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  1. Reminded me of something that would be seen in a Heavy Metal comic (which I am still a big fan of, by the way) or in one of the animated movies … so those of you who are fans of the publication will no doubt enjoy the overall presentation of the game.
  2. PC Gamer
    The Gladiators trades in bumpkin-building for fast-paced and hilarious arena combat... An eminently chewable bit of bubble-gum entertainment. [Mar 2003, p.94]
  3. Other than the weak AI moments and the sometimes annoying aspect of aiming, The Gladiators: Galactic Circus Games is enjoyable, challenging, and often full of pleasant surprises.
  4. While a great number of real-time strategy games are currently demonstrating a great level of technical accomplishment, seldom do they rise to the level of vigor demonstrated here.
  5. Gladiators is fun. It’s not deep, nor complex. It’s not particularly long. But, the game can be challenging and it moves at a blistering pace from the very beginning.
  6. 75
    A pretty hit and miss title that could have used a professional writer, AI programmer, and a little more thought.
  7. 74
    The Gladiators isn't a bad game. Indeed, it's quite challenging and entertaining in many regards. However, just that like the B-movies that were its inspirations, that's all it is.
  8. An action-focused, arcade-like strategy game that can provide some frantic gaming fun. However, a lack of depth makes it wear thin after a bit and hurts its long-term appeal.
  9. Technical problems and frustrating difficulty levels mar an otherwise solid game.
  10. Computer Games Magazine
    The Gladiators means well, but in the end, it exists only as chewing gum for the eyes and should be factored into any gaming budget or scheduled accordingly. [May 2003, p.80]
  11. 60
    Once the initial thrill of playing such a violent and visceral strategy game has worn off, you're left with an RTS without most of the things that make RTS games entertaining, like planning, economic balancing, and developing your base.
  12. Computer Gaming World
    Any excitement that might have been generated by the explosions and mayhem cannot hope to compete with the boredom of constant reloads, or the aggravation of hearing the same "witty" banter for the fifth time. [June 2003, p.86]
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  1. Jok`RdeMo
    Feb 27, 2003
    Just an arcade. nothing more. except the thing that it eats all your computer resources. why? I dont know graphics is not so perfect. I was Just an arcade. nothing more. except the thing that it eats all your computer resources. why? I dont know graphics is not so perfect. I was playing this kind of games 10 years ago. This is X-COM without strategy :) Full Review »