Description: The Duke is back! And he's packin' more power than ever! But getting him out of his brand new jam ain't just a no-brainer! As Duke's being interviewed on TV about his best-selling book, Why I'm So Great, aliens suddenly abduct him! His creepy captors plan to drain his brain of all his knowledge, which they'll use to create a master plan to seize control of the earth. Duke has two options: he can be turned into a zombie by the EncephalaSucker, or "kick butt" like there's no tomorrow! What's his choice? You guessed it! Our hero's primed for gut-busting action! Only you can propel him through a super slugfest to rid the planet of slobbering aliens! Duke Nukem II delivers all you want from an action game and MORE! A sophisticated game engine gives this all-new, high-energy hit the power it needs to "nuke" your computer! Duke blasts his way through your screen with enough firepower to rattle your rafters! Now Duke can shoot downward too, as he flips, walks hand-over-hand, crouches, ducks, and pilots his space shuttle fighter! Here's the action you crave and sound you'll rave about, in this new generation of an all-time favorite!


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Dec 3, 1993
  • 3D Realms
Publisher: Apogee Software, Ltd.


Allen Blum
Written By: scenario
Scott Miller
Written By: screenplay,story
Todd Replogle
Written By: screenplay,story
Tom Hall
Written By: story
Joe Siegler
Cast: Duke Nukem
George Broussard
Produced By: producer
Jason Blochowiak
Sound: sound
Randy Abraham
Visual Effects: digital artist
Stephen Hornback
Visual Effects: digital artist
Allen Blum
level and scenario designer
Tom Hall
creative staff
Todd Replogle
game programmer