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  1. Dec 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. How did this get an 8.2? Its a 2.5 at best. Anyway i love challenges: Dark souls, Demon souls. Pretty much any game that offers a challenge and does it right will get me into it. But this, this is the worst challenge i've ever done. First of all the vehicle controls are horrible it feels like im on a plastic sheet coated with lube and the fact that it has missions that require you to get shot at while trying control a vehicle is insane. Another problem is my HP. Small 1 hit kill enemies take off 1 bar of my Permanent 6 Bars of HP However bigger 2 hit enemies take off 2 bars. This is ridiculous if you've played this game you'd know the rarity of health packs which only give you 2 bars back and there is hell tons of enemies in this game if you want to get through you have to play it perfectly or else be completely screwed. Now my final big problem with this game is the checkpoints if i remember correctly for the 3rd or 2nd mission you have to navigate some sort of obstacle course filled with enemies with like 2 health packs in the middle and end this level is quite long and proves to be annoying because the only check point you have is somewhere around the end. So consider this as pretty much the whole game. Expand

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