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  1. Positive: 23 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
  1. Oct 4, 2021
    Ender Lilies is an emotional sidescroller RPG with a well-told compelling story, beautiful music & art, and solid gameplay. Its hauntingly beautiful style and satisfying world more than makes up for some slight combat blemishes, leaving a lasting impression as one of the most remarkable games of its kind.
  2. CD-Action
    Sep 1, 2021
    Ender Lilies is one of the best metroidvanias of recent years. What immediately caught my attention was its unusual combat system based on summoning spirits that attack your enemies, but I also enjoyed the dark, oneiric and slightly melancholic atmosphere of this beautiful, varied world. Hunting down bosses, discovering shortcuts, and a checkpoint system that resembles Dark Souls’ bonfires give Ender Lilies a distinct soulslike aftertaste. [09/2021, p.64]
  3. Aug 30, 2021
    Ender Lilies is a game that might not have any revolutionary mechanics, but its graphics, music, battles, exploration and worldbuilding all contribute to an experience that has more polish than almost any other game in the action RPG genre. While the leap in difficulty near the end can definitely be overwhelming, the beautiful graphics and stellar presentation provide multiple fantastic moments and heart-pounding fights you won’t forget any time soon.
  4. Jul 19, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a fantastic metroidvania. It doesn’t do anything to revolutionize the genre, but it does excel at creating at creating a memorable experience that follows the familiar metroidvania template while still being unique. The visual style and amazing soundtrack complement each other well, creating a sense of tranquility in a desolate and horrific world. The challenge hits that sweet spot where the difficulty is high but victory is never out of reach, learning the enemy behaviors and getting an understanding of the collected abilities will allows players who persist to see the story to its end. Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a must play for fans of the genre as it’s simply one of the best metroidvanias ever developed.
  5. Jul 6, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a very atmospheric game, full of feelings and emotions. It is beautifully terrifying and terribly beautiful, allowing players to admire the destroyed cathedral and crumbling statues, a decayed village, a flooded temple of magic and other charmingly gloomy locations.
  6. Jul 5, 2021
    Ender Lilies deserves to ascend to Metroidvania heaven and sits next to masterpieces like Hollow Knight, Dead Cells and Ori.
  7. Jul 4, 2021
    No matter how much inspiration it draws from Hollow Knight, Ender Lilies is the next big thing for metroidvanias.
  8. Jun 27, 2021
    A classic new metroidvania inspired by Hollow Knight. It brings nothing new in the genre, but it makes no errors resulting in a very solid game with well crafted and various mechanics. It will lead you for more than 25 hours through an interesting realm hiding a fine story in it. A gem that simply deserves a place in the Olympus of metroidvanias.
  9. Jun 23, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is that rare example of a game that melds classic game design with modern narrative sensibilities. It's at once a slice of platforming, exploration and combat that'll feel familiar to all, while also tacking mature themes with every beat. It's a treat to play, a sight to behold, and well worth your time.
  10. Jun 21, 2021
    Honestly, there’s very little I can complain about. ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is one of the best Metroidvanias I’ve played. Sure, it’s challenging, but also well balanced and fair. When you add stunning artwork, captivating music and a touching story, you have a winner.
  11. Jun 20, 2021
    Quietus of the Knights is, to sum up, a masterpiece of the metroidvania genre. Finesterra introduces one of the most memorable journeys of the year, giving us a decadent universe that is as tragic as beautiful and also with a fun, complex and precise gameplay. Definitely, a must-have not only for those who are fans of the genre, but also for those who are not as well as for anyone that wants to give themselves a true gift. It is an absolute recommendation.
  12. Jun 18, 2021
    Ender Lilies doesn't do anything particularly new or inventive, but it doesn't need to. This is a game that knows exactly what it is and what it's setting out to do. This is a fantastic Metroidvania that will scratch the itch of anyone looking to slowly peel away at the secrets of a huge game world, and it stays fun every step of the way, even if a few of those steps are on less surer footing when it comes to enemy variation or attack animation implementation.
  13. Jun 18, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a standout experience. From its speedy combat to its breathtaking visuals, there’s something for any action love fan. The minimal challenge may not mesh well with hardcore players, but exploring this dreary world is rewarding enough. The influences of this adventure only supplement its unique action systems, and very little stands in the way of its beauty.
  14. Aug 2, 2021
    ENDER LILLIES manages to mitigate my issues with the Metroidvania subgenre while surpassing any expectations I had thanks to its story, art, and gameplay. My time with it was so overwhelmingly positive that I found myself struggling to pinpoint things I didn’t like. To those (like myself) who found themselves enamored with Valkyrie Profile’s theater-of-tragedy style of storytelling, I highly recommend giving Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights a look. To all others, I’d highly recommend it as an incredibly strong action RPG platformer with breathtaking art, engaging gameplay, powerful writing, and an emotive soundtrack that is bound to leave its mark upon you.
  15. Jul 5, 2021
    An excellent Metroidvania game, that aptly combines the best elements of the genre with quite increased difficulty.
  16. Jun 23, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a classic and unique metroidvania with a delicate story, challenging combat and great art design.
  17. Jul 25, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a compelling, surprisingly charming little adventure. It may look dark and oppressive, but Lily is a likeable heroine.
  18. Jul 5, 2021
    Ender Lilies doesn’t revolutionize Metroid’s decades-old template, but that’s okay. It’s a well-made experience, and I had a great time pouring over two dozen hours into this adventure. The presentation rocks, the action is more rewarding than punishing, and its gothic world and lore are alluring. Ender Lilies is a great meat and potatoes experience, demonstrating that simply executing a familiar formula at a high level can be just as welcomed as reinventing the wheel.
  19. Jun 21, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights does have a few issues. Overall, though, it more than delivers thanks to vibrant visuals, top-notch Metroidvania platforming, and challenging Souls-like combat.
  20. Jul 6, 2021
    A hauntingly beautiful-in-motion Metroidvania seeped in death.
  21. Jul 20, 2021
    The game is an interesting mix between Souls-like and Metroidvania. The presentation is amazing, the graphics are just as great and it expertly manages to blur the border between 2D and 3D. It took us about 20 hours to beat the challenging, but always fair story.
  22. Jul 5, 2021
    With a rich and pleasant gameplay, a really neat artistic direction and a fairly well balanced challenge (a little less at the end of the adventure), Ender Lilies ticks all the boxes of the successful 2D action-RPG. There isn't much more to say, except that if you enjoyed Hollow Knight or Blasphemous, you are going to have a great time with the baby from Live Wire and Adglobe. Especially since the title has its twist, thanks to its mind system, which will allow you to recover new skills on the bosses beaten. Enough to forge your own style of play, within tortuous and increasingly challenging levels. In short, it's varied, inspired, rich with in addition a good lifespan. A very nice adventure.
  23. 80
    Although it doesn’t bring many new elements to the Metroidvania table, ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights kept me glued to my controller due to its gorgeous art style and its way of enticing players through exploration. The game is a bit of a contradiction – it’s relaxing yet challenging and damaged yet beautiful. Ultimately though, I very much enjoyed roaming the medieval fantasy world of Land’s End and seeing what spirits would join Lily and help her on her quest to cure The Blighted.
  24. Jul 29, 2021
    Ender Lilies features some truly captivating pieces. With its excellent soundtrack and captivating art style. However, the game falls flat in its execution. Making it a game that at times feels excellent and at others feels mundane.
  25. Jul 13, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus Of The Knights is a gorgeous and a fun to explore metroidvania, that sadly is dragged down by an awful map, limited equipment sets, and wonky difficulty balancing.
  26. Jun 23, 2021
    Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights‘ combat could still do with some work, not least because the animation is so gorgeous that limiting your physical attacks deprives the game of an extra dose of visual finesse. But this is still a magical outing that will have you hooked until the Blight is nothing but a bad memory.
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  1. Jun 28, 2021
    Ender Lilies has some flaws: their enemies repeats too much and its music too, but it has a sweet gameplay, good bosses and a so interesting world. If you love Metroidvanias, do not miss this one. [Recommended]
  2. Feb 4, 2021
    ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is a gorgeously haunting game, in both visuals and sounds. A few oddities in controls but overall a wonderful, tear-jerking and somewhat eerie experience. [Early Access Provisional Score = 90]
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 96 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 78 out of 96
  2. Negative: 11 out of 96
  1. Jun 23, 2021
    I made an account just to give this game a 10/10. Everything about this game is amazing, the music, setting, story, and atmosphere are allI made an account just to give this game a 10/10. Everything about this game is amazing, the music, setting, story, and atmosphere are all beautiful and give it so much charm and originality. The gameplay is not overly complex, you start with a basic attack and can dive to dodge attacks, which is fun to play with itself, but over the course of the game you get spirits which give new moves and its add so much variety. The difficulty is also just right; nothing seems unfair, and although it may take more than one try for bosses, you learn their patterns and slowly get better at it. Full Review »
  2. Jul 15, 2021
    The worst map i have ever seen on a metroidvania.
    Music is repetitive, always kind of the same melody, sound effects are bad too, everything
    The worst map i have ever seen on a metroidvania.
    Music is repetitive, always kind of the same melody, sound effects are bad too, everything sound so weak and floaty.
    Art is ok, but too dark, everything looks kind of the same.
    Combat is ok and obviously it takes a lot of gameplay things from Hollow Knight
    Full Review »
  3. Jul 2, 2021
    I don’t want to sound too harsh, as a Metroidvania glutton I enjoyed my time with Ender Lillies, at a time where a lot of us are eagerlyI don’t want to sound too harsh, as a Metroidvania glutton I enjoyed my time with Ender Lillies, at a time where a lot of us are eagerly awaiting Hollow Knight: Silksong, a game that attempts to do similar things fairly successfully is bound to be warmly received.

    From the start though, I’ve had this nagging feeling that this game was missing something and the reason it’s hard to pinpoint is that the devs are good enough that it’s almost never one major thing. The creators of Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knight, a title so generic it becomes offensive, understand what makes a Metroidvania work. If you go left at the start, as most Metroid fans are wont to do, you will be greeted with a locked door that will nag at you for 90% of the game and that exaltation you feel when you finally open it is exactly what the genre is all about. So if you are in the mood for a decent Metroidvania, read no further and go play Ender Lilies. If you are looking for the next Hollow Knight on the other hand, read on, or stay away from this game. So what makes a Hollow Knight so great? Maybe it depends on who you ask, but for me it’s a combination of true exploration, amazing level design and art direction, areas that feel different enough but part of a whole, great gameplay and combat; satisfying new abilities that make you want to immediately revisit previous areas. I could go on and on, but let’s focus on these for now. Ender Lilies never feels great, the areas are fine, but not memorable. It’s somewhat challenging but not consistently enough to give you a sense of accomplishment, the bosses are pretty good, but don’t feel especially inspired. There is also a readability problem where the fights become a sloppy combination of your flashy attacks and the bosses flashy attacks and you can’t tell when to dodge. The exploration is maybe the most problematic, because the game color codes the map, orange if completed and blue if you need to find something, there are also red dots on the sides if you need to find a new path. It’s helpful, but inelegant and also provides this checklist feel instead of the more refined and mysterious exploration of Hollow Knight. Another apt comparison would be the checklist nature of an Assassin’s Creed type open world map vs Breath of the Wild’s organic and explorative one. The game completely falls apart in the final section, a poisonous uninviting mess of an area that makes you reminisce fondly on Dark Souls’ Blighttown. It’s impossible not to take damage, and you are basically invited to rush through a rushed through environment instead of exploring it, an experience that mirrors development perhaps? It certainly feels that way. Ultimately the bottom line is that Ender Lilies is unoriginal, somewhat generic and if you’ve played Hollow Knight, Blasphemous, Salt and Sanctuary or a SoulsBorne you’ve played a far better version of what’s on offer here. That doesn’t mean the game is without merits, it’s competently made for the most part and will definitely scratch the Metroidvania itch if you are a fiend like me. 7.5/10
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