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  1. CD-Action
    Nov 15, 2021
    Here’s a proof that it’s possible to create an engaging game based mainly on dialogues (comparisons to Disco Elysium work in Gamedec’s favor, but there’s a lot less text to read here). Gamedec’s world is original and immersive, the investigations are interesting, the detective’s unique skill system works great and the deduction mechanic is brilliant. [11/2021, p.54]
  2. Sep 27, 2021
    Gamedec should be an essential play for fans of isometric, story-driven titles. The detective work is paced and executed in a way that makes you feel like you're actually solving crimes, rather than following scripted conversations. The environments are varied and interesting, and the music absolutely slaps. This is a title that deserves your time and attention.
  3. Sep 16, 2021
    Overall, Gamedec is an excellent attempt to do the impossible. Tabletop games are as popular as they are today because they can’t be replicated anywhere else, but Gamedec comes as close as possible to making it a reality. I felt like my choices truly mattered, and that’s not something that happens often in games. While some of the virtualias can feel a bit tedious, the overall narrative they serve makes the experience worth it.
  4. Sep 27, 2021
    The deduction mechanic reminds me a little bit of L.A. Noire but perhaps a bit more forgiving here. I found it to be a fun world to jump into and I can only imagine what it would be like as a real VR game. For the variety of game worlds you get to play in (to an extent)… it’s pretty good value for money and if you enjoy a good detective story and the chance to solve problems via deductions, this should be right up your dark alley.
  5. Sep 17, 2021
    Despite being a little rough around the edges, Anshar Studios' first RPG attempt in the cyberpunk world of Gamedec manages to hold its own against even AAA ventures in the genre.
  6. Sep 16, 2021
    A captivating detective narrative that fascinates with its unusual tech-noir setting and a myriad of ways to solve the game.
  7. Sep 27, 2021
    There’s a lot in Gamedec that’s praiseworthy. I love how the game constantly evolves based on decisions made throughout it, and the story itself developed into something truly memorable as it progressed. Those who want to play an engaging cyberpunk sci-fi RPG with an emphasis on decision-making may very well want to try Gamedec out, especially now that it is updated and more polished.
  8. Sep 16, 2021
    Gamedec was a nice surprise: a cyberpunk detective story with a progression system that rewards intuition and perseverance without holding the player's hand. The dense network of questions and answers, together with the different endings available, guarantees robust replayability.
  9. Nov 15, 2021
    Overall, Gamedec delivers on its premise. It's a fun and intriguing story with plenty of choices to make and cases to solve. It never gets remarkably deep in lore, world-building, or character development, but it pulls off the decision-driven storytelling quite well. The limited scope hurts the experience, though. Environment maps can be small and feel on rails even when they're not, and some cut corners distract from what is a thoroughly entertaining narrative experience.
  10. Oct 6, 2021
    Gamedec is one weird Polish gem that comes both unpolished (pun intended) and innovative and creative. It truly is a true role-playing game with great and interesting mechanics that incentivize player choice, although it suffers from various tiny gameplay design problems and lack of finishing touches that would make it a truly defining video game that can rival paragons of the genre like Disco Elysium.
  11. Sep 16, 2021
    Gamedec’s worlds are fascinating, albeit silent at times, and are made even more absorbing knowing there is a lingering feeling of dread in the air. It touches on some dark subject matter that makes for an interesting read and its branching narrative gives you multiple ways of enjoying the overarching story. Like a sci-fi novel, Gamedec requires your full attention otherwise you may get overwhelmed or bored of it before you turn the final page.
  12. Sep 16, 2021
    GameDec does right by the cyberpunk genre by using it as a backdrop to an excellent detective story. The series of virtual worlds makes for a diverse range of environments, filled with characters that all have their own unique characteristics and motivations. The lack of a fail state raises the stakes, and makes it important to learn the ins and outs of dialogue and deduction. Though some bugs and missing functionality can make it rough around the edges, GameDec is still an overall quite enjoyable experience.
  13. Oct 4, 2021
    Gamedec is very much focused on its setting, story and investigation-based gameplay, which are for the most part properly executed.
  14. Sep 17, 2021
    Give Gamedec a chance if you want to experience something different in the isometric RPG genre. This is an original cyberpunk creation, a well-constructed experiment that may not look or sound the best, but allows you to become engrossed in the story of a detective spending time on investigations inside video games. And that's pretty cool.
  15. Although Gamedec offers a beautiful detective adventure, it cannot fully assess the great potential it contains.
  16. Sep 23, 2021
    Gamedec seems to show exactly how far you can pare down a cRPG, stripping away some of the deeper mechanics to streamline a tabletop-inspired experience. Those new to the genre will enjoy this opportunity to get their feet wet, while established veterans will feel this virtual “one-shot” campaign was executed succinctly. If you love cyberpunk detective stories and want something that will absolutely suck you in for 10 – 20 hours, you can’t go wrong with Gamedec.
  17. Sep 17, 2021
    Gamedec has a lot of interesting ideas and mechanics, and its hardboiled- detective-in-the-22nd-century story is a great premise. Either the developers had ambitions beyond their ability to deliver, or maybe the game just needs a few more passes with the random orbital sander to smooth down the rough edges, but in its present state Gamedec’s flaws definitely detract from an otherwise intriguing experience.
  18. Sep 16, 2021
    Gamedec is a good and ingenious crpg. Unfortunately, despite being also a good cyberpunk detective story, there are sequences that feel underdeveloped and unpolished.
  19. Sep 20, 2021
    Embellished with pleasant graphics, the title of Anshar Studios offers an interesting story and a considerable amount of text. Unfortunately, all those nuances that would have made it more interesting are missing, such as a more intelligible progression system and the presence of secondary activities disconnected from the dialogues which instead represent the only backbone of the game.
  20. Oct 12, 2021
    I want to fully endorse Gamedec, and up to a certain point I do, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the radical shift in the game's focus. Up until then the investigations are mysterious and fun, telling a legitimately interesting tale. After it the game feels like it goes into hyperdrive, not stopping until the credits roll. If this universe is ever revisited, I would hope there would be more investigative stories and less weird color-coded mazes. As it stands then, Gamedec is best described as a promising title with uneven execution.
  21. Nov 5, 2021
    Gamedec certainly doesn’t lack ambition. Its setting is well thought-out and provides a rich tapestry to fall back on when the player’s actual interactions with the world come up a little wanting. While its aesthetics are great, a bit more attention was needed in the audio department, as music is generally only adequate and there are entire sections devoid of music altogether. Voice-overs are likewise notably absent. The all-important investigations struggle to gel during the game’s first half, and while the narrative eventually picks up a bit more, it’s clear there were some missed opportunities here. Overall, Gamedec presents a rich world that would be worth revisiting again, though perhaps with an extra layer of polish needed for its narrative.
  22. Sep 26, 2021
    The genre of Cyberpunk has been the “in” thing for a while now and I’m not sure why but it seems to get it right. It may be that the world is so complex and filled with so much grey within the black and white that games struggle with adding in the tiny touches that make Cyberpunk worlds really come alive. Gamedec has the lore, but it doesn’t go that extra step further to really incorporate it into the world. Gamedec doesn’t seem to know the benefits of the phrase “less is more” and instead of trusting in the beauty of the world it created, stuck its fingers into too many narrative pies. What is left is a pie full of so many ingredients that it’s hard to tell what the flavour of it actually is; it’s tasty and looks good, but you may be too full to go back for seconds.
  23. 60
    The VR focus allows for a portrayal of human ennui and general hopelessness on a large scale; here is a whole subculture of people running from an unfavorable reality, hoping to eke out a marginally better virtual existence even if the only way to access it is to buy the equipment and pay for a subscription. It’s a good setting that I would be curious to see more of, even if Gamedec’s initial exploration of it stumbles out of the gate and comes alarmingly close to a total faceplant.
  24. Sep 20, 2021
    Underneath stability problems and bugs lies one of the most ambitious games I’ve played, bringing a tabletop game level of choice to RPG enthusiasts. The rich story and excellent writing delivers in a huge way...if you can get the game to cooperate.
  25. Sep 17, 2021
    Gamedec is based on a neat idea, that in some ways similar to Beautiful Desolation, but the game sadly crumbles under its own ambitions.
  26. Sep 16, 2021
    Gamedec is half of a good RPG and falls far short of its tantalising premise.
  27. Sep 17, 2021
    Gamedec's ideas are interesting and so is its imagination. But what disappoints about the work of Anshar Studios is how the concepts were concretized and how ineffective the dialogues are - both in describing the world (the discovery of which will only be possible by reading dozens of codex documents), and in telling the characters and their emotions.
  28. Sep 16, 2021
    Even with some refreshing concepts related to investigations, Gamedec stumbles owing to uninteresting plot points, bland characterization, unclear systems, and pesky bugs.
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  1. Sep 21, 2021
    Gamedec is an RPG that is well worth exploring. Fleeing from combat, he focuses everything on the narrative and, thanks to his elaborate world-building and background, he has managed to hook me from the beginning. As a critic and lover of video games, many of the issues that Gamedec raises are tremendously interesting, frequently opening spaces for reflection on where we are heading as an industry. Few weak points, and those that exist are forgiven for the well-balanced nature of the rest. Something very cool within the RPG in isometric view. [Recommended]
  2. It's a pity, because Gamedec has brilliant ideas for subverting the banal cyberpunk formula. It explores the concept of metaverses through an invigorating, dynamic collage of virtual worlds, without relying on the usual signifiers of cyberpunk that its peers have drawn on to evoke scenes of excessive consumerism and exoticism. It captures the uncertainty and frustration of investigative work, sometimes forcing you to make decisions based on gut instincts alone, particularly in situations where information is scarce or when you don’t have the luxury of resources and time to unspool every narrative thread. It celebrates rare moments of joy that arise from making the right deductions, or whenever you see these threads weaving into a meticulous web of schemes and political chicanery.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 18 Ratings

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  1. Sep 17, 2021
    It is a very good RPG. I was waiting for this game since first demo, that was dropped in steam. After full walktrough i must say that its aIt is a very good RPG. I was waiting for this game since first demo, that was dropped in steam. After full walktrough i must say that its a solid 8, but only because of 2 reasons. First one is length. This story is pretty short (i will not go to spoilers), and the second is endings. They're kinda empty, because whatever you get, you will only see what decisions you made trough the game. so that was kinda disappointing.. 8/10 and its well deserved with awesome dialogues, Easter eggs, and characters Full Review »
  2. Sep 17, 2021
    Awesome RPG, great dialogs, super graphic and extra satisfying quests requiring moral choices. I'm from Poland, "Gamedec" book series is myAwesome RPG, great dialogs, super graphic and extra satisfying quests requiring moral choices. I'm from Poland, "Gamedec" book series is my favorite. Im really happy that more people all around the world will be able to read and play game based on "Gamedec" stories. Great job Anshar Studios and Marcin Przybyłek! Full Review »
  3. Sep 17, 2021
    I've always wanted a detective game this detailed. The game looks extremely beautiful with every detail, I wish the game time was longer.