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  • Summary: Battle an army of sycophantic cultists, zombies, gargoyles, hellhounds, and an insatiable host of horrors in your quest to defeat the evil Tchernobog. Squirm through 42 loathesome levels filled with more atmosphere than a Lovecraftian mausoleum.
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  1. May 28, 2019
    Blood is (perhaps obviously) high on my all-time list. It was such a pleasant surprise when I heard that Nightdive was working on a re-release, and I’m glad they have. Priced at $10 or less ($5 at the time of this writing), there’s no reason not to add this classic to your collection.
  2. May 20, 2019
    It may be over 20-years-old, but Blood has aged nicely into a gory red wine that remains highly replayable to this day.
  3. May 16, 2019
    Even with those rough edges, the majesty that is Blood shines through quite well. It’s great to have you back, Caleb. Hopefully, you won't stay dead for another few decades this time.
  4. May 24, 2019
    This remaster will please mainly new players. Veterans will notice many missing pieces and differences from the original which are bound to sour the mood.
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  1. May 11, 2019
    If you're looking for a source port that accurately portrays the gameplay and shows all its details as they were back in the day, then this isIf you're looking for a source port that accurately portrays the gameplay and shows all its details as they were back in the day, then this is not what you are looking for. Its like a World of Warcraft private server, it uses the assets and mimics the thing, but its not the real deal. And don't even try the multiplayer, it's just broken.

    Suitable for playing, yes of course. But if you have played enough Blood, lots of details start to add up and no, as for the time being I will not recommend it over existing ports. Will keep an eye for updates.

    Some of the stuff that is wrong:
    - Damage figures are wrong. Try testing the flare gun in different difficulty levels here and with DOS.
    - Weapon swapping has cooldown introduced. No more quick reloading a single shell
    - Monster behaviour is wrong. Monster infighting is cranked up for example.
    - You can hurt yourself by jumping and crouching mid air.
    - Fanatic and Cultist voices are mixed
    - You take fall damage with the boots *on*
    - You can be crushed while the crushing sectors are going up
    - Voodoo doll needs way better aiming than before
    - Wrong sprite for mid-air explosions
    - Caleb jumps more than intended
    - Caleb jumps further than intended when exiting water
    - Caleb is a bit taller and will auto crouch in sectors where he shouldn't
    - Reflective Shots is missing the sound echo effect
    - Reflective Shots doesn't display the bubble effect around the player
    - No hump sound when using walls
    - Some switches will only work once
    - Some ambush triggers will trigger more than once (double the the ambush, weee)
    - Chains in E2M4 swing synchronized
    - Stoned gargoyles use the full morph when awaken. Was Just 1-2 frames in 1.00, none later on.
    - Cheogh's eyes use the blue glow when firing
    - Saved games don't have a screenshot
    - Player won't look up when dead
    - Music volume slider doesn't affect CD Audio music (for me, for others does)
    - No Steam Workshop integration as of now
    - Gargoyle statutes won't budge, can't be "used" to be pushed, won't spill blood when shot
    - You can't slide under doors by crouching, this is a Speedrunning complete dealbreaker
    - Autoaim doesn't work like it should, it'll target monsters behind your current target at will
    - Some sounds sound muffled while others just right, with higher sampling rate (ie. Caleb's voice)
    - Screen doesn' even turn red many of the times you take damage
    - Misaligned textures where there shouldn't be
    - Addons don't work propertly. You'll get stuck soon in Death Wish for example
    - Multiplayer is a mess with disconnections, crashes...
    - Multiplayer lobbies won't show any info at all other than the player names
    - Multiplayer, the announcer will talk when you die, rather than when you kill
    - Multiplayer will feel laggy unless you are the host
    - Multiplayer, last breath is nowhere to be found
    - Multiplayer, sound positioning is awful, you'll hear lots of stuff without a clue from where
    - Multiplayer, No private games. Anyone can't join you game.

    And the list just goes on, and on, and on... This is a mess, this isn't Blood.