Description: Summer is coming or so they say. For in the eternal dusk of The Realm of the Entity, temperatures drop very fast as you wander the Fog pursued by cold-minded killers. Still, there's no reason to drop your style. Even the most fashionable outfit isn't complete without the perfect hairstyle or accessory. However as fabulous as you look, your stylish new looks are unlikely to protect you. Well-groomed survivors make for well-groomed corpses. After all, who wouldn't want to look their best for this very special day? Turn your favorite Survivor into a fashion victim with trendy hairstyles and accessories! The Headcase includes: - For Dwight: The Preppy Flatcap and the Millennial Dwight A beige cap fit for high class golf tournaments and deadly runs around the MacMillan Estate. A snazzy haircut or extremely powerful upward winds? Who knows! - For Meg: The Tier III Braids and the Jogging Headband Masterfully knotted braids, not for the feeble minds. A modern and stylish headband meant for autumn's cold morning jogs. - For Nea: The Night Out Nea and the Melonade A bold makeup and duo-tone hairstyle that will leave no-one indifferent. A casual and comfortable yet affirming a strong and unique identity. - For Ace: The White Panama and the Tomstache A handsome hat for a handsome chap and a glorious mustache of unthinkable thickness. - For Claudette: The Myopian Frohawk and the Colorful Headscarf A warrior's hairstyle to fight in the finals. A colorful scarf twisted and tied around a messy bun. - For Jake: The Modern Explorer Beanie and the Jakebun It's not because you're deep in the woods that you shouldn't look good. Jake's always been creatively laid back. Look at him transform a lazy haircut into a fabulous hairstyle.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Jun 8, 2017
  • Behaviour Interactive
Publisher: Behaviour Interactive