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  • Summary: Humans are long gone. Will your lumberpunk beavers do any better?

    A city-building game featuring ingenious animals, vertical architecture, river control, and deadly droughts. Contains high amounts of wood.
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  1. Sep 24, 2021
    The overall concept of fertility, energy, vertical architecture and water physics holds much potential. Redirecting water for the artificial irrigation of distant areas or the formation of huge lakes is already remarkably satisfying. [Early Access Review]
  2. Sep 19, 2021
    Very adorable visually, very complete as is, Timberborn knows the basics of the management game well and offers some small originalities, in addition to its concept of beaver well exploited, including the management of the physics of water. If the interface is still perfectible and the sandbox aspect might not be enough to occupy you for weeks on end, Timberborn is already a good surprise and could well, with some adjustments that will arrive in its cycle of early access, to gain a prominent place in the world of management games. [Early Access Review = 75]