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  1. Positive: 55 out of 70
  2. Negative: 0 out of 70
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  1. 70
    Darksiders Genesis provides a short burst of demon-crunching carnage for hardcore fans of the franchise, but the overall experience is easily eclipsed by other, deeper, more engaging action-RPGs.
  2. 70
    Darksiders Genesis gets a lot right. It has plenty of personality and a dynamic, engaging action system. Its only real problem is that it has tackled a thematic challenge that it can't deliver - hell should not be dull, empty or repetitive, and yet this game fails on all fronts there. It's not entirely the developer's fault, in the sense that if they showed a truly creative vision of hell it would either offend or be too surreal for the kind of mainstream audience that it's pitched at, but perhaps developers need to better consider where they're setting their games in that case.
  3. Dec 11, 2019
    Darksiders: Genesis has a clear identity. It's not the most experimental game in the world, but it takes a variety of tried-and-tested systems and executes them with bravado and grace.
  4. Dec 4, 2019
    For those who want to continue knowing the bloody adventures of the four Riders of the Apocalypse, Darksiders Genesis is a must. On the other hand, if you're looking for the usual saga formula, it can be quite disappointing.
  5. Dec 4, 2019
    The challenging boss fights, engaging combat, and emphasis on co-op in Darksiders Genesis make it still worth checking out despite its technical hiccups. Fans of the Darksiders franchise worried that the game is too different from the others can rest easy knowing that Darksiders Genesis is a genuine Darksiders experience from start to finish.
  6. Dec 4, 2019
    For me, the new gameplay approach was interesting because I am also a big Diablo fan and was curious how the developers implement this in the Darksiders universe. The answer is: not very thoughtful.
  7. 70
    When it works, Darksiders Genesis is quite fun and entertaining. Unfortunately the game is plagued by many technical issues and some very questionable design choices that prevent to guarantee an enjoyable experience from start to finish.
  8. Dec 4, 2019
    Darksiders Genesis is a fun, but samey hack-and-slash romp. I've always admired the Darksiders franchise for jumping to different styles of play from game to game: Darksiders Genesis is its biggest jump yet, and one of its most successful. Though it feels understated, thanks to a pulled-out camera and a less flashy approach than the original three, it's a well-designed gauntlet of quick, mashy fights and light brain teasers. It's not going to set the world on fire, but it's all good fun.
  9. Dec 4, 2019
    Darksiders Genesis fails to take advantage of the series' strengths. Since Darksiders’ inception, fans have imagined what it might be like to team up as the different horsemen. Darksiders Genesis finally offers a co-op experience, but its offbeat design and forgettable story don't deliver on the fantasy.
  10. Dec 4, 2019
    Isometric Darksiders spin-off that does not do Strife any justice.
  11. Edge Magazine
    Jan 31, 2020
    While Genesis may already be fading from our memory, those looking for nothing more than 15 hours or so of punchy, demon-slaying action will no doubt have an appropriate response. It matters not. [Issue#342, p.110]
  12. Jan 16, 2020
    It’s not a horrible game per se, but there’s absolutely no reason to play it, even if you crave a co-op slasher.
  13. Dec 5, 2019
    Darksiders Genesis feels like a B game. There is nothing wrong with that and it also justifies the lower price. Yet we would have liked a little more balance and urgency.
  14. Dec 4, 2019
    Darksiders Genesis, assuming some of the technical limitations are ironed out, could be a fun co-op romp for ardent fans of the franchise. For those looking to try out something new, there are better co-op games, and better Darksiders games.
  15. Dec 4, 2019
    Darksiders Genesis is a completely mediocre, somewhat boring game. There is good entertainment for a few hours, but then the variation ends and it becomes very much the same enemies, the same level, the same mission and you do more or less the same thing for the rest of the game.
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  1. Dec 5, 2019
    Genesis may look like a departure, and it is in some ways. But at its core, it's the same old pleasures for this entirely pleasurable series, albeit with the odd new trick and delivered from a new perspective. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Dec 4, 2019
    Here's what I can say about Darksiders Genesis, the new game from Airship Syndicate: It's serviceable. Not great, but not bad.
  3. Dec 4, 2019
    Sure, I had some fun, but I was eventually bored by the constant combat and puzzles that felt like chores meant to break up the real action of the game.
  4. Genesis is so unashamedly mid-tier (and I don’t mean this pejoratively, it’s great to see this sort of budget project surfacing again), and so overflowing with proud mid-decade nostalgia, that it’s easy to overlook its annoyances.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 299 Ratings

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  1. Dec 5, 2019
    Для спин-оффа серии лучшего и пожелать нельзя, как впрочем нельзя было ожидать ничего другого от талантливой команды разработчиков, жду DLC кДля спин-оффа серии лучшего и пожелать нельзя, как впрочем нельзя было ожидать ничего другого от талантливой команды разработчиков, жду DLC к генезису и четвертую номерную часть. Full Review »
  2. Dec 14, 2019
    Mediocre Diablo knock off. That was my first thought having played 30 minutes of this game. There's a lack of polish. You seem unable toMediocre Diablo knock off. That was my first thought having played 30 minutes of this game. There's a lack of polish. You seem unable to manually adjust the camera angles which annoyingly auto adjusts in a way that often makes things harder not easier. Its not a small shortcoming when you are asked to climb walls, jump and pull levers, fly and more.

    Which is my second area of criticism. These game components are handled badly, its hard to do what should be straight forward tasks. Often you feel like this game is a keyboard and mouse killer as you have to mash and pound keys to get things done. Its imprecise and luck plays a big part.

    Additionally why is it when your character is obscured you get a blue outline but not one of the characters he's fighting?

    Its these shortcomings that rob this game of appeal and slow its pace, which is a real failing in what should be a fast paced scrolling D&D style game.

    On the upside the action is reasonable. Its has the right feel and the sets are nice. The banter between the two characters is good, as is the general story. Sound track is decent too.

    That said this one feels lackluster and I'm having a hard time getting into it. I guess I'm simply used to better.

    In short OK but not great. My advice as they tell you when the game starts get a game pad to plug into your PC or laptop. I think this would improve game play and will save your keyboard and mouse.
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  3. Dec 13, 2019
    DARKSIDERS GENESIS is a prequel to the series and sets up the stage for darksiders 1 plus we can finally play our boy strife

    story: the
    DARKSIDERS GENESIS is a prequel to the series and sets up the stage for darksiders 1 plus we can finally play our boy strife

    story: the council gives war and strife a task to defeat the demon lords that are posing a threat to humanity and with the help of some say friendly faces you start your adventure to save humanity


    the new diablo like game play is weird but a warm welcome to the series it brings something new to the table and still retains the hack and slash plus puzzle game play we know and love

    the commentary between strife and war really feels authentic and brings more character development to both of them as you get to know them more

    split screen and co op are a some what of a main feature although you can solo the game it is recommended to play it with another friend

    the art style really shines even if the camera angel is diablo like you can still notice all the small details and all the background stuff

    the horse riding is back after i complained about it in my darksiders 3 review and some maps are purposefully made for you to ride your horse as much as you can

    they brought back war with all the combos skills and stats he had at the first darksiders and some how made him even more bad ass

    the boss fights are unique creative and everyone of them is different plus every boss has his own area to fight them in

    the endgame in this game is mainly collecting hidden stuff doing secret puzzles and 100% the arena either than that there is nothing

    the game has somewhat of a replay value because you can play the game just for its game-play over and over


    some mini bosses are just super recycled to the point of the game even poking fun at that and at some point you can just shoot a red barrel and one shot them

    the map is total trash and barely even helps you navigate

    performance issues such as bugs frame drops and i even experienced 1 hard crash

    the way they made strife in this game felt like he is really weak yes you can switch bullet types and you have a powered up mode but it still felt like not enough and most of the time i played with war although i really wanted to play with my boy strife

    i finished the game after 12 hours which is really short and i really wished that the game would have been longer

    in conclusion the main reason they made this game is budget issues as the developer said but somehow the managed even with a low budget to pull it off and create an awesome solid game which brings me to the final score which is a 8 out of 10 it almost dropped to a 7 but the game is charming and i really do want to the support the studio who made it
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