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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 53
  2. Negative: 2 out of 53
  1. 90
    One of the best movie adaptations of all time and an impressively original strategy game that manages to rival even the best action titles in terms of tension and adrenaline rush.
  2. Oct 8, 2019
    When it comes to movie and video game crossovers, most developers fail to capture the spirit of the movie’s characters while also bringing their own spin to the world. Bithell Games has managed to do both here, and if John Wick Hex is as close as we ever get to becoming John Wick, then it’s close enough for me.
  3. Oct 14, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a fantastic game. It combines real strategy in a gameplay that feels truly unique in the RTS genre. It really captures the world of John Wick and brings the character from the silver screen faithfully onto the PC. There is a fluidity to the combat, but one that falls ever so slightly short of the effortless slickness that we've come to love about the title character. Missing that trick takes a near perfect game to just a notch below, but puts it squarely in good company as a top game of the year.
  4. Oct 9, 2019
    As a fan of the movies and a fan of creative approaches to games, I've had my eye on John Wick Hex since the day it was announced. Its bizarre approach works satisfyingly well in the context of how John Wick would think in the same situations: risk versus reward, careful observation and planning, plays and counter-plays. It is a simple game to understand yet rewarding to attempt to master. It also makes a compelling case of how great movie-inspired games can be if developers really think outside of the box.
  5. Oct 10, 2019
    The decision to make Hex a strategy game was a smart choice, translating John’s famous precision and actions in a way that an FPS game simply couldn’t achieve. Whilst it’s a shame that Bithell Games couldn’t get Keanu Reeves on board with his co-stars, Hex proves to be a fun experience, one which challenges players but is never unfair in its difficulty. It’s a solid adaptation of the franchise and will leave fans satisfied.
  6. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is an exceptional licensed game, and a wonderful strategic shooter even away from that. It's the kind of game that's high quality and enjoyable, even if you are clueless about the John Wick movies themselves. The perfect kind of licensed game, that works as well as an introduction to the franchise as it does as an extension of it. Absolutely worth playing.
  7. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a nice, fun, and stylistic bite-sized adventure that's absolutely worth your time.
  8. Oct 8, 2019
    For an RRP of $20 USD, John Wick Hex is a no brainer. It’s a layered strategy game perfect for long sessions or short stints. As a bonus, it runs on my potato of a work PC too (albeit a bit choppily), so it’s perfect for a little lunchtime leisure.
  9. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a sharp-dressed, tactical, dog eat dog shooter that offers an unforgiving challenge with smart action and an authentic layer of style.
  10. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Feb 28, 2020
    John Wick Hex is not the action shooter you would expect from the film adaptation. But only because of its unique turn-based style, you really feel like a dreaded hitman who is determined to reach his goal. And that's a great feeling. [Issue#299]
  11. Nov 4, 2019
    John Wick Hex feels like an action flick starring a voiceless Keanu Reeves. It may not go as deep as the movies story-wise, but it's a great adaptation of a successful franchise. I admit that the first few hours were a bit frustrating since the game doesn't tell you to be careful with the bandages, but John Wick Hex is the kind of game that you want to keep playing even when it punishes your every mistake. I admire some of the design choices made by the developer, such as turning John Wick Hex into a strategy game rather than a pure top-down shooter. Even though it's far from being a perfect game, I had a lot of fun playing John Wick Hex.
  12. Oct 13, 2019
    It's incredible how a turn based strategy game could look like the fast paced John Wick movies. But in John Wick Hex you can understand how the mind of a top class killer works, without the risk of being shot.
  13. Oct 9, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a turn-based strategy game that breaks every rule and sets a new standard.
  14. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex has turn-based gameplay at a pace you’ve likely not experienced before, and it intricately balances its systems to give you a sense of being an expert hitman while also making it feel earned. It’s a slick and well-oiled game that succeeds in giving you a new, engrossing way to experience John Wick and its signature brand of chaotic action.
  15. Oct 8, 2019
    An excellent & innovative strategy game, and the best John Wick Simulator you're ever likely to experience.
  16. Oct 8, 2019
    Part action, part strategy, John Wick Hex is an incredibly challenging and highly stylized game that is both thrilling and infuriating at the same time.
  17. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is unlike anything you’ve played before. Something between a strategy game and Superhot, that works much better than you would expect. Give it a try.
  18. Oct 8, 2019
    Fun and entertaining, John Wick Hex hits the target and successfully transforms the hectic action of the movie saga in a brilliant boardgame-like strategic game with a great level design and an intriguing twist. The time management mechanic is crucial, intense and demanding, but quite fair and when dominated give a lot of satisfaction. Sometimes the difficulty curve is not well balanced and, overall, it lacks of the last touch to shine, but it's a solid good game, made with style and care.
  19. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is not what you would imagine in a cinematic universe, but it manages to turn around that action without filters to purify it and turn it into pure strategy by scheming Wick's mind in the video game.
  20. 80
    John Wick Hex is a surprise in a number of ways, but the biggest is how much it hits the mark in terms of conveying what it's like to be John Wick himself. While it falters in some key areas, the overall experience is a good one.
  21. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a movie tie-in that doesn’t go for the lowest common denominator. What could easily have been a generic real-time action game works wonderfully in this form—converting the pace of the movie action into a very elegant illusion of it. It works admirably despite the within this somewhat sparse presentation, and feels like an idea that the developer could evolve into something really special in the future—with or without the John Wick license.
  22. Oct 8, 2019
    The important thing is John Wick Hex has an abundance of intuitive and original ideas, and it’s fun and engaging to play. It’s certainly worth your time if you like strategy games, and if you also happen to be a fan of the films then that’s just the icing on the cake.
  23. Oct 8, 2019
    Despite those frustrations, I continually returned to John Wick Hex because the core mechanics are incredibly tight. Thanks to Hex’s clever time management systems I always felt one step ahead of my enemies and capable of constructing the kinds of sophisticated close-quarters gunfights that make the films so exciting. John Wick Hex might hit the same note over and over again, but it’s one incredible note.
  24. Oct 8, 2019
    Power through, and John Wick Hex can be incredibly satisfying though. That’s the flip side of the perennial difficulty argument. I’ve rarely felt more relieved than completing a segment of John Wick Hex on my last bullet and Wick’s last legs.
  25. Oct 8, 2019
    Much like the man himself, John Wick Hex is straight-ahead and unwavering. It sets out to do one thing - simulate the fights of the movies - and does so with consummate efficiency.
  26. Oct 8, 2019
    It's not a perfect game, but John Wick Hex still lives up to its premise and creates a new blueprint for how to adapt a film property. Hopefully, it does well enough for a sequel because I'm dying to step back into the shoes of John Wick.
  27. Oct 8, 2019
    A graceful dance of lead and fists through some lovely set pieces and a whole lot of unsuspecting thugs. Nurturing quick, adaptive thinking, John Wick Hex is an excellent distillation of the franchise.
  28. Oct 8, 2019
    Combining realtime and turn-based gameplay, John Wick Hex somehow manages to nail the feeling of the movies.
  29. May 13, 2020
    John Wick Hex seems mediocre at first glance, but after spending a few time on it, the game turns out to become interesting. Since it provides a surprisingly fresh experience that replicate the killer instinct from the movie series.
  30. Oct 15, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a clever tactical action game, with a very resounding aesthetic and sound.
  31. Oct 8, 2019
    Unfortunately, some technical uncertainties make the inexperience of the creative choices of the English studio and author much less effective, but the work remains a fresh and original idea both for shifts lovers and for more pure action, succeeding in each case to build a satisfying and balanced play structure.
  32. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex succeeds by building a uniquely time-based strategy framework but is pulled down by a lack of polish and repetitive elements along the way. If you can accept it’s rougher elements it’s well worth playing, but ultimately it could’ve used some additional development time to flesh everything out and really capture the flair of the Wick franchise.
  33. Nov 20, 2019
    John Wick Hex offers very good gameplay which focuses on tactics rather than action, which is a nice break from the movie, but the low budget has had profound effects on the graphics that feels like they're from an antique mobile game.
  34. Oct 15, 2019
    The way it approaches tactical battles, make John Wick Hex not only interesting, but quite unique. But it also starts to show the lack of diversity too soon.
  35. Oct 11, 2019
    Despite its punitive difficulty and the rigidity, John Wick Hex remains a good adaptation of the movies. Artistic direction and the way you go into action are enjoyable and the pleasure of having managed to get out of a critical situation is a real satisfaction.
  36. Oct 10, 2019
    Despite its weird approach, John Wick Hex shows it has well understand the character : you’re always trying to find the most optimized way to hit and kill. The game doesn’t evolve much more beyond that, though.
  37. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a fun tie-in that fall on depth and progression in mechanics, never managing to win the heart of the player.
  38. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a worthwhile playthrough for those with a fondness for turn-based strategy games or a desire for a challenge, but remains tough to recommend to those who only want another opportunity to spend time in the established world of John Wick.
  39. Oct 8, 2019
    The high random factor in the absolutely necessary restarts in each level, the somewhat too high degree of difficulty for my taste and the associated frustration factor makes from John Wick Hex not a bad, but also not a recommended game.
  40. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is the last form you might expect a John Wick game to take, but this unique, inventive puzzler kept my mind racing from beginning to end. While the gameplay and interesting story shed light on some important aspects of the film franchise, the sometimes punishing difficulty and surprising lack of focus on John Wick himself left me a little disappointed. This isn't a perfect video game adaptation of a film, but it's certainly the most original one I've ever played.
  41. Oct 11, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a game made for the franchise lovers. Since this is a minor production, there are pros and cons: there are indeed good gameplay and a good idea, but also a lack of progression and a feeling of repetition that makes you lose a little the desire to continue further.
  42. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a simple, smart tactics game but its distracting lack of polish often thwarts its attempt to distill the fast action of the movies into deliberate gameplay.
  43. Oct 14, 2019
    Fans of the film will certainly find things to like, but as you dig deeper into John Wick Hex, more and more of its flaws begin to surface. Bithell has always proven himself a creative game-maker, but he can't stick the landing on this one.
  44. Nov 22, 2019
    John Wick Hex does a lot of things right and has personality to spare. It can also be irritating — sometimes overwhelmingly so — but it kept me coming back for more, even after realizing that I probably won’t see the end credits anytime soon.
  45. Oct 18, 2019
    The gameplay in John Wick Hex definitely captures the essence of the impressive choreography seen in the movies, albeit with some caveats. Namely the animation variety is very restricted and, in some cases, seems a bit incomplete. Moreover, the abilities of John Wick are a bit limited and remain as such throughout the game. Nevertheless, it still remains a clever twist in the turn-based genre, by letting the action unfold simultaneously for both our character and the enemies, creating some quite challenging combat scenarios with unexpected depth to them.
  46. CD-Action
    Nov 25, 2019
    The janky animations of John Wick’s acrobatics spoil the whole movie-to-game experience. And to think that motion capture could have made it one of the most interesting games of this fall. [13/2019, p.65]
  47. Edge Magazine
    Nov 10, 2019
    It feels best when you're making snap decisions, the action moving along with a satisfying pop, pop, pop rhythm that echoes the films. [Issue#133, p.104]
  48. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a fun experience, but one that woefully fails to deliver on its premise. Nothing really demonstrates this more than the ability to play back each completed mission in real-time. The idea of watching all of your methodical, turn-based actions playing out in cinematic, gun-fu action is certainly tantalizing, but actually manifests as watching janky, eight-way movement alongside strange collision detection, limited animation and questionable camera angles.
  49. 55
    John Wick Hex's early pretence of fulfilling strategy gives way to a maddening trial and error experience that simply doesn't do the license justice.
  50. 50
    John Wick Hex tries to get you into the mind of an assassin. However, the execution falls flat, and it quickly devolves into a repetitive slog, with little content, polish, or much of that strategy the developers were aiming for.
  51. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex has a solid enough foundation, but it largely fails to build on its core concept. It's a one-dimensional tactics game that moves at a glacially slow pace and features few unique wrinkles. It offers a slightly deeper look at the lore, but otherwise it adds little to the burgeoning John Wick-verse.
  52. Oct 8, 2019
    It's a near-miss from John Wick Hex, then, but it's got heart, and I'm gutted this gamble didn't work out.
  53. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex plays like a top-down Superhot and isn't nearly as entertaining as the films it's based on, but delivers an equally high body count.
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  1. Oct 8, 2019
    Great if you like tough tactical games; a harder sell if you're merely a fan of the films.
  2. Oct 8, 2019
    Stylish cinematic super-violence is transformed into smart temporal puzzles. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  3. Oct 15, 2019
    Overall, the game's solid. It's pretty, it's fun, but it's not without issues. In other words, it's worth the $20 you'll pay for it, but not much more.
  4. Oct 8, 2019
    A normal shooter game wouldn't really do John Wick justice. John Wick Hex captures the kind of tactical thinking that the Keanu Reeves action hero requires to be the deadly boogieman he's known to be, and also works as a fun and inventive puzzle/action game.
  5. Oct 8, 2019
    Generally, the gameplay works beautifully.
  6. I had a great time with John Wick Hex. It tiptoes the line between tactics and puzzler in an engaging way, has a ton of character, and feels exactly as minimal as it needs to be: you pick up a working vocabulary of Wickensian tricks, just in time to be tested on them. Its slip-ups tend to just make it more charming, while most repetition can be offset by going for challenges that ask you to play quicker and smarter.
  7. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex is a smart take on the franchise in many ways, and it might well click for you more than it did for me. (If it does, I’m not saying you’re cut out to be an assassin, just to be clear.) But while I respect its substance, I came away wishing for a little more style.
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  1. Oct 8, 2019
    John Wick Hex has the bones of a good turn-based strategy buried somewhere in there, but it just feels half baked in a whole host of ways. TheJohn Wick Hex has the bones of a good turn-based strategy buried somewhere in there, but it just feels half baked in a whole host of ways. The UI is misleading and can be downright frustrating to use at times, with weird oversights like using ammunition having the exact same visual effect as losing health. Frequently, your ability to click on things will be blocked for seemingly no reason, leading to a lot of camera finagling and irritating, avoidable misclicks. The camera as a whole is just bad, with your only option of rotation being left and right. Zooming in and out slightly alters the vertical perspective of the camera, with zooming in all the way offering a marginally more flat view and zooming out completely being almost completely top-down. This camera system causes a lot of unnecessary frustration because it makes trying to figure out what counts as cover, what constitutes line of sight and what can be ducked behind an inexact science at best and an exercise in futility at worst. Adding to that annoyance is the fact that enemies will pretty frequently shoot you through cover that you just manage to make it behind, leaving a bullet trail straight through the cover you made it to, because accuracy isn't static or primarily determined by line of sight. Your ability to hit shots, and the ability of your enemies, is random, skewed slightly by things like distance and stance. This is a bad move for a turn-based strategy for obvious reasons, but far worse is random enemy placement and type. You're guaranteed the same number of enemies in any given level, and a set number of those are bigger variants of the standard enemies, but the placement and type of all the standard enemies is randomized, meaning that you can come into a level at a major disadvantage because you're being rushed by a half dozen melee enemies, with one ranged enemy at the back that can fire straight through his allies to hit you, because friendly fire isn't a mechanic. I'd imagine this is intended to allow a more reactive style of gameplay, but this puts a lot of potential for planning and, well, strategy out the window. On top of this is the poorly implemented timeline mechanic, where the idea is that you can see the next moves of your enemies and plan ahead accordingly, but all it shows you is the action they're currently in the middle of when it's time to make your next move. Enemies act somewhat predictably but sometimes they wait and reposition at odd times and sometimes enemies you haven't seen yet will come out of the woodwork during a longer action to interrupt you, and it all just contributes to an overarching feeling of not having enough information to plan any cogent course of action.

    John Wick Hex could be decent, but it's bogged down by too many design oversights and issues of clarity in its mechanics to work. It's in a bad enough state right now that I don't think it'll get anywhere good unless it's worked on consistently for a few months. Until then, give this one a miss.
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  2. Oct 9, 2019
    This game is really really boring. The animation looks like you are a marionette puppet. It really it just laughable.
  3. Oct 10, 2019
    One question : What the **** ????
    This has to be the worst movie character based game EVER !
    What the hell is wrong with the people who gave
    One question : What the **** ????
    This has to be the worst movie character based game EVER !
    What the hell is wrong with the people who gave the rights to the devs that made the game ???
    John Wick needs to be a proper third person shooter, not some click to kill game !
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