Generally favorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 47
  2. Negative: 1 out of 47
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  1. This game will become the benchmark by which all such titles will be measured. The game’s AI is strong enough to present a challenge and the lack of base and harvest management is wonderfully refreshing.
  2. The multiplayer matches are very frenzied. Add to this first-rate production values thanks to excellent visuals and a compelling soundtrack and you have a winner.
  3. 91
    It leaves out what I, and many others, find annoying about the RTS genre - the base building. It lets you focus simply on the fighting and taking control of strategic points of the map...The best strategy game I've played in the past few years.
  4. 90
    The intense gameplay makes it one of the best strategy games we've played this year.
  5. Despite its stripped down gameplay, Ground Control finds a perfect balance between action and strategy. The result is a game that will appeal to explosion-addicted gamers and tactics fans alike.
  6. Basically, what all this goodness translates to is a fantastically well-balanced and tremendously fun fast-paced tactical RTS.
  7. Extremely visually appealing and mentally stimulating.
  8. A brilliant game. Even though at no point is the Terran Empire playable, the Virons and their unique melding technology (two units can be ‘melded’ together to create a different unit) makes up for this loss by adding a new level to the strategy.
  9. If you love a lot of real-time strategy in your real-time strategy games, then Ground Control II is for you. It’s a great looking game that delivers some exciting real-time strategy action for gamers who need a break from base-building and resource collecting.
  10. One of those RTS games that gives you enough to be familiar with it, but leaves enough extras and surprises to make it a unique and fantastic experience unlike other games in the same genre.
  11. 88
    I've had a blast playing Ground Control II: Operation Exodus. It's fast and fun and was certainly one of the most entertaining games that I've played in quite some weeks.
  12. While the lack of micromanagement may turn some off the game, the action packed style of play may entice a few more fans into the RTS genre.
  13. The workings of the game are more mature. Besides some minor annoyances, Exodus culminates into a solid real-time strategy title where the term 'real-time' is not a compromise for strategy.
  14. One of the best Real-time strategy games that I have played this year. Though it does not resemble it in any way, it’s the best since "Rise of Nations," and it’s the most entertaining, adrenal gland-blasting strategy game I’ve played since "Starcraft."
  15. The campaign is challenging without being cheap, and my units' behaviors never caused my mouse to get launched across the office. [Aug 2004, p.105]
  16. But every game has its weaknesses, and as far as the complete picture is concerned, Ground Control 2’s aren’t enough to excessively interfere with what is, whichever way you look at it, a very good game.
  17. Deliver[s] a stunning presentation coupled with solid gameplay and a lengthy campaign.
  18. PC Gamer
    Hardly revolutionary, but still a hell of a lot of fun. RTS fans should pick it up. [Sept 2004, p.64]
  19. A thrilling and beautiful RTS that sucks you into its world of war and carnage, shakes you up with its intensity, plot-twists and booming aural assaults, then spits you back out into reality as the end credits roll. It's by no means a masterpiece, but it is one of the most tactical, rewarding and entertaining RTS games money can currently buy.
  20. In no way ground breaking [but] it puts in a solid performance and its 3D sci-fi setting will be a welcome break for many from the now standard World War II setting.
  21. A snazzy tactical RTS that breathes some life into the genre without necessarily redefining it.
  22. While breaking absolutely zero new ground for its genre, Ground Control II’s single player gameplay is solid all around.
  23. A giant leap ahead in the series offering players realistic terrain and well balanced units without the need to micromanage every aspect of the game system.
  24. Eminently likeable; as moreish as chocolate kittens, more addictive than smack-sprinkled kebabs. All the key ingredients of an RTS are here: well-balanced varied units, interesting missions, a surprising plot.
  25. Offers a fantastic alternative to the traditional RTS formulae we have all trotted through a hundred times already. It delivers an extremely slick and complete package that should appeal to non-RTS fans as well as "C&C" veterans.
  26. Gorgeous eye candy strapped to a solid real time strategy game that should provide anyone with hours of good times hunting them nasty Terran Empire goons.
  27. 80
    Once you get the hang of the units (which takes an extra-long time) and the tricky camera, Ground Control II can be relentless, fast, and furious fun.
  28. Regardless of the often frantic pace, there’s bountiful strategic potential here, which should keep potential Sun Tzu’s happy.
  29. Massive Entertainment have once again upped the bar for RTS graphics, as Ground Control 2 is one of the most astonishingly gorgeous titles around at the moment.
  30. PC Gamer UK
    You can't help but get the impression that this was a sequel made out of obligation, rather than creative drive. [Apr 2006, p.95]
  31. The AI routines and its "wealth" of strategy elements are nothing to write home about, but the fun and dynamic mission design as well as its great looking maps and spectacular battle sequences will keep you glued to your screen while it lasts.
  32. The most impressive aspect of GC2 comes from its multiplayer capabilities. The support of drop-in gaming, which allows players to join in while games are already in session, completely changes the multiplayer dynamics around.
  33. Computer Gaming World
    A beautiful RTS with solid single- and multiplayer gameplay. What more can you ask for? [Oct 2004, p.76]
  34. 80
    While Operation Exodus is not without flaws, it offers modes and innovations you won't find in competing real-time strategy games and is a very refreshing take on the genre. It also looks gorgeous.
  35. Although I personally prefer to have myself a nice little base I can call home, with turret defenses tracking the moves of all my enemies before they even see my base, this was a nice step away from the norm.
  36. Its graphics are outstanding, and the interesting single-player campaign should provide a good basis for those looking to spend countless hours in its challenging multiplayer.
  37. The game play is engaging if you’re willing to work through some control issues. I only wish the multiplayer mode was better and more popular.
  38. What I didn’t love was the mediocre multiplayer component, which was purely a deathmatch fest with a single game mode.
  39. Ground Control II isn’t going to redefine the genre, but it’s a solid entry with a few interesting tweaks and innovations, making it good enough for any gamer looking for a fast-paced, story-driven, real-time strategy title.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 28 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 28
  2. Negative: 4 out of 28
  1. Daddy
    Jul 15, 2004
    Great game. Incredible graphics even on low-end machines. Love the dropship which breaks the defensive C&C generals rut, but having some Great game. Incredible graphics even on low-end machines. Love the dropship which breaks the defensive C&C generals rut, but having some elements of building would have given the gameplay a welcome change. Apart from this, and some annoyances with the camera angle over low terrain, this game is highly polished. Full Review »
  2. Feb 15, 2011
    The game is perfect, exellent story, good characters, lots of units and shooting, just perfect. Camera is great when you used to it, gameplayThe game is perfect, exellent story, good characters, lots of units and shooting, just perfect. Camera is great when you used to it, gameplay is 100% pure fun and best part of this game is story ....I will say no more, play it... Full Review »
  3. KennyC.
    Jul 14, 2004
    Ooooo... good game. Good gameplay, supa graphics. Had all but given up on RTS's until this came along. Bases-Smaces I say! All youOoooo... good game. Good gameplay, supa graphics. Had all but given up on RTS's until this came along. Bases-Smaces I say! All you exciting town planner types might miss the base building, not the rest of us though, just gets in the way of the real man battle action! Just wish I had broadband so I could play multiplayer. Full Review »