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Summary: The city is at risk, and only you can save it from the evil clutches of an old enemy--the powerful Electro. He has a mysterious new device that makes his million volts of destruction even deadlier. But now Spider-Man has Insulated Armor, which makes him impervious to electricity, in addition to new powers such as Ice and Taser-Webbing. With your new bag of tricks, you can stop Electro, Sandman, and other villains' nefarious schemes to bring the city to its knees.
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Rating: T
Developer: Treyarch
Genre(s): Action Adventure, Sci-Fi
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Cast Credit
Tong Chen Modeler
Michael Montague Programmer
Brad Grace Additional Art
Tom Hays Audio Director
Steve McNally Additional Design
Richard Adrian Additional Sound Effects
Jamie Fristrom Technical Director/Designer
Mark Nau Senior Designer
Darwin Dumlao Special Effects
Sergio Bustamante II Audio Recorder/Producer
Brian Reed Additional Design
Paul Edelstein Senior Programmer
John Morris Foley Supervisor
Brian Fredrickson Sound Editing And Design
Scott Purvis Dialog Editing And Mastering
Jay Gordon J. Jonah Jameson Voice
Nick Doran Producer
Jeremiah Maza Producers
Kevin Tomatani Associate Producer
Pascal Sahuc Technical Art Director
David Cook Programmers
Peter Lurie Pedestrians Voice
Chris Strickland Programmer
Gregory John Senior Producer
Tomo Moriwaki Creative Director
Jason Bare Chief Engineer
Jonathan Zamkoff Producers
Aki Akaike Lead Game Designer
Eric Pavone Senior Designer
Rey Samonte Designer
James Chao Art Directors
Matthew B. Rhoades Writer/Designer
Jeremy Parker Programmer/Designer
Greg Taylor Programmer
Bob Parkinson Jr. Programmer
James Zachary Chief Animator
Ryan Duffin Animator
Jeff Hayes Additional Art
Arnold Agraviador Chief Modelers
Kevin Pasko Character Modeler
Michael McMahan Charcter Texture Artist
Tim Smilovitch Animator
Kris Giampa Sound Editing And Design
Mike McColl Pollice Officer Voice
Christopher A. Busse Additional Design
John M. DeHart Associate Producer
Johnny Van Zelm Modeler
Susan M. Long Additional Production
Charles Klausmeyer John Jameson Voice
Scott Morgan Foley Recordist
Anthony Han Modeler
Jason M. Bryant Designer
Brent Kollmansberger Designer
Chad Proctor Designer
Hans Wakelin Designer
Bethany Rhoades Betty Brant Voice
Jeff Coopwood Robbie Robertson Voice
Angela V. Shelton Calypso Voice
Larry Huffman Arena Announcer Voice
Roscoe Carrol Pedestrians Voice
Christopher Alba Sound Editing And Design
Sukru Gilman Additional Art
Shawn Baird Programmer
Wade Brainerd Lead Programmer
Christian Diefenbach Programmer
Charles Maynes Sound Editing And Design
John Allensworth Programmer
Beth Cutler Programmers
Florent Gluck Programmer
Joey Headen Programmer
Krassimir Touevsky Senior Programmer
Rose Villasenor Director Of Operations
John Andrunas IT Engineer
Dimiter Stanev Senior Programmer
Zenta Aki Interface Art
Quinn Nguyen Modeler/Texture Artist
Adam Rosas Animator
Martin Donlon Programmers
Toby Lael Programmers
Bryan McNett Programmers
Evan Olson Programmers
Leonardo Zide Programmer
Michael Zimmerman Additional Art
Joseph I. Valenzuela Programmer
Jason McKesson Programmer
Alexandre Bortoluzzi Art Directors
Michael Vance Technical Director
Chris Erdman Chief Texture Artist
Cameron Petty Chief Modelers
Erik Stone Modeler
Phillip Kovats Cinematics Mixer
Joe Nugent Programmer
Keith Szarabajka Mr. Aziz Voice
Tasia Valenza Pedestrians Voice
John DiMaggio Rhino Voice
Josh Keaton Harry Osborn Voice
Joe Alaskey Dr. Curt Connors Voice
David Sobolov Pedestrians Voice
Niecy Nash Pedestrians Voice
Mindy Sterling Aunt May Voice
Alfred Molina Dr. Otto Octavius/Dock Ock Voice
Bill Dugan Executive Producer
Roberto Sanchez Associate Producer
Andy Chien Programmer
Dr. Peter T. Akeman Chief Technical Officer
Chuck Wadey Additional Art
Jake Santa Ana Modeler
Kirsten Durst Mary Jane Watson Voice
Andre Bains Designer
Joel Burgless Designer
Mike Bambino Special Effects
Erik Drageset Character Modeler
Douglas Gunalao Modeler
Ian Peter Diesen Hosfeld Concept Artist/Texture Artist
Chad Jones Modeler
Barbara Krug Modeler
Manuel Salazar Texture Artist
Greg Simkins Texture Artist
Andrei Pokrovski Programmer
Eduardo Poyart Programmer
Stephanie Brown Lead Dialog Editor
Michael Vangen Dialog Editing And Mastering
John Roesch Foley Artists
Alyson Moore Foley Artists
Marilyn Graf Foley Mixer
Peter Beal Sound Assistant
Vladimir Kravtchenko Technical Director
Craig Stewart Programmer
Thomas Henderson Additional Design
David C. Sum Additional Design
Brian Morrisoe Additional Art
Carlos Monroy Additional Production
Jonathan Lauf Additional Cinematics
James Arnold Tyler Quentin Beck/Mysterio Voice
Michael Beattle Shocker Voice
Herchel Sparber Pedestrians Voice
Holly Fields Black Cat Voice
Tobey Maguire Peter Parker/Spider-Man Voice
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#22 Most Discussed GameCube Game of 2004
#10 Most Shared GameCube Game of 2004