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  1. Sep 13, 2021
    Madden 22 takes some leaps in certain modes such as Franchise, but takes some gigantic steps backward or maintains inconsistent levels of gameplay in others. While Face of the Franchise loses much of its “underdog story” vibe, Franchise has taken steps forward, while for every MUT improvement, there’s a new on-the-field annoyance. Another year stuck in place, then, but there’s still fun to be had for those looking to score plenty of in-game touchdowns – just don’t expect any huge yardage gains for the franchise as a whole here.
  2. Aug 29, 2021
    If we have to compare Madden NFL 22 to one of the two quarterbacks on its cover, the latter is more Tom Brady than Patrick Mahomes: he becomes thinner and more complete over time, but still idles like his last years. The game is running out of steam from a technical point of view, and the difference between the next-gen and the PS4 / ONE versions is not so obvious on the visual, especially as the online and solo bugs are still also common. On the other hand, Madden does not fall into the trap that made Opus 21 a failure, namely to give a second youth to Franchise and Career modes via cool additions (Momentums, coaching staff talent tree ... ). For the rest, we will wait for the real "slap" episode that the new generation of consoles deserves in the years to come.
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  1. Aug 22, 2021
    Madden came out on MS-DOS in 1988, PC's for the most part are more powerful than this game or any features EA puts in it. what I am gettingMadden came out on MS-DOS in 1988, PC's for the most part are more powerful than this game or any features EA puts in it. what I am getting at is Next gen graphics, star-driven ai and gameday atmospheres. These features were once again left out of the PC version, EA did NOT even change Super Bowl or Pre-game presentations. Add this together with the broken gameplay and countless bugs that plague this years version and you get a royal turd. This game is not worth the 60.00 price tag EA puts on it, even with the coach skill tree they added to franchise mode, that mind you actually has no effect on your game play! DONT BUY AT FULL PRICE OR AT ALL IF YOU CAN HELP IT! Full Review »
  2. Aug 21, 2021
    Not enough changes from the last series. Madden needs more competition to make it better. Dont buy this game.
  3. Aug 26, 2021
    I got the EA Play Pro subscription for this and about 6 other games on the service. I started play on the 12th and have 54 hours in.

    I got the EA Play Pro subscription for this and about 6 other games on the service. I started play on the 12th and have 54 hours in.

    The bad:
    - I get a lockup every 1-2 hours, typically. Since updating my drivers it is a lot closer to 75 minutes. I had 3 games freeze when I won and the game ended. I have had two freezes buying packs. A great many loading challenges and games. I would say that I am throwing away 5-8% of my game time every day due to these freezes.

    - The game is very scripted. I will give a couple particularly severe cases.
    --- 4th game of the 4 game solo option. I take the lead and the first half is good but close. The second half everything broke. I threw 6 interceptions in 7 passes. and fumbled the ball away inside the opposing 5-yard line. My reward went 1K coins / 1 gold pack (5K value) to 1K coins and 3 silver packs (1.5K total value).
    --- Today I played a snow game and score the opening touchdown. Playing a normal defense I see a pass go over the middle and both safeties are where the corner backs should be. 75-.yard touchdown and a tie game. I manage to take a 14 point lead with 1:56 to go. The computer only threw one pass during its drive's, between my 2nd and 3rd scores and it was incomplete. This time it throws an almost identical pass with the same result as the earlier touchdown. On the onside kick I set down the controller and the player it is kicked at runs away from the ball. Needless to say I was livid that the cheating is so blatant. One pass later and its a tie game. This time it was 56 yards against a prevent defense and no one was close to the receiver. I did win in overtime as I got the ball first, but this should never have been needed.

    - The animations and results of plays are often completely wrong. I needed 2 yards to hit 75 for a star in a challenge and I got one when it looked like I got at least 3. The next play I get the 200 offense total and the challenge is over. I had to replay it.

    - The ball and players in contact with other players sometimes are not really down.
    --- Example, I had a player get tackled and role over two defenders for an extra 3-4 yards which got a first down on a 3rd or 4th down play.
    --- Where it looks like the player went down is often 2-3 yards off from the actual result.

    - Just plain stupid stuff happens. I had the computer through a ball into the end zone and it gets knocked down by my defender. You then see about 5 people kicking the ball around and trying to pick it up like it was a fumble. Then one of my defenders kicks the ball a few feet into the air right to an opposing receiver which gets a touchdown.

    - Opposing players almost never drop a pass if playing at the two higher difficulties. I had a challenge I played dozens of times as my drop rate was 70-80% as the announces kept saying the receiver dropped the pass.

    - There is a two-pass for touchdown challenge that I threw an interception on the second pass my first 11 attempts. Some of the challenges are so scripted that getting a required sack or getting an interception when the pass is contested is all but guaranteed.

    The good:
    - If you play MUT there are tons of challenges. This is the main reason I got the game. I do play regular seasons though.

    - Lots of play options, although the one's you get presented sometimes are totally wrong for the situation. This causes you to have to find the right type of play by picking the formation or one of the other grouping options for plays. When time is critical it is very noticeable. I want at least one pass play that goes over the middle when inside the 5-yard line and not all outside one's as those are high risk for a pick 6.

    - The Yard can be really fun because it is on odd way to play the game that adds variety.


    Dropped rating from a 3 to a 2 after the following happened in a challenge. Keep in mind this is not a high difficulty and my team probably has a 10-15 rating advantage just about all the way around. Also, this was over many attempts to win the challenge.

    2 passes that were 10-20 yards that beat a 3 safety prevent, in the same game. Every safety was much closer to the line of scrimmage than when they started. Another pass where the receiver shed half my defense after the catch and got a touchdown.
    12 incompletes inside the 5 yard line with almost none anywhere else. This happened in 3 games, 4 passes each, and would have given me 4 stars.
    3 catches in the end zone not getting a touchdown. Twice, the receiver (TE) caught and then ran out from 1-2 yards in. The other time, a WR caught the ball a couple yards in and got popped out by the defense and then tackled.
    Giving up a first down on many 3rd, or 4th, downs with 16+ yards to go.
    WR not blocking during a play. I threw a screen pass and just needed one more block and the receiver 7-8 yards down field is walking back to the line of scrimmage and just lets the defender hit me.
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