AA5 is the best-looking I’ve seen on 3DS by leagues.

    Adding to its fantastic humor, the game is no less relevant in judiciary themes, as it has always been in the series. All scenarios (i.e. the cases at hand) revolves around something called «the dark age of Justice». A period plagued with fabricated evidence, false accusations and a growing defiance towards the judiciary system. Even though the chapters are different from each other, for most part they keep being linked to this topic, highlighted by a mysterious bombing inside the court. This particular narrative gives a great significance to the game in a whole. Like in a good TV thriller, the player feels deeply involved in the story.

    Storytelling has been thought with great care. The second case might seem a bit weak in this department, you will be stuck at on your 3DS for everything else. A example of the effort made by Capcom on this the beginning of the game is very different from the demo to ensure maximum pleasure of discovery. The scenario has some awesome twists, music is as classy as ever and the very end is near perfect.

    The gameplay doesn’t vary much from the past episodes, you still have to show the right evidence at the right time to win trials, and discuss with witnesses in investigation parts. The big thing in AA5 is Athena’s capacity to analyze the emotions of people those sequences are fairly numerous and offer diverse approach. It’s really a great add to series, much more interesting than the «Logic» in Ace Attorney Investigations. In theory, it’s about finding emotions that contradicts the current statement, but in practice it’s far richer. Past features like psy-locks and Apollo’s ring of truth are present too, but don’t occur very often. Investigation has lost any interest as you can investigate only 2 locations per case, and the game indicates everything.

    As for characters, AA5 makes a balance between the three main protagonists, each of them having his own trial to win. I really appreciate this willingness to get rid of the «sidekick» role and allowing less important characters take the spotlight, even if it means less Phoenix (and believe me, you never have enough Phoenix). Your opponent, Simon Blackquill, is a truly great character that will instantly wipe out Klavier, who I thought didn’t really fit to the job. Talking about this, Klavier and many other make a comeback, but it’s always very short and they doesn’t make much sense in the story. But yeah, it’s always nice to see them.

    The only thing I’m disappointed of is the level of difficulty. Like I said, investigation has been reduced to a check-list, so you no longer have to search for this little thingy in the flower pot but it does save time). The green life bar doesn’t have any more importance, because when you lose you get back exactly where you were with a full one. It really damages the thrill of the game during trials. Not only this, but as in Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, the hints given here and there are far too direct and it skips the reasoning. Worse, when you do lose, the game has like a special help window for you to get closer to the solution (but you’re free to use it or not). I understand that nowadays publishers want to avoid that players feel frustrated, but it does hurt the challenge. Of course there still are many parts that will melt your brain, but it’s just not as great as before.

    Despite this, Ace Attorney 5 is a super great game, long (more than 30 hours) and hooking. You English-speaker won’t have any problem with language (us French sometimes do), but some may need to get over their fear of digital games. Indeed, AA5 will be available only on the 3DS e-shop. It is more than worth it, and will surely determine the future of Ace Attorney in the West.
  6. Nov 7, 2013
    Right off the bat I have to put this simply: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies is a pretty great game.

    We're back at the Agency
    Right off the bat I have to put this simply: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies is a pretty great game.

    We're back at the Agency that got established by Phoenix and his new friends in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, almost a year after the events of said game to take on a few more trials. This time, Phoenix is back in the biz as a fully-fledged Attorney in his classic old blue suit, although he's a bit older now and looks not only bulkier but he got a tiny bit of makeover in this process as well. Fear not though, because he's as witty and comical as ever but aside from being back as a lawyer he's also the head of the Wright Anything Agency now, and has to watch over Apollo Justice and the newcomer of the firm, Athena Cykes who is also a defense attorney.

    The game revolves around a story split into 5 episodes. During the course of the game you'll have to play as each of the three attorneys as they uncover a new mystery. Unfortunately though, playing as the other characters does make the story seem turbulent at times and in the end I found myself not feeling attached to either of the three characters as I previously would in either Apollo Justice or Phoenix Wright 1-3, heck even in the Edgeworth Investigations game.

    Neither does it help that the story itself while initially interesting turns out to be a bit of a cop-out, and in the process it snatches ideas from previous cases from previous games, specifically the final cases of the first game and several from the others and uses those ideas to form mysteries or story bits in the story of Dual Destinies. At first this seemed like a homage to previous games, but in the end it was apparent so often that I found it to be cheap and predictable.

    The writing however, is sharp, witty and most importantly often funny, a remarkable step upwards after the shallow Ace Attorney Investigations, but it's still not quite on par with some of the excellent writing found in just about any game written by series creator Shu Takumi. The tone in this game is not quite there, the themes doesn't delve as deep as they could and worst of all, the emotional moments of this game end up feeling more sappy than poignant. It's not that Dual Destinies doesn't make you feel something, but for me personally, I just didn't feel very immersed because there are moments when things get hilariously melodramatic (series staple) and there when it got outright disturbing, but there wasn't that point where it was just in between. This is something the new writing team just doesn't do as well as Shu Takumi can. The tone is inconsistent and the dialogue sometimes tries too hard to the point where it becomes pretentious, trying to "be" like the other games but comes off as a pale imitation.

    The gameplay is your usual one. Episodes are usually split up into two days of investigation where you explore crimes scenes and talk to witnesses, and two days of Trial where you stand in court against a range of prosecutors, most notably the new rival staple of Dual Destinies, Simon Blackquill, who's yet another intimidating and manipulating "killer" of a prosecutor. He's actually one of the most memorable characters in the game. But things are mostly as you expect them to be. You go through a witness' testimony and present evidence to point out contradictions. A new feature added in however is the "Mood Matrix" which is captained by Athena Cykes, and is a means to explore the witnesses's emotions and find missing parts of their testimony. As a gameplay mechanic this falters as there is no way to lose when you use it, but it serves very well as a story-mechanic. So many of the game's twists and revelations are found through this mechanic and it truly makes for some of those "a-ha!" moments that we know and love about Ace Attorney. It's a fresh new thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it got the kick in the next game since it's overall too simple.

    Last but not least is the presentation. It's just excellent. Take out your 3DS (if you have one) and get the demo immediately or buy the game if you're going to anyway, and just observe the visual qualities for 10 seconds. You will be sold guaranteed. It's probably the most significant transition from classic 2D to 3D sprites I have seen in any franchise, and I could never go back. This time around, there's also anime cutscenes with fully voiced characters. Unfortunately these often feel tacked on and the English voice-acting is cringe-worthy if occasionally smirk-inducing in the good way. The music is also excellent, but to be honest it mostly sat in the background for me, and there's a noticeable misuse of some tracks that just play far too often than others, making it monotone at worst.

    But overall, if you've played an Ace Attorney game before you SHOULD play Dual Destinies, even if you just "know" the franchise but haven't tried it yet. For the playability the game is the best of the bunch, and it's enjoyable, even when the story feels template-cut.
  7. Aug 10, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself, and your soul. this is no masterpiece of a game. it's also not a zero, i give it that because this having a higher score than Apollo Justice is ludicrous, even though it's also not great. ultimately, the largest contrivance i actually have is my vehement hatred of the lack of identity of the phantom. i could write an entire essay about how important the final reveal is, but suffice it to say, the fact that the largest, most important reveal in the whole game is literally noone, and the fact that that leads to no real reveal about the internal motive of the character, what caused this injustice, that for no reason caused a great period of injustice with the legal system that already existed without him for no specific reason, which was on its own slightly irritating, but now has compounded with the specified corruption of the system, which is insane to imagine, because Manfred von Karma, Damon Gant, and Sebastian Debeste were all corrupt higher-ups in the system before, implying that because only now the dark age of the law has begun apropos of some random guy with NO IDENTITY, that somehow previously there was nothing wrong with the system used that needed to be fixed. it's clearly some irritating copout because the system showcased in the first games was too accurate to Japanese courts in some specific way such that criticizing them would be wrong, except for that last part i'm talking out of my ass. This corporate legitimizing and illegitimate holding of the rights for the characters, taking their stories and sculpting canon to be so irritating, contradictory, and boring, this is the soul, this is capitalism, this is what this game deserves. exactly its emotional output, which is exactly that of the phantom, all of which to say the game is trash and you should throw it there Expand

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