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    My Friend Pedro is a sequence of short, intense levels which morally oblige the exasperated spectacle, exciting like few other run ‘n’ guns. Then There is a whole outline of apathetic environmental puzzles, bizarre situations and an aesthetic between the chilling and the anonymous.
  2. Jul 5, 2019
    My Friend Pedro is ultimately a very fun, single-minded action game that can truly give the sense that we take part in some over-the-top action movie scenes. We could do without the overuse of the platform sequences towards the end, which reduce the frenetic gunfight rhythm a bit, but nevertheless it’s an especially entertaining rollercoaster of gunfight, arcade spectacle.
  3. Jun 20, 2019
    The GIF generator’s feature is probably a good summary of what My Friend Pedro truely is: a vast collection of cool ultra-dynamic short sequences. But between these sequences, there’s nothing more, really.
  4. Jun 20, 2019
    My Friend Pedro is a crazy, violent and sometimes downright weird score attack title.
  5. Jun 20, 2019
    It isn't consistently exhilarating throughout the entire campaign, but My Friend Pedro is worth playing because it’s full of moments where you can jump down a shaft and shoot in two directions in slow motion, or kill an enemy by kicking the skateboard you’re riding into their face.
  6. Jun 21, 2019
    Even though My Friend Pedro falters when it strays the furthest from the action-movie ideal of its premise most of the time you’re still a stone-cold killer with a suite of guns and a knack for shooting at bad dudes whilst upside down spinning in mid-air.
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  1. My Friend Pedro does let you realise the fantasy of conducting a bullet symphony while hanging upside down from a zipline, but like most fantasies, it doesn’t survive past the initial rush of blood to the head.
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  1. Jun 20, 2019
    Forgive me for this really, really strained metaphor: My Friend Pedro is like eating a banana that's starting to rot as you're eating it. It'sForgive me for this really, really strained metaphor: My Friend Pedro is like eating a banana that's starting to rot as you're eating it. It's still a really good banana when you start, and the general core of the banana is still there but it starts to taste not as good. TLDR; I still recommend it, but it's not as good in the second half which focuses more on platforming than shooting and has a suddenly turn towards making jokes about gaming and the internet.

    The game's opening hour and a half (out of around three) are incredible. First, the game shows it understands how to introduce mechanics and then really play around with them. But unlike a game like Mario, where it's simply an obstacle to get around, it is instead another way to either kill your opponents or prevent them from killing you, expanding your arsenal against mobsters, hitmen, gamers and "Internet Service Protectors" (I'll get to that). Once you make your way through the first section of the game, you're then dropped into what is essentially a series of gauntlets that ask you to really go all out in pulling off some amazing feats.

    This is helped by the controls. They're simple, and while finicky at times, let you really move around the stage. Jumping through the air, pirouetting in order to avoid enemy fire, before firing at two enemies at the same time sounds like it should be complex, but it's quite the opposite. Kicking things, while tough to line up, is also easy to do. You have to really learn how to use everything to your advantage, but the rewards for doing so are wonderful.

    Then the game decides to start turning its hand towards platforming. Now, for maybe one area this would be fine (and the justification for the more gamey style platforming challenges is a fair one), but the developer seemed to forget that the reason I was playing this game was to kill enemies. It'd be fine if it was woven into the shooting, but it does not feel like it is. So levels from the middle section onwards have chunks where you're spending more time solving small disconnected platforming puzzles than actually fighting mooks.

    Speaking of mooks, while the game does have a silly streak (Pedro being the main source of it), the halfway point suddenly marks a drastic change in tone. You go from a world that seems like a stylised version of our reality to an outright absurd one where hardcore gamers are living in the sewers and The Internet is a physical place that appears to have control over the world. You go from fighting mobsters in tracksuits and hitmen attending their annual Christmas party to fighting gamers dressed as knights and what basically amount to internet police. It goes from a gleeful but still somewhat grounded action romp to a story that seems to have stopped taking itself seriously and was dangerously erring on the side of meta. I was obviously not expecting anything groundbreaking from the story, but what I got was very underwhelming even for the standards of this kind of game. (Of note is the ending which left a lot to be desired, although the boss fights before it are actually pretty good.)

    It still has its incredible highs though. And because of said highs I recommend playing it. But be wary that it'll start to lose steam once you reach the halfway point.
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  2. Jun 20, 2019
    One of the best games in this year. You should play to experience its gameplay with its story's geek
  3. Jun 21, 2019
    Max Payne but 2d.
    I r8 10/10 goty nothing can top this
    But seriously the soundtrack is amazing and the gameplay was very enjoyable and unique.