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  1. Positive: 16 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
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  1. Red Alert 3 boasts a deep single-player experience that allows you to take control of three separate nations, and watch a rather cool story unfold. The co-op experience and the solid visuals are also a pleasant surprise for an RTS game. And sure, the acting is stale, but that isn't enough to hurt Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. Fans of the series and/or genre, pick this up.
  2. 85
    Red Alert 3 is the best console RTS game available.
  3. If you are fond of strategy games, there’s no risk in buying this title. The handling for the PS3 is very well done, but the humor is a bit strange, sometimes.
  4. More fun, humour and kitsch value than ever. Welcome back.
  5. Red Alert 3 is one of those wildly enjoyable and outrageously campy games that make this a good time for anyone looking for a real-time strategy game for their PS3. A few annoying issues aside, the fun campaigns, video sequences and numerous options does make this an impressive console version.
  6. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Amazingly it works - particularly in online co-op. [May 2009, p.97]
  7. I’m a fan of the Red Alert series, warts and all. It’s just too much fun for me, whether playing with people through the co-op campaign of Red Alert 3 or the single-player aspects of Uprising, it’s all goofy fun. And that’s mainly what I want from my games: fun.
  8. Red Alert 3 is ultimately a slightly better game than it was on the Xbox 360, but they're on par when it comes to classic and delightfully cheesy real-time strategy action.
  9. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    It proves, just about, that a PC-focused RTS can make the leap to PS3, and we just hope for a more simplified control method next time out. [June 2009, p.72]
  10. 80
    For the RTS-fans with a PlayStation 3, Red Alert 3 is certainly worth a try. After some practise you will find out that the keyboard and mouse are not necessary anymore , and you can enjoy a fantastic RTS-game.
  11. Pelit (Finland)
    Proves to be pretty ordinary but working RTS. Minor stupidities of AI, a bit stiff controls and lack of new bonus content are the wost flaws of game's Playstation 3 port. [May 2009]
  12. 77
    It's a good and amusing experience, and if you're willing to overlook some of the gameplay issues that come along with it, you'll enjoy battling Soviets, Allies and Imperials until the next true RTS comes along – or until EA decides to provide the Uprising content as a downloadable pack through the PSN.
  13. 75
    While RA3 is still tip top -- featuring vibrant graphics, fast-paced gameplay, hilarious cutscenes, and the best co-op mode in RTS today -- it is absolutely no different in its "ultimate" edition than it was in its PC/XB360 regular edition.
  14. Dubious claims of exclusive content aside, this version of Red Alert 3 is all good, rambunctious fun.
  15. Though it has its silly side, and the side is definitely prevalent, the game is well balanced and has a good amount of depth that should keep fans of the series happy.
  16. A fantastic game that just doesn’t fit in with the everyday console crowd. It’s a shame because EA-Los Angeles really put their heart into the PS3 version, but the game ultimately stumbles because it’s just too darn complex for the controller crowd. Still, if you can get past the overly difficult HUD and gameplay design, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is one hell of a game.
  17. Despite some control and visual issues, this Ultimate Edition is still an exciting experience, a “must try” for every strategy fan. The claimed “exclusive content” is not there, so don’t expect anything new if you already played it on PC – Xbox 360.
  18. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Fiddly and frustrating, but not without its stand-out features. [May 2009, p.62]
  19. The best console version yet of the PC hit - and accessible enough to suit even real-time strategy haters.
  20. Essentially the Ultimate Edition isn't that much different to what's gone before. It's better than the 360 version on account of the improved technical performance, but, as with so many console RTS', it's got nothing on the PC version. If you're a PS3 owner looking for a solid RTS with good controls, this is the best the console has to offer. If you've got both "next-gen" consoles, Halo Wars is still the daddy.
  21. Games Master UK
    With poor controls and shoddy visuals, this is a low-point in the Red Alert series. [May 2009, p.82]
  22. 65
    A fun, and occasionally tense videogame, Red Alert 3 welcomes genre newcomers and casual gamers alike. However, C&C fans and real-time strategy stalwarts that get to grips with the controls may find the action a little bit lightweight.
  23. This is a game that Command & Conquer fans will enjoy (and it’s definitely the best version for those interested in purchasing it) but for everyone else, I suggest you rent it first.
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  1. Apr 30, 2011
    i hate myself for giving this game such a low score because this game is good in so many ways but i cant give a good score to a game that youi hate myself for giving this game such a low score because this game is good in so many ways but i cant give a good score to a game that you want to put down after an hour. the graphics are alright and as always the fighting is top notch but you can only play this game for so long before you want to put it down for the night and play something else because this game is too slow paced and im sure many people have gotten frustrated over the controls and the complexity of them since there is so many that it is hard to remember them all. i still play it but only in small doses because this game can get a little boring after an hour. my advice is to skip this one because you wont be playing it that much and i think you may just get frustrated with it Full Review »
  2. Sep 28, 2010
    great package and well polished game, but frankly this game takes too much time. usually after one mission, i don't want to do another in thegreat package and well polished game, but frankly this game takes too much time. usually after one mission, i don't want to do another in the same night, so game progression is slow and it's easy to put down and never pick back up. a good RTS, but menu navigation and mission objectives just seem to make you beg for the next save point so you can put it down and play something else. its a game that has been buried between my "games i'm playing" disc pile and my "games i'm done playing" disc pile, and that is a game limbo in which few titles ever see the light of day again. Full Review »
  3. Mar 5, 2019

    since the first red alert i was big fan of red alert but when 2 came out i was biggist fan, since 2000 to 2009 i was

    since the first red alert i was big fan of red alert
    but when 2 came out i was biggist fan, since 2000 to 2009 i was allways playing red alert 2 on my pc, ive never get bored with it.
    for me RA is the best strategy ive ever played, for me RA2 is number 1.
    i loved RA3 i loved the story and loved the game play.
    3 campaign really amazing each story, each is very short only 9 missions each campaign.
    the worst thing of RA3 is really bad thing that i hated in RA3.
    its the AI, the AI SKIMISH mode is very hard their is no balance.
    what i mean in RA2 skirmish mode when you start you can attack with only 1 soldier and you will see that your enemy they didnt have enough time to build an army like you.
    but RA3 you start the skirmish and in 15 seconds your enemy has allready started attacking you with soldiers and in 1 minutes tanks are attacking you and you didnt build diffence becuse you didnt have enough time to start.
    and your enemy really extreme quick to build like un human speed against a human.
    all my opinion that RA3 skirmish mode is not fair.
    only that reason that RA3 is 9.0
    amazing game love it but 2 is better
    best story of WWIII game and funny.
    Full Review »