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Summary: Enter the dark military side of the Star Wars universe as a squad leader of a Republic Special Operations unit. You are a Republic Commando. You must infiltrate deep behind enemy lines and lead your elite team on precision operations – lurking in the shadows, striking at will...Explore the military side of the Star Wars universe like never before.Explore eight diverse environments including the hostile surface and subterranean setting of the planet Geonosis, the massive machine-like interiors of a Separatist Core Ship, a disabled and overrun Republic Assault Ship and the lower jungles and tree cities of the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk, while you take on special operations that feature hostage rescue, infiltration/data retrieval, assassination, assault, sabotage and reconnaissance objectives. Access to more than twelve authentic weapons including the primary Republic Commando firearm, the DC-17m and secondary weapon the DC-15s Blaster Pistol, as well as enemy weapons such as the Trandoshan Slaver Shotgun and Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon. Innovative squad combat utilizing intuitive and accessible "smart squad" command system featuring squad markers and stances. Challenging combat with enemies that include Trade Federation Super Battle Droids and Droidekas, Geonosian Warriors and Elites, and Trandoshan Slavers and Mercenaries. Multi-player capabilities including deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag. [LucasArts]
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Rating: T
Developer: LucasArts
Genre(s): Action, Shooter, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Number of Players:1-4 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore Violence
Offline Modes:Competitive Team Oriented
Connectivity:Broadband Only Live Aware Online System Link
Online Modes:Competitive Team Oriented
Number of Online Players:16 Players Online
Cast Credit
John Williams Star Wars Music
Morgan Hastings Environment Art
David Bogan Lead Animation
Rebecca Perez Animation
Julian Kwasneski Sound Design
Tim Longo Director
Jesse Moore Level Design
Matt McManus Multiplayer Level Team, Design
Michelle Hinners Senior Engineer
George Ruof Weapons Engineer
Kevin Schmitt Lead Level Design
Paul Murphy Character Art
Richard Sun Multiplayer Programmer
Richard Sun UI And International Engineer
Daron Stinnett Executive Producer
Greg Land Lead Level Design
Temuera Morrison Voice: Delta Three-Eight
John A. Hancock Core AI And Squad Engineer
Jason Ethington Environment Art
Paul Pierce Senior UI Art
Patrick Sirk Senior Environment Art
Carl Wattenberg Environment Art
Nathan Martz Physics And Enemy AI Engineer
Jeremie Talbot Lead Character Technical Art
Chris Gripeos Engine Engineer
Chris Voy In-Game Briefings
John Drake Level Design
June Park Level Design
Thao Le Environment Art
Francis Hsu Art
Loren Cox Animation
Loren Cox In-Game Briefings
Ryan Hood Senior Animation
Brett Schulz Animation
Nicholas Harter Technical Art
Jesse Harlin Music Composition
Greg Knight Senior Art
David W. Collins Voice: 62republic Voices, Trandoshans, Clone Trooper Sergeant
David W. Collins Voice: 62republic Voices, Trandoshans, Clone Trooper Sergeant
Steve Matulac Producer
Matt Fillbrandt Associate Producer
Alison Gaiser Production Assistant
Moira Knowlan Production Assistant
Brett J. Douville Lead Engineer
Scott Peter Lead Engine Engineer
Christian Lassonde Lead Multiplayer Engineer
Jenny Huang Weapons Engineer
Steve Dykes UI And International Engineer
Tim Ramsay Senior/Graphics Engineer
Greg Sarjeant Senior Level Design
Harley Baldwin Senior Level Design
Jeffrey Sondin-Kung Balancing Level Design
Reed Knight Senior Level Design
Troy Mashburn Senior Level Design
Brenton Corns Multiplayer Level Team, Art
Shawn Schmitt Multiplayer Level Team, Art
Michael Mussellam FX
Senior Character Art
Thitikun Vorachart Art
Adam Piper In-Game Briefings
Adam Piper Technical Director
David Dawson Lead Environment Art
Dan Colon Environment Art
Ric Liu In-Game Briefings
David W. Collings Lead Sound Design
Andrew Cheney Sound Design
Jim Diaz Additional Music Editing
Jared Emmerson-Johnson Additional Music Editing
Ben Burtt Original Star Wars Sound Effects
Tom Kane Voice: Yoda
Chris Williams Lead Art
Chris Williams Producer
Raphael Sbarge Voice: Delta
Chris Williams Lead Art
Chris Williams Producer
Ben Burtt Original Star Wars Sound Effects
Tom Kane Voice: Yoda
Raphael Sbarge Voice: Delta
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