Description: Prepare for Battle. Ground Control II: Operation Exodus is a real-time 3D action strategy set in a distant and futuristic universe. The game mainly focuses on explosive combat missions where the player will control squads of infantry, tanks, artillery and helicopters as the story unfolds. [Vivendi Universal]


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Jun 23, 2004
  • Massive Entertainment
Publisher: VU Games


Joe Fricano
Written By: dialogue,story
Henrik Sebring
Written By
Chris Edgerly
Cast: Captain Jacob Angelus, Unit Feedback
Traci Lords
Cast: Dr. Alice McNeal
Charles Dennis
Cast: Major Grant, Unit Feedback
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
Cast: General War Hurst
Hank Jacobs
Cast: Sergeant Rho
S. Scott Bullock
Cast: Centurion Dracus
Brian George
Cast: Centurion Cezarus
Phil LaMarr
Cast: Hervon Dreznor
Ron Canada
Cast: Drahk'Mar Vicath
Steve Blum
Cast: G'Hall Vicath,K'Haunir Vicath,Unit Feedback
Jennifer Hale
Cast: Major Sarah Parker
Kath Soucie
Cast: Lt. LaCroix - Imperator Vlaana
John Melchior
Produced By: executive producer
Tim Ramage
Produced By: producer
Martin Walfisz
Produced By: executive producer
Ola Strandh
Sound: supervising sound designer
Sigtor Kildal
Animation: motion capture operator: Starbreeze