Description: Kiith Soban are a highly respected force within the Northern Coalition. Although their tactical prowess is renowned, it is their ability to leverage advanced military technologies to deliver devastating long-range attacks, disrupt enemy movements, and manipulate the battlefield that has made them one of the most effective fleets to enter the battlefield in years. This fleet pack will add the new playable fleet, Kiith Soban, to multiplayer and skirmish modes in Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The Soban Fleet includes a new CARRIER, RAILGUN, BASERUNNER and BATTLECRUISER.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Mar 22, 2016
  • Blackbird Interactive
Publisher: Gearbox Software


Adrian Vershinin
Written By: writer
Kirk E. Paul
Written By: writer
Hayley Sales
Cast: Rachel S'Jet
Paul Dobson
Cast: Kapisi Captain,Coalition Strike Fighter,Gaalsien Fleet Ops
David Orth
Cast: Intel
Mark Oliver
Cast: K'Had Sajuuk,Gaalsien Honorguard Cruiser
Jacqueline Samuda
Cast: Khagaan,Coalition Fleet Ops,Gaalsien Carrier
Alisson Amigo
Cast: Coalition Cencom
Michael Antonakos
Cast: Coalition Railgun
Bruce Blain
Cast: Sakala Captain,Gaalsien Interceptor
James Blight
Cast: Coalition Light Attack Vehicle
Sean Campbell
Cast: Gaalsien Sandskimmer
Tommy Campbell
Cast: Gaalsien Catamaran
Bill Courage
Cast: Coalition Artillery Cruiser,Crane Operator,LAV Commander
Kendall Cross
Cast: Gaalsien Engineering Officer
Brian Doe
Cast: Gaalsien Salvager
Bradley Duffy
Cast: Coalition Baserunner,Boneyard Control
Lane Edwards
Cast: Gaalsien Siege Cruiser
Kurt Evans
Cast: Coalition Support Cruiser
Frank Ferrucci
Cast: Coalition Salvager
Peter Flemming
Cast: Coalition Armored Assault Vehicle
Jessica Heafey
Cast: Gaalsien Precision Bomber
Michael Kopsa
Cast: Kapisi Engineer
Brent Miller
Cast: Coalition Battlecruiser,Assault Commander
Fred Partridge
Cast: Gaalsien Heavy Railgun
Brady Roberts
Cast: Gaalsien Baserunner
Preston Vanderslice
Cast: Gaalsien Production Cruiser,Assault Commander #2
Cory White
Cast: Coalition Tactical Bomber
Adam Myhill
Carlo Balassu
Art Department: concept artist
Taylor Nettleton
Art Department: graphic designer
Kyle Kenworthy
special thanks