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  1. Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground is a solid complement to the console versions and the best Tony Hawk game on the Nintendo DS. Sure, you’re not getting the Rigger Editor or Video Editor, but you do get to skate around in three cities with fundamentally fun gameplay.
  2. It will appeal to both the old-school THPS fans (like me) and the newer crowd who are more familiar with the post-THPS3 games. For skating fans who like gaming on the go, Proving Ground is a worthy choice.
  3. The gameplay is extremely solid, but is nearly unchanged since the original. The touch-screen gestures are pure novelty and feel tacked on.
  4. A hand-cramping jam on the DS. It looks great, plays great, and has enough meat to keep gamers happy long after the holiday hangover has worn off.
  5. Tony Hawk's Proving Ground is another solid addition to the franchise and is the best Tony Hawk game on the DS to date.
  6. 80
    If it isn't broken it shouldn't be fixed, but if it's starting to get stale it's probably time to bake a new loaf.
  7. The thrill of tricking, skating, and speed have always been the heart and soul of this quintessential skating game. And it's all retained in in one eensy DS cartridge, and then some.
  8. More variety, more customization, and better multiplayer make this the best portable Tony Hawk game yet.
  9. 80
    If you're a Tony Hawk fan and you can't get enough of the series, Tony Hawk's Proving Ground for DS is indisputably the best of the bunch this year. It feels like the classic Hawk titles of five years ago, yet it manages to adapt some of the good elements from updated games to make a fulfilling experience.
  10. It's not original, but Tony Hawk's Proving Ground contains more stunts and features than you'll ever manage to roll your way through, and one of the most comprehensive multiplayer modes around.
  11. 80
    A great game, it’s just not going to knock your socks off if you have played previous incarnations. Vicarious Visions seems content with simply improving the game as opposed to completely re-writing the formula.
  12. Fans of the Tony Hawk brand of skateboarding will be happy to know that this Nintendo DS port is not just a scaled down console game, it's easily the best version of the game on the market.
  13. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    There are times when it's pretty much impossible to see in front of you. [Jan 2008, p.86]
  14. Proving Ground is another solid entry into the series that, once again, requires players to link tricks to score massive combos to progress through the game.
  15. Proving Ground for the DS is the Tony Hawk series' most respectable effort in quite some time.
  16. The easy learning curve is something that always made the series a good bet, but with games like Skate emerging onto the scene with a more intuitive control scheme, it may be time for old Tony to learn a new trick or two.
  17. Another Tony Hawk game. Don’t expect much more than that.
  18. It won't get you out of your Tony Hawk funk if you're already bored to death, but then you've already got SKATE for that so hurrah.
  19. I believe this game could have been made with better graphics, more innovative controls and some real customization for your skate park.
  20. This pint-sized port brings everything that makes Tony Hawk titles such an enjoyably irritating affair. As a do over to Downhill Jam, it’s as good as you can get with a new skateboard on old wheels.
  21. Overall, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground on the DS is a decent game. Once you get past the character models, some mediocre sound, and some difficult challenges early on, the remaining game is fairly enjoyable but it’s only recommended for the Tony Hawk completist.

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#18 Most Shared DS Game of 2007
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  1. MartinN.
    Dec 21, 2007
    Great graphics, very good controls, tons of levels and skaters make this game a must have for a Tony Hawk series fan.