• Publisher: Steedie
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2019
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  • Summary: You are part of the team that is storming 'Area 51'. Find and release the aliens that are held captive and discover the mysteries that surround the base. Unlock new classes and abilities that will help you with your task as the military attempts to stop the hordes of people.
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  1. Aug 9, 2019
    Area 51
    Reviewed by: Koder
    Developer and Publisher: Steedie Area 51 third-person game simulator of the "Storm Area 51," meme. This is a
    Area 51
    Reviewed by: Koder
    Developer and Publisher: Steedie

    Area 51 third-person game simulator of the "Storm Area 51," meme. This is a thing. Not surprised that someone decided on making this into a game. You got your Naruto runners, rock throwers, Kyles, and Londoners (they have knives). Your goal is simple. Save the aliens and kill the guards. Save an x amount of aliens and you move on to the next stage/wave. You start as a Naruto runner straight from the getgo. You gain experience point and money. You unlock all the other classes from what I'm assuming is just by simply playing the game. The money is to purchase clothes for your avatar. The gameplay is very simple and yet the game can be very unforgiving. Gotta watch for carpet bombs and random ufos that drop bombs. Orbs will randomly drop and they will provide either health, speed boost, or a damage boost. Once you die, the round is over.

    The AI is very simple and sometimes unreliable. You only have an x amount of allies per stage. Once all your boys die, you're on your own. You will eventually get overwhelmed. That's how I ended up dead most of the time. Pulling aggro is super easy in this game. It's a bit on the buggy side. I got stuck on a set of stairs and the guards mowed me down. 100% worth it. They have a leaderboard so you can brag about your glory and how many stages you've completed. It does have a sandbox mode. But all you do is drop allies and the enemies at random locations then play the simulator. No custom maps. Just a flat desert-like field. You can either jump in the chaos with the AI or sit and watch the world burn. I wanted to see how many Kyles can survive 30 guards. The Kyles won on each round.

    Now for the ugly. The game feels very thrown together. The graphics are a simple shell shaded game. This game is not going far when it comes to the graphics department. It doesn't really have much to offer. Save the aliens, kill the guards, dodge all the things, and push for the next stage/wave. That's it. You can't pick up the guard's gun. The game gets repetitive real fast. Getting stuck on random things can be fun but can be frustrating when you're trying to take the game seriously. I can also see someone hacking the game just to get on top of the leaderboard just for the lulz.

    Overall: 6.5/10

    Area 51 is fun for thrown together game. At the same time, it kinda feels like it's made for an easy buck. Is it something I would recommend? Yes and no. Yes because of the meme and no because it's $9.99 USD and I can see it is more like $4.99 USD (currently $7.99 on sale). I know I sound cheap but it's not really worth that much for a bare minimum game. Hopefully, the developers are willing to add more to the game as well as fixing some of the bugs. If you want to support the little man in hopes they can create better games. Go for it. If you don't think this game isn't worth your money. You're not really missing out.