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  1. Mar 12, 2018
    Tangledeep constitutes a safe bet in the roguelike dungeon crawler subgenre, thanks to its combat and class systems, as well as a beautiful retro art style and a rather surprising soundtrack. However, it is also pretty conservative, and packs some problems that impact the general rhythm of the game.
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  1. Aug 19, 2018
    That's how I would describe Tangledeep if I'd have only one word to do it.
    This game is simply perfect to have a relax after a
    That's how I would describe Tangledeep if I'd have only one word to do it.

    This game is simply perfect to have a relax after a productive working day, after gym or - after another game.

    Tangledeep is a beautiful mix of Roguelike and RPG, made in absolutely charming oldschool JPRG style, accompanied by chill and relaxing soundtrack inspired by 8bit console games music. Just in case if you're new to what roguelike genre is - it's usually a dungeoun crawler with procedurally generated levels, turn-based combat and permadeath - meaning the game is all about how FAR you can progress in it. But Tangledeep is mindfully adding RPG elements to this setup, which is actually a great combination, making it's several times more interesting and giving much more variety to classes.

    What is also making Tangledeep great can be described by one more simple world - comfrortable.
    First of all, the game is just...kind. Even during pre-combat dialogues with bosses, game is avoding words like "kill", for example, bringing up the conversation but carefully saving you from real violence vibes and still keeping your perception in these chill and relaxing JRPG atmosphere. You can anytime open a town portal and then return back to the same place you teleported from. Even if/when you will suddenly fail in you walkthrough when reaching some really hard level or boss encounter and have to start over, it's not destroying your mood - because everytihng in game is made in such a way that you're taking it really easy.

    Game will be as much hard and challenging (or easy and casual) as YOU want it. Don't like the permadeath feature and want just to respawn in village after you hero is defeated? No problems, choose between 3 difficulty levels. But that's not an end!
    Game allows you to tweak itself as much as it's ever possible.
    Want to make game easier to just relax and play it for progress and character building? Turn on passive health, stamina and energy regeneration out of combat and remove penalty from your pets.
    But maybe you're a real hardcore fan and want to turn this game into an absolute challenge? Easy! Give HP regeneration to monsters, power-up them with unique abilities, enable friendly fire, increase cooldown of healing items and so on.

    Behind the very cozy control of game diccifulty, relaxing atmosphere and overall simplicity, Tangledeep is comprehensive in meaning of gameplay itself - classes and possible builds, replayability and so on.
    It has 12 classes (called "professions") for any taste and playstyle - 9 basic classes are avaiable from the beginning and 3 secret classes you can unlock later. Everything from classic RPG system - from rogue and summoner to paladin and necromancer.
    Each profession have unique passive tier bonuses in addition to class skills.
    Attributes system is classic and clear - core attribtues affecting you combat or magic abilities and tenacity, resistances and elemental parameters which are affecting corresponding element resistance and bonus damage.
    In addition to all of these stats, you can also choose various FEATS which are passive bonuses of absolutely various purposes, from more HP or better combat movement to bigger treasure finding chance and food effectiveness.
    Besides this, game is gradually introducing you new features like:

    - Cooking, where you can make a meal actaully from almost absolutely everything, often resulting in really fun or weird food with even more funny description.
    - Pandora boxes, a double-edged treasure that improves the loot quality but slightly increases the monsters strength with each box opened.
    - You can tame or buy wide variety of pets to aid you in battle and even cross the spieces and growing a new pet type.
    - Smithing services where you can use your gems and steel to produce a new artifacts, and so on.

    You can improve you classes with additional mixes of feats, weapon masteries and enchanted gear combinations and you can even make multiprofessions, taking a new profession in addition to your current (that will make you to lose your expirience, but keep the skills and tier bonuses) in order to make some really unique hybrid class. Want to be a summoner paladin? Assassin necromancer? Ranger monk? You can have that! Summarizing all said before - behind the simplicity and easy-to-get-in gameplay, Tangledeep is allowing you wide character builds capabilities and great replayability.

    Indie review gives Tangledeep 8.5 out of ten - just because, in my personal opinion, music, while being great, could possible be a bit more varietive and the controls, while being absolutely fine, can be polished a bit to be more responsive. Also it would be great if secondary skills like crafting could be expanded as well. If you like at least one of roguelike and/or RPG genre, if you missed old good JPRG atmosphere and if you want the game to bring you only positive emotions even during challenging gameplay - Tangledeep is what you should try.
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