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  • Summary: Unlock the power of an ancient facility and face the ominous, all-seeing Creature in this unique pinball-inspired hack & slash.


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Creature In The Well: The First 10 Minutes Of Pinball Action
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  1. Sep 5, 2019
    Despite some of its flaws, the few hours you’ll spend with Creature of the Well will be some of the most satisfying you’ll spend in all of gaming in 2019.
  2. Sep 12, 2019
    As random as it sounds, combining robots, pinball, and hack and slash game play absolutely works. The Creature in the Well is by no means a casual game due to its difficulty, though the slow but steady ramping of skill required and the satisfaction of completing a dungeon section are more than enough to keep almost any gamer trying to beat just one more room.
  3. Sep 5, 2019
    Creature in the Well manages to inject the geometry-focused experience of pinball into the frenzied gameplay loop of a dungeon crawler to craft a unique puzzle action game. On occasion, the game's hands-off approach to conveying information is a hindrance, but the well-structured dungeons and monstrous antagonist more than make up for it--producing an engaging hack-and-slash experience that allows for satisfying experimentation.
  4. 78
    Creature in the Well is a hypnotic flipper ‘n’ slash with astonishing art design. A brilliant mix that explodes in pure arcade pleasure, despite its dungeon crawling being quite repetitive and little inspired.
  5. Sep 9, 2019
    Creature in the Well inovates in many ways, and has a great atmosphere. But the game is damn tough and will discourage many players.
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  1. Sep 5, 2019
    It’s dark, a little bit funny, and it delivers puzzles that are more satisfying to solve than defeating standard dungeon crawling monsters.
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  1. Sep 9, 2019
    - The dodge and swing mechanics feel fluid
    - The art style is great Mixed: - The upgrade system is extremely bland, but having a
    - The dodge and swing mechanics feel fluid
    - The art style is great

    - The upgrade system is extremely bland, but having a more complicated system would have probably been a hindrance to the rest of the game
    - The story has an interesting premise, but plays it very straight to the bitter end
    - A pinball hack and slash in a unique gimmick, but the random element that comes from hitting the ball around leads to countless frustrating moments
    - The way that camera flys around while traversing dungeons adds some more style to the game, but makes using the minimap very challenging at times

    - Very little ability to pull yourself out of a tight situation, as the dodge doesn't grant any invincibility (no clue if there is a hidden item that enables this)
    - The energy you collect throughout the game isn't finite and is retained between dungeons. Trying to solve your way through a tough puzzle can easily net you 50K energy without even trying, which allows you to skip entire stretches of dungeons and diminishes the challenge that some of these rooms may have
    - The respawn system doesn't make sense in the context of the game. If the creature is trying to kill you, why would it just place you outside to give the player another go at it??
    - Orange projectiles can go through walls, track for way too long, and interfere with puzzles in separate rooms; extremely frustrating when the only way to dispose of them is to use the balls
    - Capes are often a disappointing collectibles to find after solving a puzzle, as they only serve as cosmetic
    -The final encounter is chaotic (not in a particularly fun way) and the ending is lackluster